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Chin Lipo

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Everything You Need to Know About Chin Liposuction & Non Surgical Alternatives

Ever put the back of your hand under your chin and check yourself out from every angle, trying to see what you’d look like without a double chin.

Are you having photos taken when you are out with friends and dreading that double chin getting in the way. Or has the ageing process started to sag and cause jowls to form. You are not alone; even if you’re naturally slim or have worked hard to lose weight, under-chin fat can be both diet and exercise resistant for most people at any age.

Why Is a Double Chin So Hard to Get Rid of?

Fat under the chin can be particularly difficult to get rid of, especially when you consider there is no real way to exercise the chin where the stubborn fat is located. Chin exercises are a great way to help tighten the skin and easy todo but many clients demand more fat reduction and jawline definition. Any exercise that does exist to target that area usually has little to no effect and requires timely dedication. To tackle a persistent double chin, patients usually choose chin liposuction or non surgical alternatives.

Some individuals are more prone to developing a double chin which is caused by their genetics. Weight gain can also have a negative affected and fat in this area is difficult to remove despite exercise and diet. Ageing is another factor that causes lose elasticity in the skin making it more likely to sag.

Chin Liposuction Newcastle

What is Chin Liposuction?

Submental liposuction, or commonly known as chin liposuction, can get rid of the stubborn double chin fat, using targeted suction to remove fat from the chin, neck, and jowls to create a more contoured defined jawline look.

The procedure is surgical and requires a local anaesthetic and long downtime. The procedure is also known by other names such as: Double Chin Lipo, Submental Liposuction, Submental Lipectomy, Neck Liposuction & Chin Lipo.

What Happens During Chin Liposuction?

Chin liposuction can be performed under local anaesthesia. The surgeon doctorwill make small incisions under your chin and possibly behind your ears. He or she will then use a tool called a cannula (a slim tube attached to a vacuum) to remove fat and reshape your neck and chin. Each incision will be closed with one or two stitches before your doctor gives you a supportive wrap to help your skin stay taut while it heals. Once the anaesthesia wears off, you’ll be sent home with instructions on how to care for your incisions.

Is Chin Liposuction Right For Me?

Chin liposuction might be a good choice for many patients if they want to get rid of stubborn fat under the chin and neck area. If you can’t get rid of stubborn chin and neck fat through diet and exercise, liposuction can help. However, if a patients goal include a more dramatic jawline or chin shape, they may need additional procedures, like chin implants.

Removing even the smallest amount of fat from under the chin and contouring the area makes a dramatic difference in a patient’s appearance. Surgical procedure makes faces look more attractive with a sharper jawline and improved facial proportions.

At your initial consultation, your doctor will assess the area and whether your skin has enough elasticity to make you a good candidate for the procedure. It’s important that the skin is able to heal into its new, contoured shape after chin lipo. Otherwise, you may need a neck lift to remove excess skin.

How much does chin liposuction cost?

Chin liposuction cost averages about £3,300, and ranges from £2,500 to £7,000, according to reviewers on RealSelf. The price can vary depending on your location, the type of anaesthesia used, the expertise of your surgeon, and the amount of fat removed.

Non Surgical Chin Liposuction

There is a non-surgical option for those still not keen to proceed with chin liposuction and it is called Ultherapy. Ultherapy also known as MED: HIFU Ultra (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is an ultrasound energy but does so by passing through the skin without the need for any incisions or surgery.

Results take about 6 months to fully develop, but if you are patient, it could be what you are waiting for. You can find out more about treating double chins with Ultherapy here.

HIFU Treatment

As the years pass and the ageing process begins things relax, the jawline sags, the brow droops, the neck sags and the décolletage acquires a wrinkly appearance. If the idea of surgery is a few steps too far for you, you’ll love the Ultherapy treatment.

It’s really simple – it uses the ultrasound waves that have healed sports injuries for many years to tighten your tissues and regenerate your natural skin tone. No needles, no incisions and, better still one treatment wakes up your deeper skin tissues and they continue to tighten and lift for months – and months after the treatment.

Ultherapy arrived in the UK in 2008, but the treatment was too painful and it wasn’t right for patients who were looking for the very best treatments. However, now things have changed. The research and development has improved the Ultherapy treatment:

  • It’s now much more comfortable!
  • Ultherapy can now lift brows, necks, chins and smoothen décolletage
  • Nobody will know you’ve had a treatment as there’s no bruising, no downtime
  • Get right back to your normal life after the procedure
  • It’s compatible with a range of other treatments
  • It provides the best non-invasive alternative to a surgical facelift.

FDA Approval for Ultherapy

The FDA – a stringent controller of treatments – has cleared Ultherapy as safe and providing positive results. Ultherapy treatment can be used to:

  • Lift your brows to widen your eyes
  • Banish jowls and redefine your jawline
  • Tighten your neck to smooth out wrinkle lines
  • Restore your youthfully smooth décolletage
  • Firm up your arms
  • Tone up your tummy
  • Remove the saggy bits on your inner thighs

hifu treatment double chin

RT Aesthetics 4D HIFU Face Lift Newcastle

At RT Aesthetics, we believe that every client should fully understand the science, research and benefits of HIFU treatments. We believe that this helps you understand and make an informed decision when choosing a non-surgical procedure. We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals, while offering support and guidance throughout the process.

The HIFU double chin treatment is perfect for tightening and lifting those droopy jowls, or commonly known as ‘turkey neck’. The treatment results in a more defined jaw line and reduction of the double chin. Just one HIFU treatment is normally required with results developing over 6-12 weeks as your body starts the production of collagen that creates a lifting and tightening effect.

A great advantage of HIFU is that it comes with very few side effects, most of which usually clear up in a matter of days. For those with a low pain threshold, this treatment could be ideal for you as the sensation is warm and tingly instead of painful.

Posted: 5th July, 2019
Written By: Ryan Towart
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