360 Cryolipolysis Treatment
(360 Fat Freezing)

An advanced 360 fat freeze treatment system for the effective non-surgical reduction of cellulite, stubborn fat and skin tightening for the face and body. ONLY clinic in the North (between Manchester & Edinburgh) offering this advance new 360 fat freezing technology - 67% more effective than standard.

Cryolipolysis also referred to as fat freezing, 3D LIPO or Coolsculpting® has become a popular treatment across the world. Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive, non-surgical, clinically proven method of targeting fat in problem areas using cooling technology.


TreatmentsNormal PriceCurrent Offers
1 Area of 360 Fat Freezing£250£225
2 Areas of 360 Fat Freezing£500£350
3 Areas of 360 Fat Freezing£750£450
4 Areas of 360 Fat Freezing£1000£550
6 Areas of 360 Fat Freezing£1500£750
Double Chin 360 Fat Freezing (1 Area)£400£250
Double Chin 360 Fat Freezing (2 Areas)£600£300
Chin & Jawline 360 Fat Freezing£800£450
Transformation packages available for more than 1 treatment.
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4D HIFU Treatment

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound also known as UItherapy has become one of the most sought-after lifting treatments for face, neck & body. ONLY clinic in the North (between Manchester & Edinburgh) offering this advance new 4D HIFU Treatment - 87% more effective than standard.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound also known as UItherapy; has become one of the most sought-after lifting treatments for face, neck & body, without going under the knife.


TreatmentsNormal PriceCurrent Offers
Full Face, Neck & Décolletage£1750£1249
Full Face & Neck£1500£949
Full Face£1150£749
Upper Face & Eyes£800£599
Brow Lift£600£449
Neck to Jawline (Jowls)£1050£649
Double Chin Reduction£750£399
*Other areas such as loose skin on arms and abdomen by quotation after consultation.
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Ultrasound Cavitation & Radio Frequency

Cavitation & Radio Frequency, also known as Ultrasound Cavitation is a new revolutionary procedure, offering outstanding slimming results and the ability to look years younger in only weeks of treatment and all studies approve it.

Ultrasound Cavitation & Radio Frequency work in conjunction to stimulate the adipocytes to realise fat into the blood stream, resulting in fat reduction. The radio frequency treatment penetrate into the deeper dermal layer of the skin, resulting in the dermal layer thickening, decreasing wrinkle depth, fine lines, and leaving the skin firmer, defined and lifted.


TreatmentsEachCourse of 6OFFER
20 Minute Session (Stomach or Legs or Arms)£60.00£300.00£50 Credit
45 Minute Session (Stomach or Legs or Arms)£95.00£500.00£50 Credit
Full Non-Surgical Face Lift£95.00£500.00£50 Credit
Brazilian Bum Lift£95.00£500.00£50 Credit
Double Chin Reduction£60.00£300.00£50 Credit
Stomach Tightening£95.00£500.00£50 Credit
Stretch Mark Therapy£95.00£500.00£50 Credit
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Shockwave Treatment

The RT Aesthetics shockwave therapy treatment is a shockwave therapy system thats clinically proven to enhance and support the effects of body contouring treatments, such as cellulite and fat reduction. Shockwave Therapy, also known as Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT), is the delivery of acoustic waves into the body, creating vibrations in the soft tissues.

Shockwave therapy is a FDA approved device clinically proven to enhance and support the effects of all our body contouring treatments. It is a non-invasive, fast, painless treatment that can target and rejuvenate the skin and soft tissues.


TreatmentsEachCourse of 6OFFER
Post Fat Freezing£45.00£180.00FREE GIFT
Post Body Wrap£45.00£180.00FREE GIFT
Pre Ultrasound Cavitation£45.00£180.00FREE GIFT
Cellulite Treatment£75.00£425.00£50 Credit
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Cellulite Reduction Treatments

RT Aesthetics shockwave therapy is delivered by placing a probe up against the areas of cellulite, as it passes over the area it emits radial waves through the skin into the targeted area. Ultrasound cavitation is then used to cause fat cell death, resulting in a reduction of both cellulite and fat cells.

The treated cells are then flushed away through the body’s natural removal process (lymphatic system) and continues for up to 3 months after treatment.


TreatmentsEachCourse of 6
Small Area (1 Area)£100.00£550.00
Standard Area (2 Areas)£125.00£700.00
Large Area (4 Areas)£150.00£850.00
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Non-Surgical Face Lift

A non-surgical face lift, or facial rejuvenation is achieved by using a combination of aesthetic treatments to restore facial structures and treat localised facial concerns such as wrinkles, loss of volume, skin laxity, hyper-pigmentation and scarring.

The Non-Surgical Face Lift works by heating the dermis of the skin and stimulating fibroblasts, resulting in the production of new collagen and skin elastin. The result – tighter and toned skin that feels smoother, and fine lines and wrinkles are reduced*.


TreatmentsEachCourse of 6Course of 12
Mini Non-Surgical Face Lift (30 Minutes)£60.00£300.00£485.00
Full Non-Surgical Face Lift (60 Minutes)£95.00£470.00£600.00
Advance 4D HIFU Full Face & Neck£899.00--
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LIPO Contour Wrap

The Shrinking Violet Body Wrap which is guaranteed to remove unwanted fat and then keep on losing. Whether it’s getting into that bikini or squeezing into that dress, a few inches around the waistline can make all the difference to your confidence.

Shrinking Violet is an inch-loss system that has been clinically proven to reduce unwanted fat. It can help reduce up to 14 inches based on consumer tests, through reducing fat not water.


TreatmentsPriceCourse of 3
Full Body Wrap£75.00£180.00
Full Body Wrap With Radio Frequency£100.00£245.00
Focused Stomach Wrap With Radio Frequency£75.00£175.00
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Intolerance Testing

Are you experiencing migraines, constipation or skin rashes? Do you suspect you might have an intolerance? Intolerance testing uses a sample of your hair to determine your sensitivity to up to 400 food and 325 non-food items.

Testing includes a nutrition, metal toxicity, gut biome and hormonal analysis! Results are available in 7 to 10 days from receipt of samples at the laboratory.


Intolerance Testing Consultation£5.00
725 item Intolerance Testing£145.00
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Photon LED Light Therapy

Through stimulating the natural healing power of our cells, photon light therapy has gained credibility as a simple and effective, non-medical alternative to prescription medication and a natural non-invasive alternative to invasive surgery.

Because of its versatility and ease of use, photon light therapy is becoming more popular for both pain relief and for its cosmetic purposes in skin care in both the medical industry and also the cosmetology industry. Light therapy can be used to treat many conditions.


TreatmentsEachCourse of 3
Acne Treatment£65.00£150.00
Light Therapy£45.00£100.00
Light Therapy - Added to Any Treatment£30.00-
Light Therapy Mask (Take Home Kit)£399.00-
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