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Double Chin Surgery

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Double Chin Surgery

Google searching double chin surgery is common, but do you really want to go under the knife?

If you have a double chin and are looking for ways to get rid of it, a plastic surgeon may recommend neck liposuction, neck lift surgery, or a combination of both.

There’s no one specific double chin surgery, but instead a combination of approaches that can remove excess fat and tighten neck skin to create a firmer, more defined chin and neck area.

Here’s what you need to know about double chin surgery and other, less invasive options that have proven success – click here to skip to our non surgical double chin treatments.

How does double chin surgery work?

Chin liposuction works by inserting a small tube, called a cannula, into the chin in different areas. Using gentle suction, small and strategic amounts of fat are removed from each location. The result is a smoother, more even profile with a reduced amount of fat under the chin. A submentoplasty works by making small incisions under the chin, as well as using liposuction on the neck. During a neck lift, your surgeon makes incisions behind the ear and sometimes underneath the chin, removes excess skin, and tightens neck muscles.

A plastic surgeon can correct a double chin using any of the following procedures:

  • Chin liposuction. This procedure removes excess fat from under the chin.
  • Submentoplasty. This surgery combines chin liposuction and smaller incisions under the chin to tighten muscles.
  • Neck lift. This surgery, called lower rhytidectomy, involves removing excess skin or tightening the neck skin muscles to give the face a more contoured appearance.

All procedures can reduce the appearance of a double chin. However, you may not be a good candidate for liposuction or submentoplasty if your skin isn’t very elastic and has a loose or saggy appearance. When this is the case, a doctor will usually recommend a neck lift.

Any time foreign instruments are inserted into the skin, there are risks. A doctor should discuss these with you before the procedure to ensure you have all the correct information before proceeding.

Non Surgical Double Chin Treatments

Going under the knife is always an option but surgery can be daunting and often involves a long recovery period after the operation. There are non-surgical ways to banish your double chin so that you can feel more empowered when you are faced with your reflection.

  • 360 Fat Freezing
  • Radio Frequency

Woman HIFU Treatment

Exercises That Target A Double Chin

Many of us ask if chin exercises work and what chin exercises are the best todo at home to rid a double chin. If you wanted to tighten and tone your abs you would head to the gym or do an abs work out. Surly its the same for a double chin?

While there is no scientific evidence that chin exercises work to get rid of your double chin, there’s anecdotal evidence. Research has shown that exercises can help tighten and double chin and work well alongside a non-surgical double chin treatment.

Here are 6 exercises that may help strengthen, tone and tighten the chin muscles and skin in the area of your double chin. Unless otherwise indicated, repeat each exercise daily 10 to 15 times.

Ball Exercise
  1. Place a 9 to 10 inch ball under your chin.
  2. Press your chin down against the ball.
  3. Repeat 25 times daily.
Straight Jaw Jut
  1. Tilt your head back and look toward the ceiling.
  2. Push your lower jaw forward to feel a stretch under the chin.
  3. Hold the jaw jut for a 10 count.
  4. Relax your jaw and return your head to a neutral position.
Tongue Press
  1. Tilt your head back and look toward the ceiling.
  2. Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth
  3. Tilting your head back and forth
  4. Repeat for 25 times daily
Pucker Up
  1. With your head tilted back, look at the ceiling.
  2. Pucker your lips as if you’re kissing the ceiling to stretch the area beneath your chin.
  3. Stop puckering and bring your head back to its normal position.
Neck stretch
  1. Tilt your head back and look at the ceiling.
  2. Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth.
  3. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds and release.
Bottom Jaw Jut
  1. Tilt your head back and look at the ceiling.
  2. Turn your head to the right.
  3. Slide your bottom jaw forward.
  4. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds and release.
  5. Repeat the process with your head turned to the left.
Rid Double Chin With Diet

If a double chin is a direct cause of weight gain, losing weight may make it smaller or get rid of it. The best way to lose weight is to eat a healthy diet exercise regularly. Some healthy eating guidelines include the following:

  • Eat four servings of vegetables daily.
  • Eat three servings of fruits daily.
  • Replace refined grains with whole grains.
  • Avoid processed foods.

KETO DietEat lean protein, such as poultry and fish. Eat healthy fats, such as olive oil, avocados, and nuts. Avoid fried foods. Eat low-fat dairy products. Reduce your sugar intake. Practice portion control.

Read more about the KETO diet.

Posted: 17th October, 2020
Written By: Ryan Towart
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