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BTL Emsella® Treatment For Men

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BTL Emsella® For Men – Newcastle Upon Tyne

As a man, you want to make sure that you have full control over your body. However, as you grow old, there is a chance of losing control of some muscle groups as they become underworked, leaving you to risk the indignity of incontinence. Despite your fears that this could be permanent, there are solutions to these issues.

Learn more about how BTL EMSELLA works, what it means for men and some of the main benefits of using the solution.


BTL EMSELLS works using an innovative new technology, known as High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology. HIFEM technology focuses on sending EM waves through the pelvic floor, encouraging minor contractions throughout the muscle groups in the local area. As with any muscle group, this area repeatedly going through contractions and movements means that the muscles strengthen over time, building up a muscular layer underneath your bladder.

Due to the highly-localised nature of the technology, this system doesn’t cause any contractions throughout the rest of the body. It’s a pain-free way of targeting one specific area of yourself, re-educating the muscles that lead to incontinence and preventing any similar issues from emerging in the future.


The way that BTL EMSELLA works is different for men and women. One of the main issues that men have when they don’t have full bladder control is relatively weak pelvic muscles, whether due to poor exercise or a range of other issues. Before going through with BTL EMSELLA, these issues can result in incontinence or intimacy issues, which can be highly embarrassing.

Treatment with BTL EMSELLA involves your pelvic muscles being stimulated thousands of times per session, causing a lot of contractions that you otherwise wouldn’t experience in your day-to-day life. As with any muscle group, repeated contraction and flexing result in the strengthening of the pelvic floor. Positive impacts are especially noticeable when you go through the process time and time again.

As a result of your BTL EMSELLA treatment, you can expect to have much more control over your bladder, with pelvic floor muscles better controlling that area of the body. In addition to dealing with incontinence, the treatment is ideal for increasing your intimate satisfaction and giving you more control over your body.

The benefits of BTL EMSELLA

There are plenty of benefits of BTL EMSELLA that patients benefit from, with some of the most common advantages of using the treatment including:

Immediate health improvement

You’ll start to see improvements in your health after one simple treatment. Of course, the results that you see continue to get better when you use BTL EMSELLA time after time, but if you’re someone that cares about short-term results and fixing issues like incontinence immediately, this is the way to go. Consistency is key when using the process, so having a clear schedule of sessions is ideal.

Passive treatment

A lot of treatments for incontinence and other medical issues in the area can be invasive. However, BTL EMSELLA is entirely passive, allowing you to simply sit on the BTL EMSELLA chair and wait for the session to be over. It’s also notable that the process is pain-free with the micro convulsions not causing any issues for the patient. You can sit through the process whilst reading a book, doing some remote work or having a chat with the people around you. There’s no need for the process to interrupt what you’re doing as it just ticks away in the background.

Fully clothed treatments

Due to the penetrative power of the electromagnetic technology being used, there isn’t any need for direct contact between the seat and the user’s skin. This means that you can retain your dignity by keeping your clothes on throughout the treatment. Where some people could be sensitive about their bodies or the way that they look, especially in what can feel like a vulnerable situation, this isn’t an issue with BTL EMSELLA treatments. As long as you’re not wearing lead-lined trousers, the technology is able to make a difference and work to improve your condition without any need for change.

Same day processing

Popping in and out of a medical facility isn’t always a guarantee, especially for muscular issues that have specific treatment strategies. BTL EMSELLA breaks that trend. You can come in for a scheduled appointment, take a seat in the chair for the duration of your session and simply walk out once you’re done. This simplicity means that you can schedule absolutely anything you like on the same day without any risks, and you don’t have to deal with the anxiety of a hospital stay. For people that want continuity in their lives, it’s a must.

Regain bladder control

Good bladder control is the key to a healthy and happy life. Losing control of your bladder’s functionality means that you can drive away the people that you love without realising it, and people can drift away from you in public through no fault of your own. Spending time with BTL EMSELLA treatments is the ideal counter to loss of bladder control. A stronger pelvic floor is a must for having more control over your bladder, and with the treatment providing exactly that, you can be out and about with confidence once again.

Who is right for the treatment?

This treatment is specifically targeted towards people in a variety of situations, with some of the best areas to benefit from using BTL EMSELLA including:

People with incontinence from coughing, laughing or exercise

Those with relatively weak pelvic floors can suffer from issues when they go through sudden movements. A sneeze, for example, quickly jolts all of your core muscles at the same time and runs the serious risk of causing accidents. BTL EMSELLA reinforces the important areas of your pelvic floor, providing more stability when your body goes through rapid movements and limiting the danger of losing control.

Anyone with poor bladder control

Poor bladder control is an issue that can affect anyone. Over time you put these muscle groups through less work, leaving them to degrade and provide you with much less assistance when you need it most. This can lead to public accidents, bed wetting or urination without even realising it. A session using BTL EMSELLA can help you to see immediate improvements, with further sessions solidifying your gains.

Intimate health condition sufferers

The majority of your intimate health depends on the condition of muscle groups towards the base of your body. After all, the stronger your muscles in the area, the stronger you are and the more capable you are of generating blood flow in the region. If you’re someone that’s typically struggled with erectile dysfunction or has not had the ability to orgasm, stronger muscles in and around the pelvic floor are essential.

Those with experience of hernias

A hernia happens when an internal part of your body presses through a weak area of muscle or tissue and can cause serious issues to your long-term health. By going through BTL EMSELLA treatment, you significantly strengthen your base, reducing the risk of organs pushing through or threatening the integrity of your muscle groups. The chance of a hernia worsening decreases significantly and you can feel a lot more comfortable about your long-term health.

Frequently asked questions about BTL EMSELLA for men

As with many other innovative health solutions and treatments, it’s understandable that you have a few questions to properly learn about what you’re working with. Some of the most frequently asked questions about using BTL EMSELLA include:

What does BTL EMSELLA feel like?

BTL EMSELLA is not a painful process at all, with some people choosing to bring a book, friend or family member with them to talk to throughout the procedure. Whilst there isn’t any pain, you can feel contractions and movement in your pelvic floor area. Patients report that these feel somewhat like Kegel exercises without being voluntary, as the HIFEM technology stimulates all the movement in the area.

How does BTL EMSELLA compare to Kegels?

Kegels are functionally the same as BTL EMSELLA but are far less efficient at resolving your health concerns. Following a regime of Kegel exercises targets one specific part of your muscle structure in your pelvic floor, whilst an EMSELLA chair stimulates muscle movements across the entire area. Furthermore, as BTL EMSELLA treatments lead to automatic and structured muscle movements, you go through significantly more muscular exercises in a single session in the chair than you would through thousands of Kegel movements.


BTL EMSELLA is a completely safe health solution for patients, with comprehensive testing by health authorities such as the FDA guaranteeing that there are no significant risks to patient health as a result of using the treatment. Not only that but the process is fairly comfortable, with people saying that the process is relatively painless. Prior to initial use, doctors discuss your personal health and safety profile in depth to establish how suitable the treatment is for you.

Posted: 21st June, 2023
Written By: Ryan Towart
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