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Cellulite can affect both men and women, but it is more common in females, due to the different distributions of fat, muscle and connective tissue.

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Cellulite Treatment

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Treatments for Cellulite.

The appearance of cellulite can affect anyone, no matter your age or gender.

Cellulite is not found exclusively in individuals who are overweight; it can be caused by significant weight gain or weight loss but is also typically hereditary (in your genes). Many celebrities look for anti-cellulite treatments, even supermodels like Kate Moss, or Kim Kardashian, proving that cellulite ‘is not a fat problem’. However, anti-cellulite treatments do not need to be surgical and there are many non-surgical options that prove to be very effective in the reduction of cellulite.

RT Aesthetics’ non-surgical anti-cellulite treatments can help reduce and rid unwanted cellulite, using advanced technology to actively reduce and remove cellulite. Our treatments aim to increase and improve blood flow and destroy unwanted fat cells. The following treatments are designed to improve and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite Treatments.

RT Aesthetics offer four different treatments to improve and reduce cellulite. Depending on your individual concerns you may require a combination of these treatments to achieve the best results, so it is always best to book a face-to-face consultation appointment before going ahead with any treatment.

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More About Cellulite.

How to Get Rid Of Celluite?

It is one of the most asked question in the beauty industry. But if you are one of those millions of women who suffer from the dreaded orange peel – also known as cellulite – it can seem like an uphill battle to look good in shorts, let alone a skimpy swimsuit. You are not alone though – some of the most photographed and beautiful women in the world also wage a constant war against lumpy legs, including Kate Moss. But the good news is that they are winning.

A dermatologist to the stars stated, “It’s a skin cellular problem. You can have total liposuction and get rid of every bit off regular fat and still have cellulite”. He went on to say “you can exercise till the cows come home, but it isn’t going to help”.

What Causes Cellulite?

You may be asking the question, what causes cellulite? It is the result of a build-up of toxins, excess fluids and enlarged fat cells trapped between connective tissue, resulting in a reduction in the lymphatic flow. These factors create the bumpy, dimpled ‘cottage cheese’ appearance on the skin. Although cellulite is not dangerous, the appearance can be damaging to a person’s self-confidence and self-image because of its unpleasant appearance.

With over 90% of women suffering from cellulite, you are not alone and certainly not helpless thanks to RT Aesthetics. At RT Aesthetics we offer many non-surgical and non-invasive anti-cellulite treatments that help reduce and remove cellulite*. Non-surgical cellulite treatments have been voted ‘Best Cellulite Reduction Treatment’ by the likes of OK magazine, Closer and The Daily Express – everyone is raving about non-surgical cellulite treatments in the UK.

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