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Cryosculpt Treatment

Sculpt your body with the latest fat reduction technology – CryoSculpt.

CryoSculpt is a body contouring treatment that is completed by a special fat freezing technique known as cryolipolysis.

Cryolipolysis is a method for nonsurgical body shaping and fat reduction by taking advantage of the damaging effect of extremely cold temperatures on fat cells. Don’t worry other cells within the body are not effected by the cooling temperatures.

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What Is CryoSculpt

CryoSculpt’s success lies within the power of its unique suctioning handpieces, that suction targeted fat within their chambers and manipulate the temperature within the chamber to successfully execute the cryolipolysis. Temperatures will be dropped to between -5 to -10 degrees Celsius within the applicator. The targeted area will remain exposed to those cooling temperatures for up to an hour, depending on the size of the area.

Cryolipolysis effectively kills fat cells and make them undergo apoptosis (cell death) without affecting or damaging surrounding organic tissue. Dead cells will eventually be processed out of the body, and results will slowly begin to show themselves physically as well.

Fat freezing treatment can help treat unwanted stubborn fat cells and rid excess fat. Fat freezing treatment can make a huge difference in how other people see you and how you see and feel about yourself. The treatment is safe and effective in the reduction and removal of fat cells. Fat freezing treatment could help remove between 20% – 45% of stubborn fat cells in the area you have stubborn fat.

Treatment Areas

CryoSculpt is able to treat any part of the body that requires contouring or fat reduction, such as the abdomen, love handles, arms, thighs, and even the neck. Further, any and all skin types are welcome to revel in the potential benefits of CryoSculpt.

However, it is important to note that CryoSculpt is not a weight loss treatment; it is exclusively a body-sculpting treatment. Therefore, the ideal candidate is a client who wants to address problem areas and stubborn pockets of fat that cannot be addressed with diet and exercise.

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Patience is key when waiting for CryoSculpt results, because it takes time for affected fat cells to undergo apoptosis and be processed out of the body. Improvement will begin to become noticeable about 3-4 weeks after treatment, and full results will not become visible until about 2-3 months after treatment.

Incremental improvement is noticeable even up to 6 months post treatment. Further, it is recommended to get multiple monthly treatments in order to maximise results, and witness a dramatic cumulative result after this time.

How Long Will My Results Last From Fat Freezing?

Yes, the fat cells are destroyed permanently. After Cryolipolysis treatment the fat cells are destroyed by a natural process called apoptosis, the fat cells are removed by the body through the lymphatic system as a waste product. As the fat cells are removed body as with Liposuction, fat will not deposit again in the same area that was treated.

Where Does The Fat Go?

Through the process of fat freezing, the fat cells become inflamed and your body sends out specialised cells that gradually digest the affected fat cells. Lipids from the fat cells are slowly released and transported by the lymphatic system to be processed and eliminated, resulting in a reduction of fat. Fat cells are flushed out of the body as urine and it is therefore important to dink lots of water after your treatment.

Do I Need To Rest After Cryolipolysis Treatment?

No, the great thing about Cryolipolysis treatment is that you can go about your day as normal straight after treatment. RT Aesthetics do advise that you increase your water intake by 2 – 3 litres, practice regular body brushing and follow all aftercare advice given to you. This will help flush out the dead fat cells through the lymphatic system and improve your health and well-being.

Posted: 24th January, 2021
Written By: Ryan Towart
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