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Sexual Health and the Menopause

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Sexual Health and the Menopause

We are well aware of the profound impact hormone reduction during perimenopause can have on our physical and psychological well-being. While this transition is often associated with various symptoms, one aspect of women’s health that often goes unaddressed is the impact on a woman’s libido, vaginal health, and overall sexual satisfaction.

Challenges and Solutions

1. Vaginal Dryness: Declining oestrogen levels during the perimenopause can lead to vaginal dryness, making sexual intercourse uncomfortable or painful. This can significantly affect a woman’s sexual desire and overall enjoyment of sexual activities. Some women describe it as feeling like “sandpaper,” experiencing “cutting sensations,” or even a “risk of bleeding.” RT Aesthetics in Newcastle Upon Tyne can provide effective solutions to address this concern.

2. Decreased Libido: Hormonal fluctuations, physical discomfort, and emotional factors can decrease sexual desire during perimenopause. Many women experience a decline in their interest in sex, often accompanied by feelings of anxiety or lower mood. This can lead to avoidance of sexual experiences. Restoring your libido is essential, and you can explore potential solutions such as EMSculpt Neo for core strength.

3. Changes in Orgasm: Some women may notice changes in the intensity or frequency of orgasms during menopause. Factors such as hormonal imbalances, reduced blood flow to the pelvic region, and psychological factors like stress or anxiety can play a role. Addressing these concerns is crucial for overall sexual satisfaction.

What Can Be Done to Help?

  • Open Communication: Discussing your concerns with your partner is vital. Honest communication fosters emotional intimacy and can reduce anxiety and stress related to sexual health. Don’t hesitate to talk to your healthcare professional. They can guide you on the best way to manage your symptoms. RT Aesthetics in Newcastle Upon Tyne offers confidential consultations to address sexual health concerns.
  • Vaginal Moisturisers: Choose body-similar vaginal moisturisers available over the counter to maintain daily comfort and enhance sexual intimacy without hormonal interventions.
  • Vaginal Oestrogen: Vaginal oestrogen can effectively manage genitourinary symptoms. Various forms are available, including creams, pessaries, and small oestrogen rings. It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional for guidance.
  • Emsella Chair: Strengthening pelvic floor muscles is crucial for improving vaginal tone and increasing sexual satisfaction. The Emsella Chair can help engage 100% of pelvic floor muscles in just 28 minutes, leading to improvements in sexual health and orgasms. This treatment can also address incontinence problems, which can impact sexual health. To explore this option, contact RT Aesthetics in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
  • Exilis Ultra Femme 360: This non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation device stimulates blood flow and collagen production, addressing vaginal laxity and potentially enhancing female sexual satisfaction. It’s a quick 8-minute treatment that you can inquire about at RT Aesthetics.
  • Regular Physical Activity: Engaging in regular exercise offers multiple benefits for overall health, including sexual well-being. Exercise increases blood flow, boosts mood, reduces stress, and improves self-esteem, positively impacting sexual health. You can explore personalized fitness options at RT Aesthetics.

The Emsella Chair: Revolutionizing Pelvic Floor Health

The Emsella Chair is a cutting-edge and non-invasive medical device designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles effectively. For many women, especially during the menopause, issues with pelvic floor weakness can lead to various concerns, such as urinary incontinence and decreased sexual satisfaction. The Emsella Chair offers a groundbreaking approach to address these challenges.

How It Works:

The Emsella Chair uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to stimulate and contract the pelvic floor muscles. This process is known as electromagnetic stimulation. Unlike traditional pelvic floor exercises like Kegels, which require a conscious effort to contract the muscles, the Emsella Chair engages the entire pelvic floor area, including the deep and hard-to-reach muscles, without any conscious effort from the patient.

In a single session, the Emsella Chair delivers almost 12,000 contractions, which is significantly more than most individuals can achieve through traditional exercises. The intensity and frequency of these contractions work to strengthen the pelvic floor, increasing muscle tone and improving overall function.

Benefits of the Emsella Chair:

  • Improved Pelvic Floor Strength: Enhanced pelvic floor muscle strength can lead to reduced urinary incontinence and better control over bladder functions. This is particularly beneficial for women experiencing issues like stress incontinence or urgency incontinence during menopause.
  • Enhanced Sexual Health: Stronger pelvic floor muscles can lead to increased vaginal tone, which can result in improved sexual satisfaction. Many women report positive changes in their sexual health, including increased pleasure and orgasm after undergoing Emsella Chair treatments.
  • Quick and Non-Invasive: The Emsella Chair treatment is entirely non-invasive and requires no anaesthesia or downtime. Sessions typically last around 28 minutes, and patients can resume their daily activities immediately after the treatment.

Is It Right for You?

The Emsella Chair is suitable for women who want to address pelvic floor issues, whether to reduce urinary incontinence, enhance sexual satisfaction, or both. If you are approaching or experiencing menopause and are concerned about these issues, the Emsella Chair could be a valuable treatment option.

It is important to note that the suitability of the Emsella Chair can vary from person to person. A consultation with a healthcare provider, such as those at RT Aesthetics in Newcastle Upon Tyne, can help determine if this treatment is the right choice for your specific needs. They can provide tailored recommendations and discuss the potential benefits and outcomes you can expect.

Take-Home Message

The perimenopause is a challenging yet expected phase in a woman’s life. Sexual health should not be overlooked during this time. By understanding the challenges and proactively managing sexual health concerns, women can maintain a fulfilling and satisfying sex life throughout their postmenopausal years. Open communication, professional guidance, and self-care practices are key to navigating this phase with confidence and vitality. Remember, taking care of your sexual health is an empowering choice that every woman deserves to make. To address your concerns, consider making an appointment for a confidential and thorough consultation with RT Aesthetics in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Posted: 12th October, 2023
Written By: Ryan Towart
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