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Core To Floor Treatment

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Do you suffer with urinary incontinence? Do you want to help tackle the issue with core to floor using non surgical technology? If you suffer from urinary incontinence then you will know how detrimental it can be to your life. Urinary incontinence can be caused by a lot of different factors, including pregnancy. Stress incontinence as the result of pregnancy is usually because the muscles used to prevent involuntary urination are damaged. This can include the urinary sphincter or pelvic floor muscles. Urge incontinence, however, is the result of overactivity of the detrusor muscles, which control the bladder. If muscles are too weak to support the bladder, then involuntary leakage can occur, but it is possible to get this treated with core-to-floor treatment. 

What Increases the Chances of Urinary Incontinence?.

Several factors increase the risk factors of urinary incontinence, including:

  • Pregnancy and vaginal birth
  • Family history
  • Obesity
  • Age

Complications of Urinary Incontinence .

Urinary incontinence can also cause complications if left untreated. You may develop:

  • Sores, rashes and skin infections as the result of wet skin
  • Urinary tract infections from incontinence
  • Unconfidence and poor social life 

Statistics for Urinary Incontinence in the UK.

  • An estimated 14 million people in the UK suffer from urinary incontinence.
  • 39.9% of women leak urine involuntarily 
  • Urinary incontinence affects 200 million people across the world

Source: Pexels

How Core-to-Floor Treatment Can Help with Urinary Incontinence Newcastle .

Core-to-floor treatment uses two HIFEM therapies to tone pelvic floor muscles. The result is increased hypertrophy and hyperplasia. Neuromuscular control, which improves strength and balance, is also improved. Some of the benefits of this treatment include improved core strength, a decrease in urinary incontinence as well as fat reduction. Men may also experience improved erectile function and enhanced sexual satisfaction.

How Does EMSCULPT NEO Work?.

EMSCULPT NEO, a treatment used for urinary incontinence,  is non-invasive and combines HIFEM procedures with radiofrequency heating. This reduces fat while building muscle. Innovative treatments such as this help to eliminate and remove fat cells from within the body, via intensive muscle contractions. Studies from this treatment show a 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat, along with a 25% increase in muscle thickness. This treatment is not painful and feels like a series of strong, short muscle contractions. Thinner patients may feel these more, and decreased energy can be used during treatment if required. 

How does BTL Emsella Work?.

When you come to us for core-to-floor treatment, you will be able to take advantage of EMSCULPT NEO as well as BTL EMSELLA. BTL EMSELLA stimulates pelvic floor muscles with thousands of contractions. These are supramaximal, and the stimulation results in regained control over pelvic floor muscles. It’s very safe and doesn’t hurt. When it is used in combination with EMSCULPT NEO, it’s highly effective and a great way for you to ensure that the years to come are spent free from worry regarding urinary incontinence. 

BTL EMSELLA treatment tightens and repairs the pelvic floor, helping both men and women to improve bladder control. When pelvic floor muscles are strengthened, as a woman, you may find that your sexual satisfaction is increased. You may also find it easier to achieve orgasm. An improvement can be seen after one session, however results will continue to improve as time goes on. The treatment requires no recovery time and during the procedure, you will remain fully clothed. All of our patients walk in and walk out that same day, and we strongly encourage people to bring a book so that they can stay nice and relaxed during treatment. You’re welcome to chat with our friendly staff too, as we focus on providing a relaxing and supportive environment to all those who walk in our doors.

Are You A Candidate for Core-to-Floor Treatment?.

If you have any concerns about urinary incontinence, or if you find that you wake up often in the night just to use the bathroom then you will benefit from the treatment we have to offer. Our treatment is suitable for those who want to tighten their core muscles as well as those who want to shed any unwanted fat. Unlike other treatments, EMSCULPT NEO is approved to treat those who have a BMI up to 35. 

You may also be an ideal candidate if you have stress incontinence, which is caused by childbirth or menopause. Embarrassing urine leakage when coughing or laughing can also be helped with this treatment. Feeling an intense urge to pee, or intimate health conditions such as vaginal laxity can also be beneficial. Ultimately, it’s a proven and reliable treatment for those who want to improve bladder control and intimate health. 

Urinary Incontinence Newcastle Treatment from RT Aesthetics.

Here at RT Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our patients receive the highest level of care at all times. If we don’t believe that our procedures are right for you, we will turn you away to protect your health. Our clinic comprises of different experts, who draw on each other’s medical understanding in order to provide our clients with the best possible result. We also have a genuine passion for helping and supporting people, so if you are in need and want someone who is kind, understands what you’re going through and provides appropriate treatment, we’re confident you’ve come to the right place.

Our urinary incontinence Newcastle technology is top-of-the-range and we invest thousands every year to ensure that we always have the right equipment to deliver the results our customers want. We use CE-certified equipment and we are also FDA-approved. Everything is tested regularly to ensure that we meet European regulations too, so you can feel confident knowing that you are in good hands. If you would like to get in touch with us today then we recommend that you give our dedicated team a call at 0333 050 0575. 

Alternatively, you can send us an email at When you do, you can then rest assured knowing that you are going to be given all of the information you need about the treatment, while also receiving helpful advice on how you can help yourself with urinary incontinence in the meantime.

Posted: 23rd May, 2024
Written By: Ryan Towart
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