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This ex-nurse is ‘changing women’s lives’ in Newcastle – by freezing off their flab

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A former nurse is trying to trim overweight Tynesiders – by freezing off their flab. Fat Freezing!

Ryan Towart quit his NHS dream job after getting sick and tired of paperwork.

Now, the 22-year-old has opened Newcastle’s first dedicated ‘fat freezing’ centre.

“The results are changing women’s lives, Fat Freezing” Ryan says.

During the process, fat cells in problem areas are numbed and cooled to -5C before the skin is sucked.

Patients then sleep or watch Netflix while waiting, although treatments can sometimes last just one hour.

“One woman came in on her lunch break, had the treatment, then went straight back to work,” claimed Ryan.

Fat freezing is popular with celebrities including Khloe Kardashian and TOWIE’s Gemma Collins.

Ashington-born Ryan opened his Coutts Road centre last month after being shocked at the price when trying the treatment himself.

He said: “I had Fat Freezing in Manchester, where they charge up to £1,800 which I couldn’t believe.

“I wanted to offer it locally but at a fair price.”

Treatments at Walkergate’s North East Fat start from £125.

And business is already booming, says Ryan, especially with women preparing for their summer holidays.

“It is really useful at targeting bikini fat, which I didn’t realise was such an issue for women until recently,” admits Ryan.

“But it is making them more self-confident and changing their lives for the better.

“They are getting the same results as liposuction but it is cheaper and quicker.”

The results aren’t instant, taking six to 12 weeks before any improvement is noticed.

But critics claim fat reduction is “mild” – at best.

However, Ryan insists fat in treated areas can shrink by a whopping 40%.

And it’s pain free – almost.

“It just feels like pins and needles and then it goes numb,” said the ex-Teesside University student.

“The only time you feel pain is the massage at the end when the skin warms up and the knuckles sink in.

“But no pain, no gain.”


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Posted: 16th November, 2018
Written By: Ryan Towart
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