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Fat Freezing

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Fat Freezing

As far as weight loss goes, those who are determined to shed a few pounds have a number of options available to them.

Of course, exercise and a healthy diet can be two of the keys to success, but there are also a wide range of other techniques to consider in an effort to ‘beat the bulge’. One of the most prominent treatments to emerge in recent times is fat freezing, also known as Cryolipolysis, fat freeze, 3D lipo and Cryo-lipo.

So what is a fat freezing? And which benefits does it offer to dieters? In this blog, we take a look.

What Is Fat Freezing

Fat freezing is a recognised non-invasive technique which involves the freezing of fat cells in order to remove bulges of fat such as double chins and ‘love handles’ at the side of the stomach. Fat freezing is capable of removing as much as a quarter of fat in a specific area, over the course of several treatments.

Fat freezing literally sucks up the fat into a ‘cup’ using paddles, crystallising the fat cells underneath the skin in the first place. The procedure itself can last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, and this will depend on the area being targeted. The procedure is recognised as being generally pain-free, while some slight discomfort may be felt due to the numbing of the skin as it gets colder.

You may have only heard about fat freezing in the last one to two years – it has mushroomed in popularity and is now offered by both spas and medical professionals.

Who Is Fat Freezing For?

It should be noted that fat freezing should not be considered a cure for obesity. Its main purpose can be to facilitate the reduction of the most visible fat bulges. As well as the typical target areas of the stomach and face, other areas which can be targeted include the buttocks, thighs, arms and breasts.

Patients may not immediately notice any discernible difference after undergoing fat freezing, as changes can take up to 100 days to take effect. Among the bulging issue which fat freezing has been found to be most effective in addressing is gynecomastia, which is the condition of increased male breast size due to higher levels of oestrogen that results in a hormone imbalance. The fat freezing technique has been proven to improve the appearance of men concerned about this condition, improving their confidence in the process.

It is important to note that the body is required to have a fat percentage which is above a certain level for it to be suitable for the fat freezing treatment. This is because the skin risks suffering from cold burns if an individual does not have the necessary amount of fat on their body in the targeted areas. This analysis of the fat percentage can be an important part of the initial consultation prior to the procedure.

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As you would expect from a treatment which has already won many converts all over the UK and around the world, there are plenty of benefits to be had from investment in fat freezing. In this section we run through some of them:

Quick turnaround

There are typically no long waiting lists for fat freezing treatment. On the contrary, you can actually undergo the procedure on the same day that you attend your initial appointment. Usually, fat freezing patients will have a consultation with their physician, and after being approved as suitable for the treatment, are able to enter the operating room and complete the procedure in minutes.


Fat freezing is a non-invasive treatment which involves no needles, knives, painkillers or anaesthetic. All patients are asked is that they relax as much as possible during the procedure. For those who are doing their best to avoid invasive techniques such as liposuction, fat freezing can offer a great alternative which does not typically leave the patient with bruising or inflammation following the treatment.

Quick and easy

For those with busy lifestyles, or that are keen to avoid a long treatment, fat freezing offers the opportunity to get ‘in and out’, in no time at all.

No recovery period

While treatments such as liposuction can take up to ten days for patients to recover from, fat freezing typically requires no recovery time. That means that you will be able to resume your normal daily activities immediately after the procedure, including work and physical exercise.


Compared to other techniques which address obesity, fat freezing is recognised as one of the most budget-friendly treatment options. In general, fat freezing treatment costs around 50 per cent of the price of liposuction and is helped by the lack of a need for expensive equipment which is required to carry out the procedure.

Target ‘fat spots’

Those already trying weight loss regimes can find that there are some stubborn spots on the body which seem to harbour fat which is hard to shift. These areas can be perfect for targeting with fat freezing, which gives you flexibility in terms of where on the body you focus. Used in tandem with a healthy lifestyle full of exercise, fat freezing can provide the missing key to unlock the door to sustained weight loss.

A natural look

Many people undergo weight loss programmes for the purpose of looking as well as feeling better, and cosmetically, fat freezing can have a positive effect. That’s because it offers results which appear gradually over time and look more natural than some more invasive treatments.

An effective motivator

When fat freezing is used as part of an integrated weight loss strategy, you might be amazed at how it can boost your confidence and prove to be an effective motivator. That’s because it can give you the peace of mind that comes with a multi-faceted plan to lose weight – not only are you sticking to a healthy diet and getting your necessary exercise in, but you are also using a safe and non-invasive technique to help your weight loss along.

Results which last

While it may take a few months for you to notice the results of your fat freezing treatment, once they arrive, you can look forward to discernible improvements to your figure which can last a long time.

Fat Freezing Cost?

In the UK, you can expect fat freezing treatments to start from the region of £750 upwards, for a treatment which typically takes around an hour. It should be noted that fat freezing is a cosmetic procedure which is not typically covered by medical insurance, which means that patients usually cannot use their policy to pay the cost. That said RT Aesthetics fat freezing is charged at only £300 for 1 area of Cryolipolysis.

Learn more about fat freezing cost – click here.

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What are the possible side effects and risks of fat freezing?

1. Aching or stinging

In some cases, a small degree of aching or stinging has been reported at the treatment site. For those affected, these sensations can be experienced any time from immediately after the treatment to two weeks later. The cause is thought to be the cold temperatures which the skin is exposed to during fat freezing.

2. ‘Tugging’ feeling

Fat freezing patients have described a tugging sensation which is felt when a bulge or roll of fat is placed between the two cold panels – this is a totally normal part of fat freezing treatment. It is a mild feeling which can be discomforting for some, and it will usually be felt for the duration of the procedure.

3. Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia

This is a very rare side effect which has arisen at the treatment site following fat freezing, and which occurs more in men. This side effect involves the fat cells growing instead of shrinking, and it is not fully understood why it happens. There is a very low occurrence of paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, and it is not physically dangerous.

4. Temporary redness

It is possible for there to be some redness and skin sensitivity at the site of the fat freezing treatment – this is expected to subside in just a few days. This is due to the effect of the cold temperatures on the skin.


Fat freezing may owe its existence to ice pops. That’s because it was Dr Dieter Manstein and Dr R. Rox Anderson in Massachusetts General Hospital who noted, based on medical reports from years earlier, that children who were frequent eaters of ice pops had seen a reduction in fat on their cheeks. The same principle was then applied to other areas of the body in order to engender fat loss, applying a lower temperature of about -40 degrees. This can offer the ‘popsicle effect’ without harming the skin, or nearby organs.

The two doctors didn’t just hit upon the winning formula overnight. It took a great deal of research and experimentation before they were able to confirm the best temperature which could remove fat cells, without producing unwanted side effects in the process. After finding a way to make fat freezing safe, the technique was born and exported around the world.


Here are some common questions which we find often crop up from customers looking for fat freezing in Newcastle:

Who is fat freezing for?

Fat freezing will be approved for those in the right condition for the treatment. The treatment requires genuine ‘fat bulges’ as it will not be effective on thicker, firmer tissues. Other factors, such as age and skin condition, can also come into play, and these characteristics can be assessed in an initial consultation.

Does fat freezing offer weight loss?

Fat freezing can help as part of a weight loss programme which also focuses on exercise and a healthy diet. It can make a difference when it comes to improving the shape of the body, and fat freezing patients have reported being able to drop several clothing sizes thanks to the enhanced proportions that are the result of the fat freezing treatment.

Is fat freezing permanent?

Yes, fat freezing is recognised as having the ability to fight fat permanently, but only if a person is able to control their own body weight following the procedure. If a patient returns to bad eating habits and stops exercising, there is no way that fat freezing can prevent them from piling back on the pounds.

Is fat freezing safe?

Yes, fat freezing is a completely non-invasive procedure with a risk level which is considered to be very low compared to procedures such as liposuction. There is not a lot of room for human error, no wounds will be left, and swelling as a result of the procedure is usually minimal.

Fat freeze treatment: The best of both worlds

For those who are already committed to battling obesity with a healthy lifestyle and exercise regimen, fat freezing treatment can offer the best of both worlds. It is a chance to benefit from a procedure which is completely non-invasive and free from many of the side effects which are felt from more alternative treatment methods. But also, it is an opportunity to supplement the fat fighting you are already doing with a form of ‘cheating’?

What do we mean by cheating? That fat freezing only takes a matter of minutes to perform, after which time you can be up and away, continuing your everyday activities. Even during the procedure, you won’t be too restricted, and depending on the area of the body which is being targeted, you could even take the opportunity to do some work or catch up on your emails!

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Fat Freezing Newcastle Experts

The effectiveness of fat freezing can come down to the individual in a lot of cases, but there is no doubt that the technique has proved a valuable way to tackle weight problems for some, winning fans all over the globe. Is it time you saw what all the fuss is about? Book yourself in for a consultation with our fat freezing Newcastle experts and discover how it can help you to crack the weight loss code.

Posted: 21st January, 2019
Written By: Ryan Towart
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