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How To Get Rid Of A Mummy Tummy

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So, you want to know how to get rid of a mummy tummy?

Often after pregnancy, our stomachs are left with loose skin, stubborn fat and stretch marks, which can leave us feeling deflated.

Post-pregnancy can make a persons self-confidence go out of the window and be left feeling sad. We all feel a pressure to start to exercise and get back to our ‘normal’ selves. We all see lots of photos on social media of celebrities walking around in their size 8 jeans, just weeks after giving birth but in reality, over 50% of new mothers are left feeling unhappy with their body after giving birth.

We all get a belly from time to time especially mums who may have a bit of a mum tum as part of their post-baby body. But exactly what causes that extra bit of belly fat that overhangs and how do we get rid of it? One of the most frustrating parts about losing weight is looking in the mirror and seeing what is commonly termed as ‘the overhang’, ‘the pouch’ or most affectionately of all, ‘the mum tum’. The good news is that you can leap over this final weight loss hurdle – the bad news is that you’re going to have to work pretty hard for it. And no it’s not just about doing 100 sit-ups every day.

The most important thing to understand is that belly fat is made up of not one, but two types of fat – which is why losing belly fat and getting a flat stomach is tougher than losing fat off our arms or legs (which is made up of only one layer of fat). The top layer is called the subcutaneous fat and this sits on top and is the soft, cushy fat that you can touch, feel and see staring back at you in the mirror. Below this is the underlying fat which is what’s called the visceral fat and this surrounds and protects our vital organs. If you have too much visceral fat it can cause health implications such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Mummy Tummy Fixes

A healthy diet, keeping hydrated and regular exercise is always key. Core work and abdominal exercises are also important to help strengthen the abdominal muscles after pregnancy. You should consult with a personal trainer for advice on the correct exercises to help strengthen your abdominals post-pregnancy.

We have lots of women come to our clinic with different post-pregnancy body concerns who want our help to help remove the stubborn fat, loose skin and stretch marks. We always offer an in-depth face-to-face consultation appointment to ensure that all clients are fully assessed and a bespoke treatment plan is designed around their own goals and expectations. You’ll be glad to know that there are many types of treatments that can help tackle each concern individually or we can create a bespoke treatment plan for you.

Fat Reduction

You’re not alone! Fat reduction is our number one concern our clients mention when they are looking at mummy tummy’s. After pregnancy, most women struggle to budge stubborn areas of fat cells, this is very common around the stomach and love handles. With latest 360 Fat Freezing technology and 5D Ultrasonic Cavitation treatments we can selectively target those troublesome areas of fat. These treatments help reduce and rid unwanted fat cells.

The treatments break down and destroy fat cells to help reduce body fat in the selected area. The treatments are completely non-invasive, non-surgical, safe and effective in the reduction of fat. They are a fraction of the cost of cosmetic surgery, making this treatment a real alternative to liposuction. Our results page is great for reading what our clients say about our treatments.

Skin Tightening

Skin tightening is very common due to the stretching of the skin during pregnancy. We have many clients looking to tighten their mummy tummy post-pregnancy. If you are looking to achieve a firmer, tighter tummy our Radio Frequency treatment could be the perfect treatment for you! Radiofrequency encourages the body’s own production of collagen which could result in the skin appearing tighter and firmer whilst smoothing the area– perfect for restoring the tummy you once had.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are another complaint our clients mention to us post-pregnancy. If you are suffering with stretch marks we recommend micro-needling treatment to help visibly reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Micro-needling is a painless procedure that creates thousands of micro-perforations in the skin using a special pen-like device. This increases the production of collagen by the natural repair process in the body. The treatment also combines a cocktail of serums tailored to specifically treat stretch-marks which absorb deeper into the skin, for optimum results.

Posted: 27th March, 2020
Written By: Ryan Towart
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