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Mummy Tummy.

If you’re looking for a non-surgical method of managing your mummy tummy, we are here to help you.

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Mummy Tummy Treatment Newcastle

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How To Get Rid Of A Mummy Tummy.

Pregnancy can have a lasting effect on your body, particularly your stomach.

Lots of women develop a ‘mummy tummy’ or an apron of fat on the belly post-pregnancy. This can make a client feel self-conscious about loose skin and stretch marks. Quite often we find women struggle with a combination of all of the above and it can have a profound effect on their confidence.

Whilst cosmetic surgery may be an option for some, for many women, surgeries such as tummy tuck or liposuction are out of the question due to costs, recovery time and the possible risks. We offer a wide range of non-invasive and non-surgical treatments that can help remove belly fat, tighten loose skin and improve stretch marks.

Mummy Tummy Treatments.

RT Aesthetics offers three different treatments to improve and reduce mummy tummy. Depending on your individual concerns you may require a combination of these treatments to achieve the best results, so it is always best to book a face-to-face consultation appointment before going ahead with any treatment.

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More About Mummy Tummy.

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing and you shouldn’t underestimate the changes that it will cause. Whilst you may be keen to get rid of your post-baby belly, it is also important to allow your body time to recover and hormones to return to normal before embarking on any aesthetic treatments or surgery. We would recommend waiting for 6 months after giving birth before having any treatment and 12 months after a C-section.

Our non-invasive treatments can help but it is important to look at your diet, exercise, and lifestyle as well as options for cosmetic treatments. If you have gained weight during pregnancy, following a weight loss plan should be a number one priority. If you are breastfeeding, this can help you lose weight more quickly as your body burns more calories by making milk. Breastfeeding also releases hormones that shrink your uterus, helping your stomach return to normal quicker.

Sleep is another important factor in weight loss and sleepless nights can play havoc with your blood sugars and ability to lose weight. Try and get as much rest as you can even during the day or late in the evening.

Your abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy, called diastasis, and these can be slow to knit back together and in some cases may never reconnect. We recommend doing core strengthening exercises to encourage the abdominals back together. We don’t recommend abdominal crunches, but exercises such as Pilates or Yoga are ideal to help you on your way to a flatter stomach.

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