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Why Do We Get Jowls

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What Are Jowls

Jowls is a term used when skin begins to sag below your chin and/or jawline. Almost everyone will develop jowls as they age, some sooner than others depending on lifestyle and environmental factors.

One of the many signs of ageing is the development of facial jowls. Unfortunately we will all develop jowls at some part of our life as we get older, they become more prominent. So, what are jowls and how can you prevent or get rid of them?

As the lower cheek muscles lose strength and volume, the skin gravitates down which gives the jawline an undefined, loose appearance. As the facial jowls develop, so do the nasolabial folds (smile lines) and marionette lines. A lot of clients consider facial surgery or non-surgical solutions to rid jowls and bring back that sculpted jaw line. Non-surgical treatments such as, 4D HIFU and the Non-Surgical Face Lift can help sculpt, lift and tighten the neck and jawline.

Why Do We Get Jowls

Jowls develop as your skin becomes thinner and less elastic over time. Jowls may be less noticeable in individuals who have thicker skin, more fat, or more collagen in the area below the cheeks and chin. Some lucky individuals may never develop jowls, this is all down to their genes, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices. Facal jowls can be caused by a variety of factors, these factors include:

Age: They can develop due to a loss of elastin and collagen, proteins within the facial skin tissue that give the skin structure. As these proteins deteriorate, the face loses firmness and tightness, causing the skin to sag. This leads to the formation of jowls, fine lines and wrinkles.

Smoking: As a person smokes the blood vessels within the body become more narrow and the nicotine and other chemical within cigarettes can damage collagen and elastin. Smoking limits the blood circulation around the body and into the skin cells. This prevents the skin from getting enough nutrients like vitamin A and oxygen to keep it healthy.

Weight Loss or Weight Gain: As a person gains or loses weight it can lead to early facial jowls. When a person gains weight, the skin stretches to cover the increased body mass. However, if a client loses the weight, the stretched skin may begin to sag and develop into jowls.

Facial Expressions: Certain facial expressions can stretch out your face and neck skin. If you are exposed to the sun too much this can lead to the skin drying out, this can then cause the skin to sag. When you gain weight, your skin stretches, and if you lose that weight, the stretched skin may sag.

Tablets, Phones & Computers: If you constantly work on a computer or are on your phone all the time, the skin in your neck may become elastic over time depending on the angle in which you view the screens.

What Can You Do About Jowls

There are several options for treating sagging jowls or reducing how saggy or droopy they appear. Surgical procedures, such as neck lifts, can tighten your skin and make it look less saggy. Surgical intervention can come with risks, long downtime and potential scaring.

Non-surgical procedures for jowls such as, lasers, 4D HIFU, peels and Radio Frequency can change the composition of the collagen in your skin. Fillers can be used to camouflage hollow areas around the jowls.


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Prevent Jowls

  • Avoid Smoking. The chemicals in cigarettes and other forms of tobacco can damage the skin. This can result in a reduction of collagen and cause saging jowls to aper at an earlier age.
  • Limit Exposure To The Sun: To achieve this you should always apply sunscreen to your face and neck before heading out for the day. Make it a part of your morning routine to minimise damage from UV rays. Many clients think that this damage will not happen within the UK but this is not true, always stay shaded and use a 30SPF or higher.
  • Limit Screen Time: Try to keep your head at a natural, comfortable angle when using a computer, tablet or phone to keep the neck skin from getting bunched up or stretched out. You can also protect your muscles by taking a 15 minute break for every hour of computer work that you do. Many clients follow chin exercises to help tighten the neck and chin area.

How To Reduce The Appearance Of Jowls

If you’re not interested in surgical or nonsurgical procedures but still want to reduce the appearance of your jowls, you may consider changing your personal style to help conceal them. Makeup and clothing may help.

Makeup Using different styles of contouring along your chin and neck can help make your jowl lines less noticeable. You can watch tutorials online or visit the makeup counter at Macy’s or Sephora to get a demonstration in person. The store’s beauty reps can also help you determine which shades are right for your skin tone.

Scarves and turtlenecks aren’t just for staying warm — they also provide coverage. Although turtleneck shirts or sweaters can hide your jowls completely, scarves can be tricky. Avoid sheer fabrics and opt for something more structured to provide reliable coverage.


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Face to Face Consultation

During your face to face consultation our aesthetic practitioners will assess your circumstances, goals, lifestyle and skin. This will help to offer advise on the course of treatments that will produce the best results. We will design a treatment plan based around your own goals and ensure we get the best possible results for you.

RT Aesthetics believe that aftercare is the most important part of treatment, thats why all our treatments come with free follow up appointments and phone support. We also hope you check out our case studies page to learn more about the treatment and read the latest scientific research articles. For more information or to book an appointment please contact us.


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Posted: 10th July, 2019
Written By: Ryan Towart
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