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All our treatments are clinically proven, FDA Approved, CE certified, backed by scientific research, and are carried out by highly trained Qualified Aesthetic Practitioners.

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Our Process.

We pride ourselves on giving each of our clients an amazing experience with us, from their original contact right up to the aftercare we offer. Find our your step-by-step client journey below.


Step One

Book your face-to-face consultation. You can call us or click the book now button to book your consultation to meet with one of the Aesthetic Practitioners at a suitable time. We will send an email reminder 72 hours before and a text message 48 hours before with some forms to complete.


Step Two

Arrive at your consultation with your questions in hand! The Aesthetic Practitioner will thoroughly review the treatment, answering any questions, including the benefits and side effects. The consultation usually lasts 30-45 minutes, and from this, we will create your bespoke treatment plan.


Step Three

Now to the best part! Based on your consultation, our Aesthetic Practitioner will begin the treatment plan that you discussed. Your treatment will take place in a clean, safe environment. Our client services team will book the appointment(s), send you all the pre-care information, and advise you of the next steps.


Step Four

The journey doesn't just stop when you leave the clinic. Aftercare will be discussed during treatment as any extras that might benefit you. All aftercare will be emailed to you to refer back to along with a feedback form which is very important for us to ensure we offer you the best service.

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Learn more about how we care for you at RT Aesthetics.

Client Journey.

All new clients are advised to book a consultation before booking treatments. Our Practitioners are experts in their field and will help you define your treatment goals and to develop a personalised treatment plan.

RT Aesthetics recognises that when a person takes the step to invest in aesthetic treatments, they are starting on a journey of self-improvement. This is usually because they feel that they have begun to show signs of ageing, weight gain, or have a condition that causes them to lose confidence in how they look and feel.

All of the treatments we offer at RT Aesthetics are tested by our staff, on our staff, before we consider offering them to our clientele. We do not believe we can, in good conscience as medical practitioners, offer treatments to our patients if we would not feel comfortable using them ourselves. This way, we can honestly assure you of the safety, quality and effectiveness of all of our aesthetic treatments.

If a client were to come to us asking for a treatment that our Aesthetic Practitioners don’t believe is right for them, we feel we have the ethical and medical responsibility to refuse this treatment. Instead, we prefer to work with our clients to find a solution that both you and the practitioner feel is most beneficial to your overall health, happiness, and well-being. We don’t believe in over-treating any of our clients and ensure that our treatment plans are of the best financial value to you.

About Us.

At RT Aesthetics, we are passionate about helping our clients to reach their potential. Our vision is to help you look and feel fabulous from the inside out.

We specialise in the latest non-surgical treatments that provide long-lasting results. Our treatments are FDA-approved, CE certified, backed by scientific research, and carried out by highly trained, qualified practitioners. Within RT Aesthetics, we have a qualified nurse practitioner to answer any medical questions.

With a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, you can be reassured that you will receive a down-to-earth, open and honest service where you will not be judged or pushed into anything you don’t want to do or pressured into unnecessary purchases.

We believe you should have the opportunity to discuss your treatment needs and obtain expert advice before committing to a treatment, which is why RT Aesthetics offer a face-to-face consultation, with no obligation to go ahead with treatment.

Our Ethos.

At RT Aesthetics, we put client care at the forefront of our business, not only by providing excellent customer service from start to finish or through our top-quality services – we don’t just stop there. We ensure our clients are looked after even once they’ve left the clinic’s doors, through our thorough post-treatment aftercare advice and recommendations and our well-researched advice on skincare and aesthetics.

We focus on providing our clients with face and body enhancements through skilled non-surgical aesthetics treatments that lead to confidence-boosting results. Our Aesthetic Practitioners focus on transforming clients’ skin daily with face and body treatments, combatting the most challenging concerns.

We strive for inclusivity at all of our clinics, as offering a range of solutions for common skin concerns means that all ages, ethnicities and skin types can find the best answer to their problematic skin. We believe in making luxury treatments accessible to everyone and ask that our clients put their trust in our staff to deliver excellence in their treatments, despite the affordable prices.

With a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, you can be reassured that you will receive a down-to-earth, open and honest service where you will not be judged or pushed into anything you don’t want to do or pressured into unnecessary purchases.

Our goal is simple: delivering superb results safely and effectively while providing you with a holistic, personal-centred approach. We aim to enhance your body confidence and quality of life in a relaxing environment, offering an alternative – affordable solution to surgery.


The consultation is essential for both the client and Practitioner. Our experts want to understand why you want treatment and what you want to achieve. You might want to appear ‘slim and contoured’, ‘more sculpted’ or ‘more youthful.’ The idea is to review your desired results and assemble your bespoke treatment plan. It’s important to understand that the procedure you expected might not be the best solution for you- how to achieve the best, most natural-looking results will be explained by your Practitioner.

Your consultation is also the perfect opportunity to ask questions- you might want to learn more about the practitioner, their experience, how long the treatment will take and what to expect afterwards. These questions are entirely typical, and we welcome them! Your practitioner will tell you what to expect at your first aesthetic appointment.

Whether you’ve had procedures done in the past or are new to any aesthetic treatments, RT Aesthetics offers several affordable non-surgical treatments designed to enhance your body’s confidence and quality of life. From Fat Freezing to HIFU facelifts, BTL Exilis and even urinary incontinence, choose from various treatments targeting all body concerns in a safe, relaxing and comfortable environment.

Depending on what procedure you opt for will determine what is discussed at your consultation. However, the consultation will typically comprise of:


A discussion regarding your medical history, to rule out any health concerns following or leading up to any treatments. This can include any health problems you may have or had and a list of any medication you currently take.


Your Aesthetic Practitioner will analyse your treatment area, for example, the stomach, thighs or face. A photographic assessment may be required to discuss your treatment choice further. Your Practitioner will also discuss the pros and cons of your treatment and may offer alternatives.


Finally, they will create a treatment plan if you wish to proceed with your procedure(s). Throughout your consultation, you will have ample opportunity to discuss your treatment, ask questions and raise any concerns you have in a safe and supportive environment.

Following your face-to-face consultation, you can decide whether to proceed with your treatment. The practitioner will thoroughly discuss your treatment plan, detailing costs, including payment plan options, appointment dates & times. Please do not feel obliged to make a rash decision. You can leave and contact the clinic at your own will to confirm your treatment plan.

Our Treatments.

All our treatments are clinically proven, FDA approved, CE certified, backed by scientific research, and are carried out by highly trained Qualified Aesthetic Practitioners.

MED: Cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis also referred to as fat freezing, has become a popular treatment across the world with celebrities alike having the treatment.

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MED: HIFU Ultra+ Face

HIFU treatment has become one of the most sought-after lifting treatments for face, neck & body, without going under the knife.

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EMSculpt Neo®

EMSculpt Neo® is a non-invasive treatment for fat reduction and muscle toning

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BTL Exilis® Ultra Face

A monopolar radiofrequency device offering a non-invasive treatment of different skin conditions such as wrinkles, skin laxity, eye areas and jowls.

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BTL Exilis® Ultra Body

BTL’s Exilis offers a revolutionary non-invasive form of treatment for the reduction of wrinkles and for the reshaping of targeted fat deposits from head to toe.

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HydraFacial® Newcastle

Hydrafacial® treatment is more than a facial. It uses patented technology to cleanse, extract and hydrate your skin.

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