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12-month subscription which auto renews after 12 months unless you give 30 days' notice. T&Cs apply.

About Our Memberships.

Elevate your life with RTA VIP+ – a prestigious membership designed to elevate your self-care and aesthetic experiences to a whole new level. When you become a member, you embark on a transformative journey that promises a fresh perspective on self-care. With every privilege meticulously tailored to enhance your well-being, RTA VIP+ opens the door to a world of exclusive benefits crafted just for you:

  1. 10% Cashback on All Treatments: Treat yourself to self-care and watch your investments pay you back. Enjoy an impressive 10% cashback on all treatments, building a credit that’s yours to savor. You have the freedom to redeem this credit on any treatment, making your journey uniquely yours.
  2. 20% Off All Skincare: Unleash your natural radiance with cutting-edge skincare products. RTA VIP+ members enjoy an exceptional 20% discount on our curated skincare range, designed to nurture your skin’s natural vitality.
  3. Exclusive Cashback Offers: Elevate your experience with exclusive cashback offers on selected services and products throughout the year. Earn extra points and cashback to enrich your journey with us.
  4. Biannual Skin Analysis: Pamper your skin with the attention it deserves. Our skilled aestheticians perform a comprehensive biannual skin analysis to ensure your beauty regimen aligns with your skin’s evolving needs.
  5. £50 Birthday Credit: Celebrate your special day in style with a £50 credit, graciously offered to enhance your birthday indulgence.
  6. £50 Reward for Every Referral: Share the joy of RTA with your friends and family and be generously rewarded. For each referral you introduce to our world of luxury, receive a £50 token of appreciation.
  7. Metal VIP Members Card: Hold the emblem of exclusivity in your hands with our signature Metal VIP Members Card. Crafted to mirror your exceptional status, this card is your key to unlocking a world of luxury.
  8. Priority Booking: Your convenience is our priority. As a valued RTA VIP+ member, enjoy priority access to booking appointments, ensuring you always have the perfect timing for your pampering sessions.
  9. Exclusive Members-Only Newsletter: Stay connected to the heart of RTA’s innovations and insights. As a privileged member, you gain exclusive access to our members-only newsletter, unveiling the latest treatments, skincare revelations, and wellness secrets before the world catches on.

RTA VIP+ is not just a membership; it’s an investment in your well-being. Your monthly subscription grants you access to a world where luxury meets value, and your journey towards refined aesthetics is enriched by a network of benefits tailored to fulfill your every desire. Seize the opportunity to redefine your approach to beauty and well-being. Embrace RTA VIP+ and unlock a world of indulgence where every treatment, every moment, and every connection is carefully curated to inspire, invigorate, and illuminate. Welcome to RTA VIP+: Elevating Aesthetics, Redefining Luxury.

Please note that a 12-month contract applies and will auto-renew at the end of 12 months unless you give 30 days’ notice. There is a one-time £4.99 joining fee. If you choose to take out financing for your treatment, please note that you will earn a reduced cashback rate of 2% on your spending.