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Skincare for Men: Tips and Advice to Rejuvenate Skin 

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Starting a skincare routine can be overwhelming. There are a lot of products out there, and it can be tricky to know where to begin and what will be right for your skin. Even if you’ve already got an established skincare routine, you might be looking for ways to switch things up and get more from your skin.

As an expert in skincare and aesthetic treatment, RT Aesthetics has put together this guide to help you navigate skincare and get your skin looking its best.

Common skincare concerns for men.

Due to differences in hormones and grooming needs, men can have different skincare concerns to women.

Men will generally produce more sebum, which is the natural oil produced in the skin. This can lead to enlarged pores, oily skin, and acne. However, some men can also suffer from dry and dull skin, particularly when they are not regularly moisturising the face.

Some men may regularly shave their face. This can result in razor burn and in-grown hairs and leave skin red and irritated when done without the right products or skincare routine.

Men generally have thicker skin than women, due to higher testosterone and collagen levels. Sometimes, this can delay the signs of aging, but it’s not something men are immune to. Often, men can find wrinkles are deeper when they do appear, and many men have concerns about sagging skin, especially around the jowls.

Tips to care for your skin.

One of the key parts of caring for your skin is to engage in a regular skincare routine. Your basic skincare should include cleansing twice a day with a gentle cleanser, and moisturing twice a day, plus regular exfoliation.

RT Aesthetics has a dedicated skincare line, RTSkin, with specific sets to target common concerns. You can also book a skincare consultation, to discover your skin type and craft the perfect skincare routine.


When finding a cleanser, think about your specific skincare concerns. If you have oily skin, you might want to avoid cleansers that contain oils, as these can clog your pores. However, you should also try to avoid cleansers that are too harsh and contain chemicals such as alcohol that will strip your skin of natural oils. If your skin is stripped of too much oil, it will overproduce sebum to try to counteract it, leaving you with oilier skin. A gentle, balancing cleanser will usually be best.


When finding a moisturiser, you should again consider your specific skincare concerns. If you have dry skin, a richer moisturiser with nutrients and antioxidants will be best for restoring your skin. If you have oily skin, a gel moisturiser might help to balance you skin. During the day, aim to use a moisturiser that has SPF, or a separate SPF, to protect your skin from UV-rays.


Exfoliation is useful for removing dead skin cells and leaving skin clear and bright. However, you should be careful not to exfoliate too much, as you could damage your skin. You can choose between a physical exfoliant, which may use small particles to remove dead skin cells, or a chemical exfoliant, which will use chemicals to slough away dead skin cells and excess oils. You should check your product to see how often they advise using the exfoliant, but usually it’s best to start out exfoliating once or twice a week to see how your skin responds.

Lifestyle and grooming.

Your lifestyle will also have an impact on your skin. You should ensure you’re maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and also staying hydrated, as this will help to support your skin. You should also aim to get plenty of sleep with a regular sleep schedule.

When shaving, you should ensure your razor is sharp and shave in the direction that your hair is growing. After shaving, rinse your face with cold water, as this will help to soothe your skin and reduce irritation. Follow with a gentle moisturiser, to close your pores and help restore your skin’s natural barrier.

Skincare treatments for men.

Skincare treatments can be of huge benefit to men, helping with a range of skincare concerns. Non-surgical aesthetics can complement everyone’s skincare routine and help to rejuvenate the skin for a more youthful appearance.

At RT Aesthetics, we offer MED: HIFU Ultra+ Face to lift and tighten the skin. This skin tightening treatment uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound and Micro-Macro Focused Ultrasound to target areas across the face and neck, lifting and tightening, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and improving skin tone and laxity. Our MED: HIFU Ultra+ targets the SMAS layer of skin which is the same layer that’s tightened during conventional surgery – but our treatment requires no downtime and is more affordable. Our type of HIFU treatment is only available at medical clinics like RT Aesthetics, so you’ll know you’re in the best hands with us.

We also offer the RTOrganics Facial which is a revitalising treatment that leaves your skin bright and refreshed. Our facial uses specially formulated, natural skincare, with an in-house process that draws on our knowledge and experience. Our Organics facial combines exfoliation, cleansing, and hydration, as well as implementing red light therapy for anti-aging and collagen production. The result is healthy, glowing skin, with effects showing instantly.

Book your skincare treatment today.

RT Aesthetics provides a range of aesthetic treatments perfect for targeting a variety of common concerns men may have with the skin and body. From skin tightening treatments to body sculpting and contouring, our friendly and experienced aesthetic practitioners will help find the right treatment for your needs.

You can book your consultation today to speak to the team about how we can help you.

Posted: 14th March, 2024
Written By: Content Team
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