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Cellulite Treatment

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Treatment For Cellulite

A variety of treatment approaches are available to improve the appearance of cellulite, at least temporarily.

Each has its own set of potential results and side effects. Some studies indicate that a combination of treatments may yield the most satisfying results.

  • Laser & Radiofrequency Treatments – Various wounding (ablative) laser treatments are available to treat cellulite. In one method, a thin fiber is slipped under the skin to deliver laser heat that destroys the fibrous bands binding fat. This approach has shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite for six months to a year. Further study is needed.
  • There’s also a device that uses heat (radiofrequency) for non-ablative treatment that improves how the skin looks. You’ll likely need several sessions before you notice an improvement in the appearance of your skin. Non-ablative treatments typically need to be repeated more often than do ablative treatments.
  • Cryolipolysis – With cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing), fat below the skin is reduced with a device that uses vacuum suction to raise tissue into contact with cooling plates. You’ll need multiple treatments. Results appear gradually over two to three months.
  • Acoustic Wave Therapy – With this technique, a technician applies gel to the affected skin and runs a small, hand-held device (transducer) over the area. The transducer sends sound waves into your body, breaking up cellulite. You’ll likely need several sessions before you notice an improvement in the appearance of your skin.
  • Surgery – Your doctor may offer one of various procedures that use needles, blades or other special tools to separate the fibrous bands under the skin (subcision) in an effort to smooth the skin. One method also uses fat grafting to improve skin appearance. Results from these techniques may last two to three years.

Cellulite in legs

Alternative medicine

Some cellulite treatments are based on the concept that vigorous massage will increase lymphatic flow, remove toxins and reduce excess fluid in cellulite-prone areas. One method in particular, Endermologie — which has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a medical device with little potential to cause harm — uses a hand-held machine to knead the skin between rollers. You might notice a slight improvement to your skin, but the results are typically short-lived.

Lifestyle and home remedies

Self-care can make a big difference in improving the appearance of your skin.

  • Medicated creams. Applying 0.3% retinol cream has been shown to improve the appearance of cellulite. Retinol helps thicken skin, which reduces the dimpling. Such products are applied once or twice a day. Any effect from a retinol cream won’t be noticeable for six months or longer.
  • Weight loss. If you’re carrying extra weight, losing pounds and toning muscles may help improve the appearance of dimpled skin.
  • Physical activity. Activities that tone muscles may help improve the appearance of dimpled skin. They also help with circulation and lymphatic drainage. Find one or more activities that you enjoy and can fit into your routine, such as yoga, Pilates, swimming, walking, biking, stair climbing and dancing.
  • Detoxification diet. This diet involves consuming less alcohol, caffeine, refined food, carbohydrates and saturated fat, and avoiding smoking, diet pills, sleeping pills, laxatives and diuretics. It encourages a diet based on fresh vegetables and fruits, water, whole-grain foods, fiber-rich foods, and essential nutrients and fatty acids. This diet alone won’t cure your cellulite, but it might help.
  • Anti-cellulite creams. Various creams and other topical treatments are promoted as capable of reducing the skin dimpling of cellulite by improving skin texture and plumping the skin. The effect of applying these creams to the affected skin is likely indirect and short-lived. If you want to try such creams, look for products that include caffeine, retinol, and alpha hydroxy acids and aminophylline.

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Posted: 16th March, 2021
Written By: Ryan Towart
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