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What Is A Non Surgical Face Lift

A non-surgical face lift, or facial rejuvenation is achieved by using a combination of aesthetic treatments to restore facial structures. Not everyone is willing to have extensive surgery to turn back the year. RT Aesthetics offers 2 advance non surgical face lift procedures:

With new technology becoming increasingly available, fast growing aesthetic market and our current age of social media, many people no longer want or need to go under the knife. Within our social media today we’re constantly bombarded with seemingly “flawless” images of Instagram models and the Kardashian-Jenner crew. Theres no surprise that people are more interested in cosmetic procedures than ever before.

in 2018, it was reported that Americans underwent 17.1 million cosmetic procedures, which was up 9 percent from 2016. Of that 17.1 million, 1.7 million were cosmetic surgical procedures (up 6 percent from 2015) and 15.4 million were minimally invasive procedures (up 3 percent from 2015). Minimally invasive (and nonsurgical) refers to procedures like facial injectables and laser resurfacing treatments that don’t require serve downtime.

Needle and knife-free, these treatments don’t add anything into the skin; they work more naturally (either stimulating a mega boost of our own collagen production or working on the facial muscles themselves).

Also, they can all be done in a lunch hour (and with minimum downtime). The idea of a facelift is dated. As my friend said, “Nobody is having facelifts anymore. There’s no need to.” Interestingly, since having a combination of these new treatments, she has stopped having Botox as she feels she doesn’t need it.

Her glowy skin, cheekbones and taut jawline were more than enough to make me call her skin doctor and book in. So here they are. The latest, skin-transforming treatments (plus a tried-and-tested old favourite) for skin-tightening, lifting and radiance boosting. Or, as another friend put it, “the Valencia Instagram filter for real life”.

RADIOFREQUENCY treatment newcastle

Non Surgical Face Lift Procedure

What exactly is it?

The microneedling and radio frequency waves delivered to the skin cause tiny micro wounds to the skin, which then stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Like the Ultralift, this procedure is also tightening but is particularly good for improving the overall look of the skin – making it smoother, brighter and more glowing. A few days later you look like you’ve had the best facial you’ve ever had – but with longer-lasting results. It can also help with pigmentation.

Is it painful?

You can use an anaesthetic cream if applied first; there is mild pain but it’s totally bearable.

How many treatments?

Three-to-four sessions (every one-to-three months).


Immediately afterwards there will be slight redness or tiny red squares which lasts a few hours. Most people say skin is more glowing and polished-looking after several days. The tightening effect and final results appear gradually over six months as the body produces extra collagen.

HIFU Science - RT Aesthetics

If your looking for better results than RT Aesthetics also offer advance 4D HIFU treatments that can penetrate deeper into the skin. HIFU penetrates deep layers of the skin, resulting in the production of new collagen, producing longer lasting results. HIFU is the most effective treatment available today as a safe alternative to surgery, FDA approved and clinical studies supporting its effects. It can be used on the body to target fat & tighten up the skin or on the face as a facelift and even the double chin.

4D HIFU is the latest technology, using more advance focused ultrasound waves, that fire more ultrasound energy into the body. These ultrasound waves target deeper layers under the skin, the same layer that is targeted during surgery. The controlled focused ultrasound waves cause micro injuries deep under the surface of the skin, this results in an increase production of collagen and leads to a firmer and tighter skin.

HIFU Face lifting can be used for blurred jawlines, nasal folds, sagging eyelids, loose neck folds, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone or texture and large pores. RT Aesthetics HIFU machines have many different cartridges, these can treat various problem areas at the same time. To find out more or if your unsure what treatment would be best you can book a face to face consultation or call our friendly reception team on 0191 649 8699.

Non Surgical Face Lift Newcastle

Book your face to face consultation today with RT Aesthetics Newcastle. We are rated 5 star for both client service and treatments. We always recommend coming in for a consultation to go through all the different treatments and design a treatment plan based around your goals and expectations.


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