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New Exilis Elite Treatment

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New Exilis Elite Treatment press release

Younger, firmer skin from innovative radiofrequency treatment launch Newcastle upon Tyne

There’s good news for anyone who wants non-surgical ways to improve the way they look (and feel). A leading NE aesthetic treatment clinic has launched a new service that uses the latest technology to tighten facial skin and contour your body.

RT Aesthetics is loved for its relaxing private clinics in Newcastle upon Tyne and has just added the New Exilis Elite Treatment to its range of non-surgical procedures.

A company spokesperson at RT Aesthetics explained: “As medical science moves forward, so does our ability to help people feel and look better using non-invasive cosmetic options.

“That now includes Exilis Elite Treatment services, which harness the power of harmless radiofrequency to gently heat and stimulate skin tissue. This then stimulates the natural production of collagen and shrinks sagging, folded or wrinkled skin areas. It also helps to break down fat cells in the skin, which are then safely carried away in the bloodstream.

“Being able to offer our patients this well-proven and award-winning technique to tighten and smooth skin is very exciting. It certainly gives us another way to help them to fight the signs of ageing, and tackle any issues they have with stubborn pockets of fat beneath the skin. It has also been shown to be a way of supporting the skin’s natural healing process.

He/she added: “Our core aim at RT Aesthetics is always to help people achieve greater confidence in their appearance, as a stepping stone to improved quality of life, using affordable and non-surgical approaches.”

What is Exilis Elite Treatment?

The new Exilis Elite Treatment at RT Aesthetics is not only painless, but it can also be a pleasant experience according to reports from the many people who have already benefitted from this technology, worldwide.

exilis ultra 360

This is especially true at the team at RT Aesthetics has invested in making their clinics relaxing discrete environments for their growing number of customers.

The Exilis Elite Treatment option can be used to address skin folds, fine lines, significant wrinkles and other issues on various parts of the face and body, including the neck, stomach, thighs and legs. It has achieved substantial and lasting results for both men and women, yet it involves very little time commitment.

Exilis Elite treatment works by using a non-invasive device to send thermal waves deep into the tissue layers of the skin. This then breaks down fat cells and shrinks and tightens loose skin.

As the patient is comfortably settled on a special bed and a grounding pad, they feel relaxed throughout and radiofrequency waves pass harmlessly back to the Exilis Elite device.

The size of the area the device works on depends on the overall aims, and sessions last between 20 and 60 minutes. There can be a requirement for more than one session, to achieve the best result, and an improved appearance becomes clear relatively quickly. There is no need to rest following sessions, making them easy to slot into a busy working week or family commitments, for example.

It is considered to be a safe and effective way to tighten, shape and rejuvenate skin, but any pre-existing medical conditions must be outlined during your initial consultation, especially if you are pregnant.

One of the most commonly asked questions about the new Exilis Elite treatment service at RT Aesthetics is how long the effects last. The specialist aesthetic practitioners at the company are confident that with a healthy diet and exercise plan in place, your skin could feel and look better for between five months and two years following Exilis Elite sessions.

Making this one of the most effective and long-lasting skin tightening treatments available in the UK, without resorting to expensive surgical options.

More about RT Aesthetics

RT Aesthetics has already added many other innovative methods and techniques to its Newcastle aesthetic services. All are backed by the latest scientific research, and highly trained, well-qualified Aesthetic Practitioners.

The company’s ethos is to help people “Look and feel the best you possibly can.”

A company spokesperson concluded: “Everyone who comes to our North East aesthetic treatment clinics has their own issues, aims and preferences. We work with each person to devise a treatment programme that achieves positive results, in an affordable way. This now includes providing Exilis Elite sessions in Newcastle to achieve diverse results, depending on what our patients need and want.

“The best first step is to contact us to see if our new Exilis Elite treatment service is the right option for you.”

RT Aesthetics bases all its services on an initial consultation and discussion with customers, to enable them to make informed decisions about treatments that improve their appearance. This initial in-person consultation is a ‘no-obligation’ way to get advice about aesthetic treatment options, including increasingly popular Exilis Elite sessions.

To book an initial consultation, simply visit the RT Aesthetics website at or call 0333 050 0575.

Posted: 3rd August, 2022
Written By: Ryan Towart
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