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Celebs Love Fat Freezing

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Why Celebs Love Fat Freezing

Fat Freezing treatments are fast becoming a popular procedure for eliminating stubborn pockets of body fat cells. The fat freezing procedure helps you sculpt a more toned figure without going under the knife. Using cooling technology the fat freezing devices cause cell death within the fat cells, thus causing fat reduction in the area of treatment. Celebs love to rid unwanted fat cells with this great new procedure.

Since the treatment was developed about a decade ago, fat freezing has become the UK’s number 1 treatment, with millions of sessions performed worldwide. Celebs such as Khloe Kardashian, Ali Landry and Lyndsay Lohan are all rumoured to be fans of this pain-free, non-invasive treatment, and it’s easy to see why.

Fat freezing treatments are non-surgical, non-invasive with no downtime. The procedure for people is painless and quick with results developing in as little of 6 weeks. While liposuction was all the rage in the 80s, the industry has progressed and now fat freezing treatments give you a non-invasive and non-surgical way to reduce your body fat without having to go under the knife. If you’ve ever watched liposuction surgery being done on the telly then you’ll know just how rough and invasive it is!

Fat Freezing Procedure

The fat freezing procedure is a non-surgical approach to liposuction. There are no incisions, no general anaesthetics and no scarring. One of the huge benefits with fat freezing treatments is that it’s comfortable and generally pain-free. You will first feel a pinch as the fat is sucked into the applicator and then some heat and cold sensations, but for the majority of the session, you’ll just feel numb around the areas of the body that are being treated.

You may feel a little tenderness but this often passes quickly, making the whole experience comfortable and relaxing. At the end of the procure the aesthetic practitioner will preform a massage and go through your aftercare advice once again. You can return back to work, the gym or even go to the cinema with friends its really that easy!

Fat Freezing Benefits

Another benefit of fat freezing is that it is much cheaper than liposuction. In previous years, fat removal treatments have been reserved for the rich and famous. But as the industry has progressed, new more-affordable treatments such as fat freezing have taken the spotlight. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our results page to see what our clients think. We also have lots of before and after photos on our Instagram and Facebook page. A single liposuction surgery will set you back between £4000 – £8000, fat freezing procedures come in at a much more reasonable price. At RT Aesthetics, you can expect to pay around £275 per area treated. This lower price tag makes it more affordable for us, normal working people alike.

There is no recovery time due to the non-invasive nature of the fat freezing treatments, there is no need for recovery time, making it an ideal solution for busy people, or celebs who can’t be out of action. Most common side effects following the procedure is redness, small bruising and numbness for a few days after the treatment. However, you can get up off the couch, pop your clothes back on and continue with your day as usual as the treatment doesn’t interfere with your usual daily activities.

This ideal fat reduction treatment can be done on the sly, for those of you that don’t want people to know about your treatment. It delivers long lasting results which you keep and are permanent if you follow a healthy lifestyle after the procedure. Fat Freezing destroys the fat cells, allowing your body to remove them naturally through the lymphatic system. This means that once they are gone from the body, they’re gone. Therefore in short the results from fat freezing are permanent. The only way the fat cells return back to the area treated is if you start to gain weight again by over-eating or spending too long not living a healthy lifestyle.

Boost Your Confidence With Fat Freezing

Fat freezing treatments can help to boost your confidence and help you slip into those jeans or that dress. Fat freezing can help to eliminate pockets of fat on any area of your body, including the chin area. This can help you achieve a firmer, more toned and sculpted appearance. Over time, as your lumps and bumps become less noticeable it’s normal to start feeling a bit more confident in your body. Our treatments have helped many clients to find their lost body confidence, with many of them gaining the confidence to wear clothes or swimwear that they haven’t been able to wear for years.

Fat Freezing Areas

An ‘area’ is defined as one targeted area of fat which has one handle attached (RT Aesthetics machines can use two or four handles at once). So one area is, for example, the lower abdomen (if it’s small) or the left love handle. Two areas, for example, would consist of the lower abdomen left and right, both sides of the love handles or both upper arms or inner thighs.

  • 1 Area – Lower Centre Stomach
  • 1 Area – Upper Centre Stomach
  • 2 Areas – Lower & Upper Centre Stomach
  • 2 Areas – Love Handles | Sides of Stomach | Hips
  • 2 Areas – Male Chest (1 applicator on each area)
  • 4 Areas – Inner & Outer Thighs (1 applicator on each area)
  • 4 Areas – 2 Upper & 2 Lower Stomach (Belly Buster)

Fat Freezing can be used on many parts of the body, including embarrassing love handles or a double chin! So as you can see, fat freezing for fat removal has a lot to offer, so it’s no surprise that it’s proving popular with the celebs. But you don’t have to live life in the spotlight to enjoy the benefits. It’s affordable, effective, long-lasting and non-invasive. Making a brilliant choice for anyone who wants to eliminate stubborn body fat.

Posted: 26th March, 2020
Written By: Ryan Towart
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