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EMS Sculpt in Newcastle

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See the Benefits with EMS Sculpt in Newcastle

Want to enjoy the benefits of high-intensity exercise and muscle-toning… without the effort?

You can achieve real results from the latest EMS Sculpt treatment – now available at our clinic in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

What is EMS Sculpt?

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation and it’s a high-tech way to achieve the physical results that you want, without having to spend hours at the gym. The technology uses a Pro Body Sculpting machine which is designed to burn fat and sculpt your body, giving it the appearance of having spent hours in the gym but in 30-minute non-invasive sessions.

With EMS Sculpt you don’t just burn fat, you also build new muscle and it is this that gives your body the lean and sculpted silhouette that everyone craves. Even better, the results from EMS Sculpt are long-lasting.

EMS Sculpt Newcastle Bum Lift

Why choose EMS Sculpt?

There are plenty of reasons to choose this exciting new treatment:

1. It isn’t invasive

The machine simply applies electrical stimulation to your muscles in a targeted way. There is no surgery and no downtime. You can simply pop in for a 30-minute session when you have a free slot in your busy day, and then be on your way.

2. It’s highly effective

A single half-hour session is equivalent to doing 20,000 crunches at the gym. Even better, the electrical stimulation actually contracts your muscles beyond the degree to which you could work at the gym in a single session, boosting your fat metabolism and enhancing the results.

3. It’s flexible

EMS Sculpt can be used on different parts of the body, depending on your focus areas. Some of our clients prefer to use it on their abdomen – especially if they have a ‘pouch’ which makes them feel self-conscious. Others prefer to use it on the thighs if they feel they have saddlebags, and others prefer to target it towards their bum for a peachy finish and plenty of lift! You can also use it to tone your arms and to strengthen your pelvic floor. Whatever your needs, our trained aestheticians can deliver the results that you want.

4. Results are natural

You will see results quickly, but the beauty of this treatment is that the results are natural and that you stay in control. Simply choose a 30-minute session when you want to see an effect and build in a course of as many sessions as you want to see the results that you are aiming for.

5. It’s affordable

EMS is affordable – certainly when you compare it to other more invasive cosmetic surgery alternatives such as liposuction.

6. It’s safe!

Liposuction carries a degree of risk as it’s a surgical procedure and requires a general anaesthetic. But EMS Sculpt uses a tried and tested technology that has been refined for years and which is safe for most people. Naturally, our team will carry out a full consultation before you go ahead with your treatment to check that you are suitable for EMS.

7. It’s comfortable

Although your muscles are electrically stimulated by the EMS machine, the experience is not uncomfortable. In fact, many of our clients report a feeling of relaxation, and we promote this in our tranquil and beautiful clinic environment so that you really enjoy the entire experience.

Why choose our clinic

When you want EMS Sculpt Newcastle, we are your first choice for a friendly, professional and discreet service. We offer a wide range of excellent cosmetic procedures to allow you to achieve the appearance that you desire.

Our team is highly trained and experienced and will ensure that your visit is relaxing and enjoyable in our beautiful, calm and comfortable surroundings. We work hard to create a spa-like experience so that you really enjoy your visits to EMS Sculpt Newcastle and we offer plenty of flexible appointments around your busy schedule.

Pelvic Floor StrengtheningContact us today

To find out more about EMS Sculpt in Newcastle Upon Tyne, contact our friendly and helpful customer services team today. We are on hand to offer advice and to answer any questions that you have and we can offer flexible payment plans for certain treatments – as well as discounts for multi-treatment bookings.

Call us in the first instance for a no-obligation chat about your needs and we will be delighted to assist. Why wait any longer for the appearance that you have always wished for? With EMS Sculpt you can achieve it quickly, enjoyably, safely and effectively – without needing to do tens of thousands of crunches at the gym!

Posted: 14th August, 2021
Written By: Ryan Towart
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