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The Science Behind Exilis Ultra 360

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The appearance of the face and neck is profoundly affected during the ageing process. Wrinkles will begin to appear and the skin begins to sag in the face and other parts of the body. There is decreased tissue elasticity coupled with changes in facial volume compounded by the effects of gravity. In addition, our body changes in fat composition as we age.

Exilis Ultra 360.

Exilis Ultra 360 combines radiofrequency and ultrasound to treat different skin conditions from wrinkles and skin laxity to burning fats, sculpting your body to the desired outcome. It is revolutionary as it is the first of its kind to combine both ultrasound and radiofrequency to penetrate heat deeper and more evenly into the skin.

The system comes with 2 applicators. A large handpiece is applicable for larger areas like the abdomen, while a smaller handpiece can be applied on smaller areas like the face. This makes Exilis Ultra 360 the ideal treatment for all parts of the body, and for anybody.


Radiofrequency (RF) generates heat as a result of different tissue resistance or impedance to electromagnetic current. Heat is produced when body tissues resist RF waves. Fat tissues have high impedance, which generates more heat. Hence, the subcutaneous fat layer generates more energy, making it possible for heat to penetrate deeper layers. Exilis Ultra 360 is able to treat fat cells through apoptosis at a temperature of 40 – 42°C, while preserving the epidermis simultaneously.

Energy Flow Control (EFC)

Exilis Ultra 360 comes with an Energy Flow Control (EFC) system, which constantly monitors skin impedance changes during treatment in real-time. This is an advancement from earlier EFC devices, which detects only one area of impedance and averages it out.

Exilis Ultra 360 achieves uniform and precise RF energy delivery as its EFC controls power to maximize and normalize RF for skin impedance. Therapeutic temperatures can be reached in the shortest amount of time, which ensures safety and comfort. Moreover, when the tip is not in contact with the skin, the device shuts down automatically which eliminates the risks of burns.

Peltier Cooling System
Exilis Ultra 360 also incorporates the Peltier cooling system, which can be adjusted to allow superficial heating of the skin or the subcutaneous tissue. The skin is cooled and protected, allowing heat to drive deeply and reach the subcutaneous fat.

When the cooling function is turned off, the skin is heated with minimal effect on the subcutaneous fat, tightening the skin.

Ultrasound waves passes through tissues causing the molecules to oscillate. This produces thermal energy. It alters the impedance of the tissue, increasing cell permeability, which in turn increases responsiveness to the treatment. The metabolic rate also increases, giving a better response. RF energy penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin affects the fibroblasts greatly. Blood flow is increased in the tissues, causing higher conductivity in the tissues and resulting in homogenous heating.

Finally, the 360 volumetric heating enables the fast and uniform heating of surrounding tissues. This allows the use of high energy levels without compromising comfort and safety. It also provides layering so that energy is delivered to the various depths in the tissue.

Posted: 7th June, 2024
Written By: Ryan Towart
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