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Allergy Testing.

The latest ELISA testing technology analyses a small blood sample against 38 of the most common allergies using IgE antibodies to give you accurate laboratory results.

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Allergy Test Newcastle.

Our allergy test is a fast and cost-effective way of screening for 38 of the most common allergies including foods and inhalants. Using ELISA testing for raised IgE antibodies, this simple blood spot test offers accurate validated lab results to enable you to adjust your diet or lifestyle to reduce or avoid triggers. Understanding the causes of life-changing allergies in one simple test.

Results are delivered to you via one easy-to-understand report. The personal allergy report includes the following key elements:

– Explanations of the testing process.
– IgE reactions to items screened.
– Elimination diet recommendations.

Raised IgE (immunoglobulin E) antibodies are a recognised indicator of an allergy reaction. Allergy reactions are usually less common than intolerances and present as a more immediate reaction in the body. The allergy & intolerance testing labs work from category 2, ISO9001 accredited Allergy and intolerance testing laboratory.

What’s tested?

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Check out an example PDF report below

Example PDF Report

Important Information

  • Raised IgE values are clinically significant for identifying an IgE-mediated allergy.
  • CE approved sample collection kit.
  • Results are not a medical diagnosis but can assist your doctor or nutritional therapist in forming a diagnosis or ruling out a condition.
  • Quantitative data using ELISA testing, with values measured in Kilounits per antigen per litre (KUA/L), and a universal cut-off point of 0.35 for classifying reactions.
  • 97% reproducible results.
  • Blood (ELISA) tests identify intolerance/sensitivity via specific IgG4 antibody reactions and allergies via specific IgE antibody reactions (IgE-mediated).
  • Report information is for nutritional advice to optimise your diet and cannot diagnose, treat, or cure medical/health conditions.
  • Antihistamines taken before or during sample collection may affect results; contact our team for guidance.
  • Always seek advice from your doctor or qualified health provider if you have a medical condition or symptoms. Never ignore or delay professional medical advice.

The benefits.

Check out some of the benefits of having an Allergy Testing

Effective Results

Taking part in intolerance testing will help you identify seemingly mysterious symptoms so that you can omit them from your life


Understand Your Body

Helps you understand your body’s allergies, enabling you to make more informed decisions about your eating and drinking habits


40-Item Allergy Test

The 40-item allergy test covers a broad spectrum of the most common allergies, helping you better understand any reactions you may have


Fast Results

Fast in terms of getting and delivering results, making it ideal for those that need to know yesterday what those intolerances are, so you know what the problem is and how to avoid it

Our Prices.

975 Item Hair Intolerance Testing£100
117 Blood Allergy & Intolerance Items Testing£295

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What You Need To Know.

All the need-to-knows about an Allergy Testing
Procedure Time
15 Minutes

The procedure takes less than 15 minutes from start to finish. You will then receive the results within 3 – 5 days, once the lab has analysed the sample.

Tried and Tested Globally
IgE Testing

IgE antibodies are a key feature in the humoral immune response, fighting potentially dangerous antigens, which are foreign substances like bacteria, parasitic worms, and viruses that keep our body safe.

laboratories & Technology
ISO 9001

The state-of-the-art laboratory is part of a facility certified according to ISO 9001. Using the latest testing ELISA equipment, which is unrivalled throughout the allergy testing industry, the labs are overseen by an expert and qualified team of technicians.

Simple Yet Informative Results

Bioresonance therapy offers a method for identifying multiple feedback results in one single session.

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Read our frequently asked questions regarding Allergy Testing
What’s the difference between an allergy and an intolerance?
Allergies An allergy is an immune system response. It is caused when the body mistakes a protein for a harmful substance and creates a defense system (antibodies) to fight it. Allergic reactions are immediate reactions, and they can be life-threatening in some cases. Intolerances: An intolerance is a non-immune system response. Symptoms of intolerance usually occur several hours after exposure to a trigger, whereas an allergy can result in an immediate reaction. Often people need to be exposed to more significant amounts of food types to trigger an intolerance, unlike an allergy. Food intolerance is not life-threatening.
We provide you with easy-to-use lancets designed to give you a tiny prick on the finger to start the blood flow. It’s precisely the same as a pinprick and, if administered correctly following our provided instructions and tips, will not hurt.
There are a few types of medication that may stop your test from being accurate. Immune suppressant medications can also affect the results of the testing. We advise that you check with our team before testing regarding medications. Antihistamines have been shown to affect results; we advise stopping antihistamine use for 3-5 days before taking your sample. However, we would recommend seeking advice from a medical professional before changing any medication.

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