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Body sculpting Newcastle: Is fat-freezing or EMSculpt NEO right for me?

Fat freezing and EMSculpt NEO are both amongst the most popular non-surgical aesthetic procedures and for good reason. They are non-invasive and boast impressive results, taking you closer to the body of your dreams. We often get clients asking us which is the better option for them between fat freezing and EMSculpt NEO. All bodies are unique and one procedure that is perfect for one person might not be suitable for someone else.

We have compiled this comprehensive guide to explore how both treatments work and how to choose between them. If you want to talk directly to a member of our helpful team about your specific needs, request a call back now.

What is fat freezing?

Fat freezing is a non-surgical medical procedure that has been developed to target specific areas of fat. It is also sometimes referred to as coolsculpting or cryolipolysis. It works by targeting cold temperatures on a certain part of your body. A cooling gel pad is used and a vacuum applicator draws in the fat. The temperature inside the applicator drops. Because fat cells freeze faster than other tissues, they are highly affected by the cold temperature and reduce in size through natural cell death (called apoptosis). The fat cells are destroyed and then leave the body through the lymphatic system.

Here at RT Aesthetics, we use medical grade 360 Cryolipolysis with rapid freeze technology and we are the only clinic in the North of England to offer this advanced technology to clients. This applicator is highly effective because of its larger surface area and advanced temperature control. Research suggests that fat freezing can result in a 25 to 40% reduction in the thickness of the fat layer. Results can vary between people, but most will notice a difference by 12 weeks post-procedure.

What is EMSculpt Neo?

EMSculpt Neo is a non-invasive body contouring procedure that builds muscle and reduces fat at the same time. It warms up your muscles and then stimulates them using Radio Frequency and High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic (HIFEM) energy. The temperature in the fat cells reaches a level that causes apoptosis and the muscles contract at levels that are not possible during traditional exercise. This also tightens the skin. The treatment typically involves four 30-minute sessions which are scheduled 5-10 days apart.

Studies have shown that it results in an average of 25% muscle volume increase and a 30% reduction of fat. Results are typically visible within 4 weeks and continue to develop for up to 3 months following the treatment and are permanent, given you maintain a healthy lifestyle. At our aesthetics clinic in Newcastle, we use this latest technology which is the world’s first and only non-invasive procedure that builds muscle and burns fat.

Is fat-freezing or EMSculpt Neo right for me?

But which is the right option for you? Both are suitable for men and women of all ages and all body types and are completely pain-free. We recommend both treatments to clients who are looking to target areas of fat and feel more confident in their bodies. However, there are, of course, a number of key differences between the two treatments.

EMSculpt Neo is better suited to those who are looking to build muscle and look toned in specific areas of their body. It can work equally well for clients who are looking purely to build muscle or those who are looking to burn fat as well. If you are wanting your abs or arms to appear more defined in a quick and effective way, EMSculpt Neo is the option for you.

On the other hand, fat freezing is less about building muscle and more about getting rid of problem areas of fat. It is designed to get rid of fat in areas that are hard to target through exercising and dieting, such as chins, love handles, buttocks, and stomachs. If your confidence is being affected by a specific area of body fat that you want to get rid of quickly, fat freezing could be the solution you are looking for.

What are the benefits of these body sculpting treatments?

To assist you in your decision, we have compiled the key benefits of both of these options. Choose EMSculpt Neo or fat freezing if…

You don’t want to go under the scalpel

When considering aesthetic procedures to get rid of stubborn body fat, one of the first options that often comes to people’s minds is liposuction. This can be an expensive, lengthy, and risky process that involves a general anesthetic and incisions being made on your skin. Many people are nervous about this type of cosmetic procedure, especially when the results can’t always be guaranteed. A non-surgical option like fat freezing or EMSculpt Neo is the ideal solution for people who are considering liposuction but are feeling unsure or nervous about the prospect of this level of invasiveness and its potential risks.

Fat freezing and EMSculpt Neo are completely non-invasive and risk-free, using well-researched scientific methods to naturally induce fat cell death. There is no overnight hospital stay and no need to go under the scalpel or general anaesthetic with either of these two treatments. Clients often find our clinic to be a very relaxing environment and walk away the same day feeling confident in their bodies. If you want similar results to liposuction, fat freezing might be the better option. If you want the additional benefit of toning your muscles as well as burning fat, EMSculpt Neo is the ideal option.

You want to target problem areas of fat

Fat freezing and EMSculpt Neo are proven to be highly effective methods of reducing fat in difficult areas. Even through extensive lifestyle changes such as healthy eating and regular exercise, many people struggle to reduce fat and feel self-conscious about their bodies as a result. Fat freezing is designed to solve this problem.

With RT Aesthetic’s 360 technology, there’s no such thing as a difficult area with fat freezing. We target the area from all angles, no matter your body shape.

Similarly, EMSculpt Neo burns areas of fat but has the additional benefit of also building muscle, meaning you see and feel meaningful results quickly. If you have been looking for a convenient solution to inconvenient fat, fat freezing or EMSculpt Neo could be exactly what you are looking for.

You want a quick and relaxing procedure

As opposed to many other surgical cosmetic procedures, fat freezing and EMSculpt Neo are fast processes that won’t disrupt your day. Depending on the target area, fat freezing can last between half an hour and two hours. EMSculpt Neo’s treatment uses four 30-minute sessions. During this, you are free to do whatever you fancy to pass the time, such as read a book, listen to music or watch TV. Many of our clients even fall asleep! This level of convenience and relaxation is often hard to find when it comes to cosmetics.

You don’t want side effects or pain

Some people say that beauty is pain. At RT Aesthetics, we disagree. Why opt for a cosmetic procedure that will cause you unnecessary discomfort when EMSculpt Neo and fat freezing offer trusted results without any pain? Many of our clients report no discomfort or side effects at all with fat freezing. Others say they experience slight discomfort from the vacuum, but this is short-lived because of the numbing effect of the cold temperatures. There is the potential for some prolonged numbing or tingling sensations in the affected area, and some people may experience temporary redness or bruising. This is usually very short-lived and not painful.

EMSculpt Neo results in a heating sensation and muscle stimulation which is not painful. Following the treatment, some clients report mild redness, bruising and swelling. These side effects are very minimal and do not last a long time. This is why fat freezing and EMSculpt Neo are both highly recommended for those looking for a simple, non-invasive method of reducing fat that will leave them feeling nothing but more confident.

You are looking to lose fat, not weight

Fat freezing and EMSculpt Neo target areas of fat meaning it is ideal for those looking to improve the appearance of a specific area of the body rather than generally lose weight. Muscle weighs more than fat so a reduction in the size of a certain area of body fat is unlikely to result in weight loss. If you are someone that is dedicated to lowering the number they see on their scales and wants to see a real difference in this respect, these treatments are good options for motivation and a step in the right direction. Paired with increased exercise and a healthy diet, fat freezing can result in your weight being reduced in the long term, while EMSculpt Neo will see your muscles grow in less time

Get in contact to find out whether fat freezing or EMSculpt Neo is right for you

If you are still feeling unsure about whether fat freezing or EMSculpt Neo are right for you, get in contact with the helpful team at RT Aesthetics to book a consultation. You can call us at 0333 050 0575, email or click here to request a callback today. We are dedicated to helping each and every client feel the best they can, which is why we will provide tailored advice about which is more suited to your needs.

Our friendly team is happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the variety of options that are available in our Newcastle aesthetics clinic.

Posted: 28th February, 2023
Written By: Ryan Towart
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