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What is Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) and Can Fat Freeze Help Me?

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Fat Freezing, Fat Freeze & Cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis, also commonly known as cool sculpting, 3D lipo, fat freezing, fat freeze and lipolysis: different names, same goal, freezing fat to below – 5 to destroy stubborn fat cells naturally. Fat freeze clinic’s have become very popular across the UK, although they have been present across America and other parts of the world since 2012. ‘Fat Freeze Clinics’ use cryolipolysis (fat freezing) technology to reduce and remove fat cells by freezing them to below – 5ºc. The fat cells are destroyed and removed by the body through the lymphatic system, with results ranging from 20 – 40 percent on average.

What Does Cryolipolysis Mean?

Cryolipolysis is the process of freezing fat cells without affecting other body cells within the body. Through the use of the unique combination of Cryolipolysis treatment procedure, fat freezing kills fat cells and reduces and removes stubborn areas of fat. Cryolipolysis treatment procedure reduce fat cells by 20 – 40% in the treatment area, although some patients may experience more or less fat reduction. Fat cells die in a natural way, known as apoptosis and are removed by the body through the lymphatic system over the 6 – 12 week period following the treatment procedure.

Fat Freeze Results

Fat freeze procedures promise to remove 25 percent of fat in a given treatment area on the body, although 1 – 3 sessions may be required depending on the amount of fat, the area treated and patient’s expectations. Cryolipolysis treatment procedure works by using applicators that apply suction to the skin in order to fat freeze the underlying fat cells. Each cryolipolysis treatment procedure Each procedure can last from 35 minutes to an hour, depending on the treatment area on the body. The discomfort involved is minimal, although the area treated will first feel hot, than very cold and then numb.

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Does Cryolipolysis Work?

Cryolipolysis treatment procedure, also known as fat freezing, is FDA approved non-invasive, non-surgical method of freezing fat cells to get rid of “love handles,” a double chin and other unwanted bulges of fat around the body. The FDA cleared the marketing of the fat freezing method CoolSculpting in 2010 based on results of a study showing that six months after the treatment of love handles in 60 patients, the targeted fat was reduced by an average of 19 percent. Since then, fat freezing has been catching on nationwide. It is offered by medical spas, beauty salons and aesthetic professionals across the UK, and is heavily promoted in television commercials, news and radio.

Is It permanent?

Yes. Cryolipolysis procedure is a permanent fat reduction treatment that offers results of 25 – 40 percent. However results are only permanent if you control your weight, lifestyle and exercise. If you do not follow a healthy lifestyle after treatment and continue to gain weight, fat cells will build up again. future build up of fat cells may not necessary be the area you had treated, but it could cause fat cells to build in other areas of the body. Long lasting results and improvements to your body can also occur by changing your life style behaviour through nutrition and exercise. Remember that you need to put some work in to get the results. If you’re going to do 2 treatment cycles and not change your diet, eating habits or lifestyle at all, your body is not going to change at all.

Does Fat Freezing Cure Obesity?

If you’re considering fat freezing treatment procedure, you should be aware of its limitations. CoolSculpting (fat freeze) is intended to reduce the appearance of visible bulges, such as ‘bingo wings’ or stubborn areas of body fat, not as a treatment for obesity. The specific areas of fat targeted may also include thighs, upper arms, abdomen, male breasts, “banana handles” (fat under the buttocks) and love handles. Based on current research, initial results can be so subtle that patients may not notice any difference, however full results are noticeable after 6 – 12 weeks. As this treatment offers body contour, fat reduction and reduces stubborn fat cells around the body don’t expect any significant weight loss for fat freeze. Fat freeze offers great results and can help a patient feel more confident within themselves, However, with most patients been happy with just 1 treatment, just be sure that if your considering fat freeze treatment you book a free consultation.

RT Aesthetics, Fat Freezing Newcastle, Fat Freeze, Fat Freeze Newcastle

What Happens To The Fat?

Through the process of fat freezing, the fat cells become inflamed and your body sends out specialised cells that gradually digest the affected fat cells. Lipids from the fat cells are slowly released and transported by the lymphatic system to be processed and eliminated, resulting in a reduction of fat. Fat cells are flushed out of the body as urine and it is therefore important to dink lots of water after your treatment.

Fat Freezing For Men?

Men are flocking to get treatments that make them look younger, fitter, and looking to improve there overall health. With media playing a big part in todays society fat freeze is slowly becoming very popular among men of all ages and sizes, even fitness instructors are having fat freezing to help remove stubborn fat they cannot shift with diet and workout sessions.

RT Aesthetics, Fat Freezing Newcastle, Fat Freeze, Fat Freeze Newcastle

Fat freeze can help get rid of excess fat and can make a huge difference in how other people see you and how you see yourself. That’s especially true in the Newcastle area, where everyone wants to have the perfect body. Cryolipolysis treatment procedure can make you a stronger competitor at work, on the dating scene and in the gym. Fat Freezing, is a man thing!

Fat Freeze For Gynaecomastia

Gynaecomastia (‘man boobs’) is one of the most common problem that can cause embarrassment or self-consciousness in men of all ages. Treatment for this condition is the fourth-most popular cosmetic surgery procedure for men. Although this is often a normal phenomenon, gynecomastia can negatively interfere with the quality of life for men, making them uncomfortable removing their shirts when swimming, at the beach or in intimate situations.

Gynaecomastia - Fat Freeze Newcastle - Fat Freezing - RT Aesthetics Newcastle

A small study published in September 2015 found that 95 percent of men treated with fat freezing felt their appearance had improved, while 89 percent of men stated that they felt less embarrassment about the appearance of their chest. Each man had two 60 minute fat freeze treatments at two months apart. All men that had the fat freeze treatment felt their quality of life improved and felt better about their body as a whole. Results showed that the procedure is generally safe; with minimal to no downtime for patients, and that the improvements were sustained for a year following treatment. However, further research has shown that results can last over 5 years with a healthy life style. Standard treatment to reduce breast size in men is surgery under general anaesthesia, liposuction or both.

How Many Fat Freeze Sessions?

Most clients will find that only one fat freeze treatment is required, however, some areas of the body do respond better than others and more stubborn areas of fat may require more than one treatment. Depending on your personal goals and budget, it is recommend that you combine Cryolipolysis treatment with Ultrasound Cavitation and Radio Frequency. However, during your consultation the aesthetic practitioners will discuss in detail the treatment and help you achieve the very best results. During the consultation they will assess and understand your needs and design a treatment plan bespoke to you. With that in mind, on average each Cryolipolysis treatment session can result in a 30% reduction of fat.

RT Aesthetics, Fat Freezing Newcastle, Fat Freeze, Fat Freeze Newcastle

How Soon Can I See The Results From Cryolipolysis?

You may see results after 4 weeks, however the full results will be seen after 6 – 12 weeks. When having fat freezing the fat freeze clinic will advise that you come back at week 6 for a follow up appointment and then again at week 12 for a final measure and photo if appropriate. All follow up appointment are usually free of charge and form part of your aftercare. RT Aesthetics offer free after care and follow up appointments.

Why RT Aesthetics?

At RT Aesthetics we are passionate about helping our clients to reach their potential. RT Aesthetics specialises in the very latest non-surgical treatments that provide long lasting superior results. All of our treatments are FDA approved and are carried out by highly trained qualified practitioners. Within RT Aesthetics we have a qualified nurse practitioner who is on hand to answer any medical questions that you may have. Our goal is simple, to deliver superb results safely and effectively while providing you with a holistic, personal centred approach. We aim to enhance your body confidence and quality of life in a relaxing environment, offering an alternative – affordable solution to surgery.

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*Results vary from client to client, RT Aesthetics cannot guarantee specific results.

Posted: 16th December, 2018
Written By: Ryan Towart
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