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360 Chin Cryolipolysis

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360 Chin Fat Freeze (Cryolipolysis)

Introducing the new, must have 360° Cryolipolysis treatment for chin fat reduction. Cryolipolysis or fat freezing is a well-known, clinically proven fat reduction technique. The most common area of treatment is the abdomen area, however the same effect can be had on the chin area.

The 360 Chin Fat Freeze treatment is effective in reducing stubborn fat from double chins, and chins with unwanted fat. Older technology found that they were only able to freeze the chin from two sides, which is why our 360° chin freeze applicator was designed to provide a consistent 360 fat freeze from all angles of the chin.

Chin Fat Freezing Science

The applicator cools the chin fat to -10 degrees and holds the temperature using advanced thermal monitoring sensors. These sensors are designed to monitor the temperature of the full applicator and insure client safety. The area is frozen for 35 minutes and the client can enjoy watching a film or reading a book. At the end of the treatment the client will have the device removed from their chin, a massage to promote blood flow back to the area and a glass of water for hydration.

At -10 degrees the fat cells cannot survive and subsequently die by a process known as apoptosis (natural cell death). The dead fat cells leave the body via the lymphatic system., thus it is very important to drink lots of water post-treatment. Once the fat cells are removed by the body they cannot return within the same area treated.


Chin freezing can reduce fat by up to 40%* within 1 single treatment. Results can be improved by combining the procedure with radio frequency or MED: HIFU Ultra Treatment. Results typically occur gradually throughout the 6 – 12 week period following the treatment. After your treatment you will be given a follow up appointment to come back and have before and after photos taken.

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How Many 360 Chin Freeze Sessions Will I Need?

360 Chin Fat Freezing is usually a one-off treatment. However, sometimes a follow-up treatment may be necessary to cover larger areas of the chin. It is important to book a face to face consultation to ensure your needs and goals are assessed and a bespoke treatment plan is based around you. For optimal results, we recommend combining Cryolipolysis with MED: HIFU Ultra Treatment to tighten and lift the area.

Face to face consultation

Cryolipolysis Consultation

If you have a double chin or want to reduce chin fat, the first thing to do is book a face to face consultation with our advance practitioners. Our experienced clinicians will discuss your requirements, assess the area and talk you through the various options we offer.

Posted: 6th January, 2020
Written By: Ryan Towart
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