Body Contour Wrap

The RT Aesthetics Body Contour Wrap is guaranteed to help remove unwanted fat…and then keep on losing.

The RT Aesthetics Body Contour Wrap is guaranteed to help remove unwanted fat…and then keep on losing.

Body Wrap Treatment

Whether it’s getting into that bikini or squeezing into that dress, a few inches around the waistline can make all the difference to your confidence.

The Body Contour Wrap is an inch-loss system that has a clinical trial to back up its fat reduction benefits. It can help reduce up to 14 inches based on consumer tests, through reducing fat not water. That inch-loss goes on for 72 hours following the treatment and in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle those inches stay off. Shrinking Violet is known as the loss leader for professional body wrap treatments in the UK. The solution is used as part of a painless, effortless professional process that can successfully remove inches in problem areas, such as thigh, buttocks and abdomen, helping to maintain your hourglass figure.

I had my body wrap 1 week before my holiday to help tighten, lift and refresh my skin before going away. Lovely smelling body wrap, very relaxing and the added Radio Frequency was a real treat. After the wrap we measured the stomach and I lost 4 inches – easy!

The Benefits

Quick - Quick cellulite and weight fix, great for a special occasions, like a wedding, party or a beach vacation

Beautiful Skin - No matter what kind of body wrap you get, your skin will end up nice and moisturised after treatment

Non-invasive & Non-surgical – Relaxation is probably the one body-wrap benefit that anyone would be hard-pressed to dispute

Long-lasting Results – Great when combined with our other body contouring treatments such as 360 fat freezing or 5D cavitation

Procedure Need To Knows:

Procedure Time

1 Hour

Full Recovery


Potential Risks

Mild Redess

Results Duration

1 - 3 Days

Number of Treatments

1 - 3




For best results we recommend the following pre-care advice:

  • Increasing water intake and aim to drink 2 – 3 litres per day
  • Please avoid a heavy meal an hour before treatment
  • Reduce the intake of toxins to the body (caffeine, tobacco, alcohol)
  • Medications are OK to continue, although this will be fully analysed and checked during your consultation prior to your treatment Avoid alcohol 48 hours prior to treatment
  • Reduce intake of carbohydrates Increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables
  • Avoid having any laser treatment or other non-surgical body contouring treatment, unless this has been discussed and approved by the Aesthetic Practitioner during your consultation appointment
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure on the same area you wish to have treatment 2 weeks before the procedure
  • If the skin is red, irritated or broken, we cannot treat until the skin has completely healed

Our Body Wrap treatments must be had in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle which includes the consumption of at least 2 litres of water per day to achieve results.

In order to achieve optimum results from your Body Wrap treatment, we strongly recommend the following:

  • Drink 2 – 3 litres of water daily, keep a large bottle with you at all times and infuse with lemons and limes for flavour, this will flush out the lipids (dead fat cells) out of your body through the lymphatic system
  • Exercise minimum of 1 hour per week as this will assist in the metabolism of the dead fat cells and contribute to healthy lifestyle
  • Follow a KETO diet plan and reduce your intake of alcohol, carbohydrates and caffeine during the treatment program
  • Regular body brushing at home, this is a great way to stimulate the lymphatic system to naturally eliminate the fat cells, do this twice daily for 2 minutes
  • Avoid hot baths or showers, steam or heat treatments for 24 hours
  • Avoid alcohol for 48 hours
  • Take 2 scoops off 20:80 inulin powder daily, mix with any liquid or food
  • Lymphatic massage will accelerate the process of removing the fat cells

The following conditions should be considered prior to having a body contour wrap:

  • Allergies – Clients with allergies to certain herbs, wheat, gluten or dairy should avoid treatments with these ingredients because they are absorbed through the skin. SOYA-BEAN INTOLERANCE.
  • Cancer – Cancer patients need to consult with their doctor, especially if they are taking certain medications or chemotherapy and are often advised to avoid body treatments.
  • Circulatory Disorders/Heart Disease – Clients with circulatory problems or heart difficulties should consult with their physicians prior to having body treatments performed since they boost circulation.
  • Diabetes – Some clients with diabetes can derive benefits from body treatments while others need to avoid body treatments including diabetics who are prone to sores and diabetes with the tendency to develop numbness in their extremities.
  • Edema – Clients with edema should obtain a medical release from their attending physician before body treatments but many can benefit from this therapeutic service.
  • Fever – Body treatments should not be administered to clients with a fever.
  • Herpes – Clients with herpes should avoid body wraps if the outbreak is active.
  • Hypertension/Central Nervous System Disorders – Clients should consult with their physicians prior to body treatments and mud treatments are usually avoided.
  • Inflammation/Infection – Clients should wait for inflammation to be reduced or infection to heal prior to body treatments.
  • Kidney Disorders – Clients with kidney disorders should obtain a medical release from their attending physician prior to having body treatments.
  • Lactating Women – Nursing women should obtain a medical release prior to body treatments to ensure they are in proper physical shape to endure all elements of the treatment.
  • Liver Disorders – Clients with liver disorders should obtain a medical release from their attending physician prior to body treatments.
  • Lupus – Clients should consult with their physicians because in most cases lupus patients are contraindicated from body treatments to avoid overtaxing their immune system.
  • Pregnancy – Most pregnant women can derive multiple benefits from body treatments but should have a medical release from their attending physician to ensure they are in physical shape to endure all elements of the treatment.
  • Skin Abrasion and Rashes – If the technicians is unsure of the rash or condition a clients has, they should not have body wraps.
  • Urinary Tract Infection – Often patients are contraindicated from body wraps during the acute stages of a urinary tract infection.
  • Wounds/Open – Clients with open wounds should not receive body treatments.

You can have the following areas treated with the body contour wrap:

  • Full Body Wrap
  • Full Body Wrap & Radio Frequency
  • Focused Stomach
  • Focused Stomach Wrap & Radio Frequency
  • You will first meet with your Aesthetic Practitioner who will go through the procedure in detail, this will include a medical history screening, treatment area(s) assessment and lifestyle questions
  • Your Aesthetic Practitioner will then start by measuring your target area(s), take photos and go through the procedure to ensure you fully understand everything and answer any questions you may have
  • You’ll then be shown to a private treatment room and given a disposable paper thong to change into, you can choose to wear your own underwear if you prefer
  • Now it is time to get wrapped up
  • The oil will be placed onto the skin and the Aesthetic Practitioner will wrap you tight from neck to ankle If you’ve chosen to have the focused stomach wrap only, this will just cover the stomach area
  • Once you’ve been relaxing and all wrapped up for an hour, it’s time for the big reveal, it really is that simple and instantaneous
  • RT Aesthetics recommend combining this treatment with our 360 Cryolipolysis or 5D Cavitation for optimum results
  • You can choose to opt for the post Body Wrap Shockwave Therapy at the end of the treatment, this helps to increase the results of the Body Wrap: up to 29% more fat reduction in clinic studies
  • You will be given aftercare advice on the day of your treatment and this will also be sent to you via email for you to refer back too

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Body Wrap Procedure

The ingredients used during the Shrinking Violet wrap include an active phospholipid solution and pre-blended essential oils designed to reduce cellulite. These ingredients are able to penetrate the skin in seconds, resulting in a reduction of fat. The phospholipid solution consists of 20% concentration, 3 times more concentrated than most other wraps.

The heat generated from the wrap allows the active ingredients to penetrate the skin and work on the fat cells in the subcutaneous layer. The oil causes a biological change within the fat cell, resulting in the triglyceride to form into free fatty acid. The free fact acid are can then be easily removed by the body through the lymphatic system, however, it is essential that the client drinks lots of water (2 – 3 litres) following the treatment for 72 hours, this helps flush out the fat cells.

This process is also known as lipolysis, the process that involves hydrolysis of triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids. In short, it removes fat cells from the body via the lymphatic system. This painless, effortless process can successfully remove fat in problem areas, such as the stomach, thighs, buttocks, arms and legs, with the majority of clients using it to date losing 9 to 10 inches from their bodies in total. In just one treatment clients could see up to two inches disappear from their waistline – and with no sticky residue, it’s perfect to offer this as a lunch-hour treat for those on the go. Some women have even dropped a whole dress size (Up to 2.5% fat loss) after the first one-hour treatment. Combine this treatment with 360 Fat Freezing.

more information

Shrinking Violet body contour wrap is clinically proven to work by a process known as lipolysis (breakdown of fat cells). This revolutionary 60 minute body treatment offers instant inch-loss results, leaving the skin softer smoother and toned. The Shrinking Violet Body Wrap is a pain free inch loss treatment that removes unwanted fat from all over the body, it does not rely on dehydration or water loss for its results.

What else can the body wrap do for me?

Dead skin removal
Wrap treatments comprising an exfoliation stage will see dead skin cells lifted, providing you a smoother complexion top-to-toe and a flattering glow. You can choose to enjoy a body polish before your wrap if exfoliation is not included as part of your treatment.

Body wraps featuring detoxifying algae, seaweed, mud or clay can help rid the body of toxins through metabolic skin cell stimulation. As skin is your largest organ, detoxification of the epidermis can have a significant effect on your health and overall wellbeing.

Intensive moisturisation
The vast majority of wraps comprise moisturising ingredients to hydrate, nourish and smooth your skin for improved condition.

Once you’re fully wrapped by your esthetician, you’ll be left to relax for up to 30 minutes. This will provide you with some valuable - and rare - mental and physical downtime.

Temporary inch and/or weight loss
Wraps with detoxifying ingredients teamed with firmly wound bandages will see you sweat out any excess water and toxins, and also tighten your skin. This can temporarily improve the contours of your body and see you lose a dress size or two.


  • Does The Body Contour Wrap Cause Side Effects?

    The treatment works on the fat cells only and does not affect any other structures in the skin. After a shrinking violet wrap you may pass more urine for a day or two. Side effects have not been reported for this treatment, however, if you are concerned then please contact us for more information.

  • How Long Does It Take For A Body Wrap?

    Shrinking Violet Body Wrap is a technique that is so powerful that a 60 minute session can shrink waistlines by up to 2 inches. The amount of fat reduction varies depending on your build, but many people may reduce by at least one whole size after the first treatment. After 24 hours, you will see the maximum effect from the treatment.

  • How Long Will The Results Of A Body Wrap Treatment Last?

    Whether you are undergoing a body wrap to lose inches, reduce cellulite, aid a skin ailment or simply as a pampering treat, you can expect the results to last from a few days to a week. However, undergoing your chosen wrap treatment regularly and adopting a healthier lifestyle can help train your skin and body over time, providing you a much longer-lasting results.

  • How Many Body Wrap Sessions Will I Need?

    It depends, most clients require maintenance treatments once or twice a year after the initial course of 1 – 3 treatments. Just as an athlete continues to work out; once a desired fitness level has been achieved, you want to be sure that the fat which is removed stays away for good and your body remains toned and firm.

  • When Will I See Results From A Shrinking Violet Wrap?

    91% of clients see a reduction of up to 2 inches in their first treatment, although for best results we recommend combining this treatment with our other fat reduction treatments, such as 360 fat freezing & 5D Cavitation. If you do not wish to combine this treatment with our non-surgical fat reduction treatments we recommend 1 – 3 sessions.

  • Will The Results From A Shrinking Violet Wrap Last?

    It is an excellent jump start to a new slimmer you. For the fat to come back, new cells have to form, which happens if a client continues to eat excess calories. Combine the Shrinking Violet with exercise and healthy eating for optimum results.

  • How do I book an appointment?

    Booking with RT Aesthetics is a very simple process. The fastest and most convenient way to book an appointment is via our website. At the top of the website page click ‘Book Online‘ and choose the service and treatment option your wanting to have and enter your contact information. You will receive a confirmation of the booking via email and text message. Alternatively you can book an appointment by calling our client services team. Please note that when booking we require contact information and credit card details for a deposit payment. We do not share your information with any third party and your data is used inline with our privacy policy.

  • Why RT Aesthetics?

    At RT Aesthetics we are passionate about helping our clients reach their potential. RT Aesthetics specialises in the very latest non-surgical treatments that provide long lasting superior results. We use 360 Fat Freezing & MED: HIFU Ultra machines. All of our treatments are approved and are carried out by highly trained qualified practitioners. Within RT Aesthetics we have a qualified nurse practitioner who is on hand to answer any medical questions that you may have. Our goal is simple, to deliver superb results safely and effectively while providing you with a holistic, personal centred approach. We aim to enhance your body confidence and quality of life in a relaxing environment, offering an alternative – affordable solution to surgery.

  • What treatment should I have?

    RT Aesthetics offer many non-surgical, non-invasive treatments that treat and reduce many problem areas across the body. Whether you’re looking for fat reduction, laser hair removal or reduction and removal of fine lines and wrinkles we can help. As RT Aesthetics offer many different treatments it can be hard to understand which treatment is best for you. RT Aesthetics look at every client differently as not every person is the same. RT Aesthetics offer a face to face consultation so that you can come along and meet us before committing to any treatment and discuss in detail your concerns, the treatment, and assess your suitability for the treatment. This ensure that you feel confident that you are in safe hands.


As many girls my age I wanted to get Laser Hair Removal on my legs, arms and well to be honest everywhere! I already had a body wrap at RT Aesthetics and when I seen the laser hair removal I had to give it ago I first booked my patch test and skin consultation appointment...

Sally Fell


Anthony McGill

I had the 360 fat freezing treatment in September and since had 1 more treatment on my love handles. The treatment has worked well and I’ve been more then happy with my results (better than I imagined). The clinic is extremely caring and attentive and I’ve really enjoyed my experience

Carleigh Knox

I’ve had 2 treatments and both have been amazing. I had the 360 Fat Freezing treatment on my legs followed by the shockwave treatment. The fat freeze helped get rid of all the stubborn fat and the shockwave was great at breaking down my cellulite. Very knowledgeable, honest and caring clinic.

Elizabeth Major

On the day I received treatment Ryan was so attentive and made sure I was comfortable from the outset. I had the cryolypolosis (fat freezing) treatment on my stomach and love handles and have seen such amazing results after only two weeks, even though as standard it is supposed to take up to six weeks for results to show.

Harriet Brown

After learning lots about fat freezing during the consultation and reading lots online I booked in for treatment. I have seen such a big difference around my love handles and stomach area. The aftercare was great, you get a diet plan, email, follow up appointments and if I needed anything they were there for me.

Jill Evans

Amazing clinic and great staff. I really cannot fault the care and support I had throughout my MED: HIFU Ultra treatment. They are honest from the beginning and don’t force you into anything. The pricing is very good and in my opinion they don’t charge enough for the treatments. I have since signed up as a member to benefit from monthly treatments.

Rachel Moriarty

I could not be happier with RT Aesthetics. Ryan made me feel at ease from the minute we met. I suffer really badly with anxiety and body dysmorphia so this was a very big deal for me. The attention he pays to detail and his knowledge of procedures is out of this world, he’s a very intelligent and talented individual. There is literally nothing to worry about!

Maria Sutton

A huge thanks to Ryan for today at RT Aesthetics for my fat freezing procedure. I was a bit nervous but more because I needed to get down to my underwear in front of you. You made me feel really comfortable and at ease. Everything was fully explained to me and I’am excited for the results.

Robyn Hayes

I’ve been to a few clinics this year and I had the HIFU somewhere else and it didn’t work so I was worried to try again with RT Aesthetics. I shouldn’t of been! The results I’ve had from the full face and neck MED: HIFU Ultra has made such a big difference. My jowls have tightened, my skin looks better and the care throughout was great.

Sharna Jackson

Very professional service throughout my consultation and first 360 fat freezing treatment. I just sat and watched Netflix with a cup of tea and a glass of water. They even have iPads and music depending on what you’d like todo but I enjoyed watching Netflix. Results so far have been great and can only get better. All together it’s been a lovely experience

Harry Lloyd

The EMS Sculpt has really tightened my stomach and brought out my abs underneath. I used this on my arms too to help grow my muscles and what a huge difference it has made.

Margaret Tisbury

Pelvic Floor Strengthening has impacted my life so much for the better. I can run around with my kids, coughing and sneezing is not an issue anymore and I do not have anxiety about where the nearest toilet is. I am no longer making mental notes of where the nearest toilets are when I am out and about, it is such a relief not suffering from that anxiety anymore. I do not need to wear pads daily, I feel like me again, my confidence and my sex life are back. This treatment has saved my relationship.

Sasha McDonald

The EMS Sculpt has lifted and made my bum look so good! It has sculpted the cheeks, made it bigger, firmer and more sculpted overall. My friends keep asking and I keep telling them to go to RT Aesthetics.