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Unsafe 5D HIFU Treatment

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5D HIFU ICE Treatment – Unsafe

5D HIFU ICE claims to tighten, lift and strengthen for a more youthful you. It uses cooling technology to numb the skin so that it is less sensitive – but its not safe!

5D HIFU ICE has little evidence to support its results and therefore it has been pulled from most UK clinics. Unfortunately 5D HIFU ICE is from China and there is little to no regulation on how this machine is made and how safe this technology is.

5D ICE HIFU*Photo above shows the cheap Chinese device.

What is 5D HIFU Treatment

5D HIFU came out in 2018 from China. If you want to skip to the latest SAFE HIFU treatment then please click here. HIFU is updated yearly and in the last 3 years it has come a long way. The latest HIFU generation is MED: HIFU Ultra.

5D HIFU ICE uses ice cooled hand plates as they claim that it allows for a pain free comfortable treatment and super fast treatment time, firing of 500 shots in just minutes. However, this fires energy without any control. The device does not scan the face and is not a medical grade device and therefore its effects have not been proven.

Unsafe 5D ICE HIFU

There have been many reports of injuries and severe side effects from using the 5D HIFU Treatment. We would strongly recommend against this technology and going to an approved HIFU clinic.

There are 2 main flaws within this technology.

  • Ice Burns – Reports have stated that the cooling technology chip, that helps to regulate the temperature of the cooling plate is short circuited. This causes the cooling plate to continue cooling at an uncontrollable rate leading to ice burns. At the time of writing this post we have seen reports of over 235 burns on clients in the UK!
  • Heat Burns – Another flaw in this technology id the ability to regulate its focused ultrasound energy. The device uses a transducer that moves in a circle motion to deliver the energy, whereby all other HIFU devices move in a straight line. As this device moves the energy in a circle motion it causes an overload of energy, which results in hot energy firing out of the device – thus resulting in the client been easily brunt.
  • Chinese Device – We all know the horror stories of dodgy cosmetic treatments and unregulated products been used on clients. It is the same with HIFU, as this device is made for only £1500 vs MED: HIFU Ultra at £49,750 plus cartridges per client. The cost of a machine says a lot for the results, safety and efficacy of the machine.
  • No Results – This is the best possible outcome for the 5D ICE treatment. As this treatment has no proven evidence of its effects, there is little to no results post-treatment. Please note the side effects from this treatment.

This is not something a client wants to experience and therefore we advise against using this type of HIFU. We want this industry properly regulated but unfortunately in the UK there is not a regulator for this type of treatment. Here at RT Aesthetics we use a proven, safe and effective HIFU device – the MED: HIFU Ultra.


Although not all clinics will offer this new MED: HIFU Ultra treatment as it requires a specialist aesthetic practitioner to operate the machine. However, this machine is proven to work and we would definitely say this machine is far better then 4D & 5D HIFU.

It fires 950,000 more focused ultrasound dots within the skin and is proven to be 92% more effective than 4D & 5D HIFU. The main advantage of MED: HIFU Ultra is that is SAFE and PROVEN for its effects in the UK.

Safe Clinic

It is very important that you look for a safe clinic to have a HIFU Treatment. It is important that these treatments are completed by a highly trained aesthetic practitioner. We have our top things to look for when choosing a good HIFU clinic.

  1. Insurance – Do they have appropriate insurance to complete the treatment? It is important they have this so that if anything goes wrong (which is rare if they are using medical grade HIFU) you can claim compensation. You may not believe it but there are many clinics that do these treatments with no insurance!
  2. Medical Grade Machine – It is important that you go to a clinic with a medical grade device. They should use the latest medical grade HIFU device that has proven results and is proven to be safe. It is important todo lots of research on the clinic and the practitioner doing the treatment.
  3. Established Clinic – Are they a good established clinic or are they working from a backstreet clinic or out of their house? It is very important you go to a clinic to have this treatment, this is for many different factors such as, hygienic reasons, professionalism, a point of contact if you need anything and remember it is your face after all!
  4. Reviews Have you checked the clinics reviews? They should have lots of reviews on trusted review sites like, YELL, Google, Trustpilot and FeeFo. This ensures that clients are happy, they haven’t suffered nasty side effects and that they have had good results post-treatment.
  5. Price – Are they too cheap? We all want a good deal but if it sounds too cheap you could be look at a cheap copy device HIFU. This could pose serious risk and wasted money. Like the saying goes, if it’s too good to be true it probably is.
  6. Awards – Have they won any awards for their treatments or customer care. It is important you check this at the clinic, on their website or on sites such as YELL.
  7. Discount Sites – This point is very similar to the above on pricing of the treatment. If they are on sites such as Groupon and Wowcher you need to ask yourself why. These treatments are not cheap and if they are on them sites then you’re more than likely not getting the same treatment. We have heard so many horror stories of clients getting treatments from these sites.
  8. Qualified & Trained – It is very important that the aesthetic practitioner who does your HIFU treatment is properly trained, knowledge and knows what todo if anything goes wrong.
  9. Before & After photos – Have the clinic got lots of photos of their work? Most clinics will have before and after photos on their Instagram and Facebook pages. Check that these photos are genuine and the work of the clinics.
  10. Consultation – Do not rush into having a HIFU treatment, as you need to look at everything before making an informed choice. It is important that you have a face-to-face consultation appointment with the aesthetic practitioner who does the HIFU treatments and ask any questions you have. A good clinic will go through you medical history, look at your skin, give you their honest advice, explain the treatment in detail and explain all side effects.
Posted: 22nd October, 2020
Written By: Ryan Towart
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