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BTL Emsella® Treatment Newcastle

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Emsella® Treatment Newcastle

Having more security over your bodily functions is essential, giving you the confidence to be out and about without having to worry about any incontinence-related accidents. However, as you get older and your body goes through more complex procedures and events, you can start to lose some control over your bladder. That’s where using BTL EMSELLA comes in.

Learn more about what BTL EMSELLA is, who can benefit from using BTL EMSELLA treatments, some of the benefits of the technology and how a BTL EMSELLA treatment Newcastle clinics offer can make a huge difference.

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BTL EMSELLA is a new treatment for having a weak pelvic floor. It focuses on using an innovative new technology, known as High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM), to trigger contractions and movements in your pelvic floor. These are incredibly short-range waves, limiting the effects of the seat to the pelvic floor itself rather than affecting a wider area of the body. Furthermore, the contractions are minor and don’t cause any pain for the patient.

The end result of using BTL EMSELLA is a stronger pelvic floor, as the muscles you use in that area are a lot more familiar with the movements you expect of them. In addition to relearning the necessary movements, they strengthen over a series of sessions, with the improvements you see ramping up every time you attend.

Who is BTL EMSELLA right for?

BTL EMSELLA is an ideal treatment for people with a range of issues of both genders. Some of the main reasons that people turn to HIFEM-based treatment in Newcastle and beyond include:

Those with stress incontinence

Stress incontinence can be a serious issue for women that have gone through childbirth or other similar gynaecological events. Delivering a baby puts serious strains and pressures on your pelvic floor and can lead to issues such as incontinence as it takes months for everything down there to get back to normal. Using BTL EMSELLA brings a little more structure to your pelvic floor, adding muscle and retraining any damaged muscle groups to resolve any incontinence in the short term and return to normal going forwards.

People with intimate dysfunctions

Intimate dysfunctions can have a serious effect, not just on you and your confidence but on the people that you love the most. After all, if you’re someone that suffers from erectile dysfunction it can be a significant strain on your relationship as you can’t bring satisfaction to your partner. The same applies to women, with vaginal laxity leading to worsening relations in the bedroom. Improving the muscle groups in that area is essential for getting more control over your body and bringing life back to your intimacy.

Sufferers of urge incontinence

Urge incontinence refers to when the need to urinate doesn’t just come on intensely, but comes on incredibly suddenly. You can go from completely normal to needing the toilet desperately in a matter of moments, ruining your day as you need to hurry to the nearest bathroom, or worse if you can’t get there in time. BTL EMSELLA treatments give you more control and awareness of your pelvic floor and bladder control, helping you to become more gradually aware of your needs rather than them being instantaneous.

Women going through menopause

It doesn’t matter whether you’re considering BTL EMSELLA treatment Newcastle clinics have to offer or if you’re anywhere else around the world. If you’re biologically female and of a certain age, menopause will become an issue. This is a difficult period that involves all of your hormones being out of control and can cause issues around your pelvic floor area. Any improvement in muscle structure and memory can help to deal with growing into menopause, with BTL EMSELLA being one of the most effective ways of doing so.

The benefits of BTL EMSELLA

There are plenty of benefits to using BTL EMSELLA, whether you’re attending to deal with incontinence issues or something entirely unrelated. Some of the main advantages of trying BTL EMSELLA include:

Immediate improvement

In some cases, people have reported an immediate improvement in dealing with incontinence issues as a result of BTL EMSELLA. This is because the muscles in the local area learn how to retain control of your bladder quickly, with the strengthening of the muscle groups in the coming weeks and months providing yet further benefits. The more sessions you do, the more control you have over that area of the body, but the steps forward are evident from your very first treatment.

Dignified process

The process of going through a BTL EMSELLA session is highly dignified. You come into the clinic and take a seat before the session, there’s no need to take any clothes off to get the effects of the treatment and you don’t have to go through the concern of invasive surgery. Privacy is left completely intact and you can keep all of your dignity throughout the course of treatment.

Pain-free and relaxing

HIFEM-based treatment is non-invasive, letting you kick back and have a chat with a friend or read a book in the meantime. Keep in mind that due to the electromagnetic nature of the treatment, using an electronic device to distract yourself could damage both the performance of the treatment and your phone or laptop.

Intimacy improvements

A trendy exercise that people are taking on to improve their experience in more intimate moments is Kegels. Whilst this does improve the pelvic floor and can have some impact over time, it’s nothing compared to the volume of contractions that you achieve in the treatment. Due to the nature of the magnetic field, your muscles complete the equivalent of 11,000 Kegel contractions across a half-hour session. That makes this a much more efficient way of strengthening your pelvic floor and improving bedroom performance.

Quick and easy process

The process of coming into a clinic, getting your BTL EMSELLA treatment in Newcastle and getting home is incredibly quick and easy. Since you come in, have a conversation about the process, go through the treatment and can leave again, there’s no need for an overnight stay in a hospital or excessive paperwork. It’s easy to plan your day around the treatment, so you don’t need to slow down your professional life as a result of personal issues.

Try a BTL EMSELLA treatment – Newcastle patients trust

When you hear about new and innovative medical technologies such as BTL EMSELLA that can have such a fundamental impact on the way you live your life, it can be easy to think that it is prohibitively hard to access. That’s especially true in the North East, with Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesborough often being the last places to get the support they need. Thankfully you can access BTL EMSELLA treatments in Newcastle and beyond due to their high levels of accessibility.

That also makes getting treatments a lot more affordable for the average patient. Complex procedures like this can be somewhat expensive, and the last thing you want to do is get the train across the country, adding a few hundred more pounds to your costs. With BTL EMSELLA clinics in Newcastle, you can get right to your treatment without having to spend too much money on getting to the right place.

Frequently asked questions about BTL EMSELLA in Newcastle

With BTL EMSELLA and its associated HIFEM technology being relatively new, it’s understandable that people have some questions before getting involved. Here are some of the main queries people have about using BTL EMSELLA for your pelvic floor:

Is it painful or uncomfortable?

Reports of BTL EMSELLA being painful for customers are extremely rare. In some cases, people report feeling the contractions and movements in their pelvic floor which can cause a little discomfort if you’re not used to it. However, this subsides in future treatments as you get more used to your muscles’ responses to the treatment. Repeat patients find the sessions as comfortable as a simple chat with a friend, rather than a complex medical procedure.


BTL EMSELLA has gone through a thorough testing process with bodies such as the FDA to ensure that it is safe for people to go through. If you want to find out more about the process, you can read the FDA’s thorough report into the technology here</a>. Discuss the treatment with your doctor if you have any specific health concerns or want to know how it will affect your body.

How do I start with BTL EMSELLA?

There are several clinics that offer BTL EMSELLA treatment to help you to regain structure in and around your pelvic floor, such as RT Aesthetics in Newcastle. Consider contacting your doctor to find out their views on if the treatment is right for you before getting in touch with a clinic to get started.

Posted: 21st June, 2023
Written By: Ryan Towart
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