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Jowl Lift

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Jowl Lift Without Surgery

Jowls are a big indicator of a persons age for both men and women. This sagging skin has a variety of factors that affect it, and can lie on the jaw line or below it, appearing differently from client to client. Losing your crisp jawline can show your age like nothing else and you may look for jowl treatments.

Jowls develop gradually and sometimes it can be hard for a client to recognise the problem area. If you’re wondering if it’s time to get rid of your jowls, try this quick test: Pull up a picture of yourself from 10 years ago and compare it to a recent photo of today. If you see two pronounced folds from the nose to your lip or that your jawline is a little lower now you may have jowls.

Some clients opt for a surgical face and jowl lift, however many clients look for non surgical solutions that benefit from no needles, cuts, risk or long downtime. The main causes of jowls are loss of facial volume and migration of fat pads in the face through natural maturation processes, but there are certain behaviours that can worsen or speed up the jowls process.

Jowls Treatments Newcastle

What Causes Sagging Jowls

The two lines you noticed below your nose are the nasolabial folds, which become more pronounced as we age. As we age we begin to lose fat within our face and lose volume within our cheeks. Gravity begins to bring everything down towards the ground causing the effect of jowls. Lifestyle is another huge impacting factor of when a person may develop jowls.

Smoking Chemicals and toxins in tobacco cause the destruction of collagen, a vital protein that gives skin strength. The nicotine effects the blood vessels within the body causing a reduction in the amount of vital nutrients that can reach the surface of skin.  Sun exposure is another negative factor as the UV exposure causes lasting damage to the skin. This includes actively damaging collagen and its production in the long term, which leads to the sagging of skin on the cheeks, creating jowls.

How To Prevent Jowls

  • Avoid Smoking. The chemicals in cigarettes and other forms of tobacco can damage the skin. This can result in a reduction of collagen and cause saging jowls to aper at an earlier age.
  • Limit Exposure To The Sun: To achieve this you should always apply sunscreen to your face and neck before heading out for the day. Make it a part of your morning routine to minimise damage from UV rays. Many clients think that this damage will not happen within the UK but this is not true, always stay shaded and use a 30SPF or higher.
  • Limit Screen Time: Try to keep your head at a natural, comfortable angle when using a computer, tablet or phone to keep the neck skin from getting bunched up or stretched out. You can also protect your muscles by taking a 15 minute break for every hour of computer work that you do. Many clients follow chin exercises to help tighten the neck and chin area.

Jowl Lift Treatment Newcastle

MED: HIFU Ultra is an excellent treatment for the reduction of jowls. MED: HIFU Ultra uses highly focused ultrasound waves to target the deep structure layers of the skin that tighten and produce new collagen, resulting in tighter more firmer skin. HIFU is a proven method to tighten and lift the skin. The device has been tested and approved for the tightening the skin.

MED: HIFU Ultra can help to improve lines and wrinkles of the upper chest and neckline (décolletage). HIFU neck and face lift treatment has shown to be both popular and effective treatment across the UK with many celebrities trying the treatment for themselves.

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Posted: 8th November, 2019
Written By: Ryan Towart
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