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Exilis Before & After

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Exilis Before & After — a StyleBlueprint review

So, let’s cut to the chase. Did Exilis work for me? Yes, in 6 weeks’ time, without losing a single pound, my thighs were down 1 1/2 inches each. I’m wearing most of my pencil skirts without Spanx and my jeans fit so much better. Were the results so dramatic that all my friends were stopping me, trying to figure out what I’ve been doing? No, but a few certainly did. Yes, I’m very happy that I got to be this guinea pig. Here’s my story to add to the somewhat embarrassing things I share on StyleBlueprint…


Exilis before and after — my experience

I was hovering between 40 1/4 and 40 1/2 inches. (All you skinny-legged women, don’t judge me!)

Exilis before and after — my experience

From each individual thigh I lost 1 1/2 inches each. And, my total circumference (both legs measured together) went down about 1 1/2 inches as well.

So, how did this come about? I was intrigued by the science behind the technology and that Dr. Don Griffin, (of Nashville Cosmetic Surgery) had purchased this machine. As it happens, Don is a friend, and I have asked him a couple of times about new procedures and machines, and he’s always burst my optimistic bubble. When I asked about Exilis — and its before and after impact — he said that this was the first one I had asked about that he believed in and that he had just bought the machine and his patients were having great results.

Exilis is not liposuction and does not provide those same dramatic results. But, it does offer significant results and it does not require surgery. This non-invasive procedure is FDA approved to tighten skin, and practitioners are using it for fat reduction, as well. It uses radio frequency waves to provide deep thermal heating which will A) cause your body to produce collagen, which yields tighter, firmer skin and B) disrupts the fat and “melts” it. Your body rids itself of this fat through the lymphatic system. Fat loss has immediate results (with a suggested 4 appointments) while firmer skin needs 2-3 months as it’s your own body’s production of collagen that produces these results. Does it work for everyone? No, but it does work for most.

For fat loss, this technology works best for those pesky areas that diet and exercise simply don’t seem to affect. For me, this is my outer thighs. This area, no matter what I weigh, has always been about 2 inches wider than my hips. It requires me to buy jeans and pants up a size or two, and then have them altered down. Pencil skirts require heavy Spanx. It’s a cosmetic issue, but it has bothered me since I was a late teen. Losing an inch and a half, with no additional weight loss, was HUGE for me.

The outer thighs are actually the hardest place for this technology to penetrate, as this area is more fibrous. Even better results are typically seen on love handles, inner thighs and the belly.

For skin tightening, here is a before and after from the Exilis studies.

Exilis before and after — my experience

Skin Tightening results from Exilis

I have talked to some of Dr. Griffin’s other patients, both men and women, about their results. (They asked to remain anonymous, and SB thanks them for sharing their responses!)

“As an over 40 mother of two who is getting back into exercising and really needed a jump start, I am really happy with my results from Exilis at Dr. Griffin’s office. I was not ready to commit to a tummy tuck/lipo and I lost several inches–my clothes fit much better! This all further motivated me to get back to the gym and start getting in shape. I’d say the only problem is that it is addictive and you may want to keep going with other parts of your body!”

“Being over 50, I decided to try Exilis for spot reduction. It worked so well that now I am having additional Exilis treatments on my face and neck to address some of my wrinkles there. I like that it produces results from your own body stimulating collagen in reaction to the treatment, producing natural results.”

“I was highly skeptical of Exilis, but decided to try it. I will say it hurt, but at the end of the day, I lost 2 inches and was really surprised. This is not the quote I expected to give 2 months ago! I found Dr. Griffin and his staff to be very professional and results oriented.”

“I wanted to address the wrinkles around my lips but was afraid to go the Botox route, as I’ve heard that this makes drinking and eating awkward with the paralyzed muscles! So, I tried Exilis and my results were immediate. I had fuller, pouty, pink lips and the lines continue to fill in. I can’t wait to see where they are in a couple more months!”

“After one treatment I did see some results, but am hoping for more noticeable results during my next few sessions. You need to be VERY well hydrated for this to work, as the water molecules in your fat heating up are the key to success. I was a little swollen after my first appointment and while it wasn’t painful per se, it was quite uncomfortable at times. Has this deterred me from going back? No. I am hopeful that after 4 sessions my results will be quite noticeable, but I’ve only had one!”

Things to know about Exilis:

  • Exilis is only as good as the technician operating the machine. Make sure your technician has experience and that the office you choose can show you results attained from the specific technician working on you. A great example is an artist with paint… all can be given the same tools, but they are applied differently. Make sure you find someone who is experienced and in a respected office.
  • Exilis is not magic; it’s for men and women with spot areas they want tightened or for spot reduction of fat. This is not liposuction, so don’t expect lipo results.
  • Exilis works for most, but not all. For best results, you must follow the patient protocol of water and exercise. We’ve been told that this procedure won’t work on about 1% of the population. Be sure you are working with an office that has a plan if you end up being that 1%. Can you be credited with some skincare services for part of the money spent? Can the money spent be allotted to a surgical procedure? Find out at the beginning.
  • Does it hurt? For me, there were a few moments when it hurt, but just a few seconds, and not even with each session. Otherwise, it felt hot, really hot, but not painful hot. I’m sure different parts of the body are more or less sensitive and that this varies with each individual. I made sure to hydrate well, and this is apparently the key to comfort for most, so start hydrating three days before and cut back on your alcohol. In fact, I did not drink any wine for two days leading up to each treatment, as I was paranoid!
  • Side effects? I was a little nauseous after a few of the treatments. Drinking lots of water after the Exilis treatment, staying away from caffeine for a couple hours and getting your exercise all help you feel better if you are affected in the same way. It’s not typical, but this reaction does affect a handful of patients. For me, I’ll admit that I kinda liked feeling this way because it assured me things were disrupted and fat loss was occurring!
  • Does it last? Current studies show that it lasts for at least 2 years, as that is when the technology was introduced. But, since the fat cells are actually removed, results should be long lasting well beyond those two years as long as you maintain your weight and muscle mass. With skin tightening, you will need some maintenance as your body naturally loses collagen with age.

At Nashville Cosmetic Surgery, you are asked to sign that you agree to the following if you are going to receive Exilis treatment. So, take note, as no matter where you live and where you seek this treatment, these guidelines will give you the best results:

  • Drink 64 ounces of water or other non-caffeinated fluids per day the day prior to your treatment, the day of your
    treatment, and the day after each treatment session.
  • If you have not had adequate fluid intake and/or you have consumed significant amounts of alcohol the night prior to your treatment, it is best to reschedule your session. Radio frequency is just not as effective in dehydrated tissue, which negates some of the effect of the treatment.
  • After your treatment, you must do some form of moderate exercise for 30 to 45 minutes to improve blood flow
    and lymphatic drainage to the treated area.

This is really cool, exciting science. For fat reduction, the cost for an entire series, targeted at one area (thighs count as one area, not two!) is about $2,000. Skin tightening price varies on what area you are targeting.

Lastly, one of the advantages of seeking Exilis treatments at Nashville Cosmetic Surgery is that you get the benefit of having Dr. Don Griffin use his plastic surgery eyes for a non-invasive procedure. He will personally meet with you and assess your goals and look you in the eye to tell you whether or not you are a good candidate. Then, he will meet with one of his laser technicians to give them a personal plan on how to achieve the goals you are seeking. He will also pop in after a few treatments to see if any tweaks need to occur. Having this trained eye involved from the beginning gave me comfort. If you are looking to have any sort of cosmetic procedure done from skincare, non-invasive treatments like Exilis or full on plastic surgery, we can tell you that this is an experienced, comfortable and supportive office to be in.

Posted: 28th July, 2022
Written By: Ryan Towart
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