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Non Surgical Butt Lift

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The One Hour Non Surgical Butt Lift

This non-surgical butt lift can transform the shape of your bum in just ONE hour. With many celebrities now undergoing the non-surgical procedures to improve their derriere and recently Ampika, from the Real Housewives of Cheshire has even had the treatment.

The treatment can help the appearance of square and ‘V’ shaped bums and transform them into a more desired heart silhouette. As summer is here, many clients are looking to transform their booty before they bear all abroad.

Bum Lift Transformation Treatment

Bum transforming procedures are on the up across the UK with stats showing a 500% rise in surgical consultations for the Brazilian butt lift. Surgical procedures come with many risks, complications, costs and long downtime after the procedure. Many patients today do not want to undergo surgery and look for non-invasive, non-surgical solutions to help shape and tone their buttocks.

The non-surgical Brazilian bum lift treatment is a completely non-surgical procedure with no downtime and is more cost effective than a surgical procedure. Treatments last around 1 hour and you can resume your normal day-to-day activities straight after treatment.

non surgical bum lift treatment

Non Surgical Brazilian Bum Lift Treatment

The non-invasive, non-surgical Brazilian bum lift treatment is a new pioneering technology that has several effects on the buttocks. The treatments helps to reduce loose skin, promote new collagen production, reduces stretch marks and cellulite from the thighs and saddlebags, and plumps and fills the buttocks.

Each session is an hour long, and each sessions is the equivalent to approximately 5000 squats. How many squats can you really do in an hour? I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t done 5000 squats in my entire life time.

Benefits Of The Brazilian Bum Lift Procedure

  • Tightens The Skin
  • Lifts The Buttocks
  • Reduces Cellulite
  • Reduces Stubborn Fat
  • Reduces Stretch Marks
  • Contours The Buttocks
  • Treats Fatty Deposits
  • Clinically Proven
  • Instant Results*
  • Safe, Effective & Affordable

Brazilian Bum lift Procedure

The non-surgical Brazilian bum lift is entirely painless, non surgical and non-invasive procedure that many clients find relaxing and calming. The massaging effect of the treatment will leave you feeling relaxed, calm and ready to take on the rest of the day. In fact, many clients drop of to sleep during the treatment as it can be very relaxing and feels like a massage.

The treatment involves the use of infrared light, ultrasonic cavitation, and radio frequency. The ultrasonic cavitation is used to re-sculpt the shape of your bum by reducing and ridding stubborn fat cells and cellulite. The technology uses focused sound waves that penetrate and destroys the fat cell, the body then removes the waste through the lymphatic system. It is important to drink lots of water after the procedure to flush out the fat cells and toxins.

Radio Frequency Bum Lift Newcastle

The procedure is then followed by infrared light and radio frequency to tighten the skin and promote the production of new collagen. This helps to complete the bum lift and allow the reshaping and tightening of the buttocks. The treatment is quick, easy and pain free with an average treatment time for the bum lift been 1 hour.

Does Non Surgical Bum Lift Work?

The short answer is, yes! RT Aesthetics Newcastle have got hundreds of examples of before and after the treatments which will prove to you that the non-invasive Brazilian Bum Lift works. For the best result, it is recommend to have a course of treatments. The treatment is temporary, but even the results of one session will last approximately 28 days.

It is recommended to have a face to face consultation with an advance practitioner to go through your life style, medical history and assess your suitability for the treatment. During the consultation the practitioner will advise you what results you can expect to achieve and how many sessions you may need.


*Results vary from client to client, RT Aesthetics cannot guarantee specific results.


Posted: 6th July, 2019
Written By: Ryan Towart
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