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Prepare For A Fat freezing Consultation

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Fat Freezing Newcastle

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures like Cryolipolysis – fat freezing – are incredibly appealing thanks to their simplicity and painlessness.

However, nobody should ever undergo a cosmetic treatment without carefully thinking it over and learning exactly how it works. We offer free consultations for fat freezing Newcastle here at RT Aesthetics, with no obligation to go ahead with the treatment. This allows our clients to get all of the information they need to make a considered and informed choice as to whether the procedure is right for them.

In this blog, we’ll advise you on what to consider before having your initial fat freezing consultation. This will help you to ask all the right questions and feel confident in choosing Cryolipolysis to tackle that stubborn fat.

What can I expect at a consultation for fat freezing Newcastle?

Your initial consultation is designed both for you to learn more about the fat freezing treatment and for our practitioner to assess whether you are a suitable candidate. You will tell us which areas of your body you would like treated and our practitioner will assess whether it’s possible to reach the goals you have in mind. Fat freezing is ideal for small areas of stubborn fat, but it doesn’t provide dramatic results for large areas of excess fat. Our goal is to give you an honest idea of the results fat freezing could give you so that you know exactly what to expect.

We’ll also talk you through the fat freezing treatment – how it works, what it feels like, and what to expect following the procedure. We’ll ask you some questions about your medical history to check that it is a safe treatment for you to undergo. Plus, we’ll estimate how many treatments you are likely to need to achieve your desired results. Once we’ve established a treatment plan we’ll be able to tell you how much it will cost.

If at the end of your consultation you feel that the procedure is right for you, you can book your first session right away. However, do not feel obliged to do so. If you’d like more time to mull it over we completely understand, and you can simply give us a call at a later date to book yourself in.

What information will I need to provide at my consultation?

First of all, you’ll need to have a clear idea in mind of the results you’d like to achieve. The better you can describe your concerns, the easier it will be to formulate a treatment plan to help you reach your goals. There is a wide variety of areas that can be treated with fat freezing, including the belly, waist, hips, love handles, inner thighs, back, double chin, and the chest for men. You might have multiple areas that you want to be treated, but if you’re working with a limited budget in mind you may have to prioritise the areas that concern you most.

You’ll also need to provide us with some medical history. We don’t need to see your medical records but we do need to check that you don’t have a history of certain medical conditions that are contraindicated for fat freezing. Some medical conditions completely exclude clients from cryolipolysis. Others require a letter of consent from a GP or medical practitioner. You must be honest with us about the health conditions you suffer from so that we can make sure the treatment is safe for you.

Fat Freezing Newcastle Consultation

What information will the practitioner provide at my consultation?

Our goal is to make you fully informed about the fat freezing process, how it works, and what you’ll need to do to prepare for it. There are certain lifestyle changes you might need to make before the procedure, such as increasing your water intake, reducing your alcohol or tobacco consumption, and improving your diet and consumption of fruits and vegetables. Plus, there are certain ways in which you’ll need to prepare for the procedure, such as avoiding caffeine and fatty foods on the day of the treatment and avoiding sun exposure on the targeted area in the weeks before your appointment. We’ll explain this to you in detail so that you feel confident you’re completely prepared.

We’ll also outline what to expect on the treatment day and how you should take care of yourself afterwards. We’ll explain how the treatment works, give you an estimate on how long each session will take, and tell you what type of realistic results you can expect. We’ll also outline the aftercare process so that you can plan for it. For example, there are several things you can do to help you achieve the optimum results, such as exercising more regularly, drinking plenty of water, and adjusting your diet to support your metabolism in getting rid of the frozen fat cells.

Can I ask questions at my consultation?

Make sure to ask as many questions as you need to get an accurate idea of what the fat freezing process looks like. There is plenty of information about this procedure online and here on our website, but we find that our clients get peace of mind by having the information confirmed by an experienced practitioner. No question is too minor if it helps you to decide if cryolipolysis is right for you. The procedure has very limited potential side effects and is deemed clinically safe and effective, but if you have any concerns at all be sure to ask your practitioner.

You might ask questions specific to your circumstances, such as whether the procedure is safe for you if you have a certain health condition. You might be interested in what other treatments we have available to support the effects of fat freezing. If you’re aiming to undergo fat freezing to feel your best for a specific event, it might be important to check whether it’s possible to achieve your desired results by a certain date. It can be helpful to write all your questions down before your consultation so that you don’t forget anything. However, keep in mind that we’re always on the end of the phone to give you advice should you think of anything after your consultation is over.

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Posted: 14th December, 2021
Written By: Ryan Towart
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