We are committed to your happiness. We take our client satisfaction very seriously, and we think the testimonials and client stories we get from our clients reinforces our quality of service and care.

We are committed to your happiness. We take our client satisfaction very seriously, and we think the testimonials and client stories we get from our clients reinforces our quality of service and care.



Great results from my MED: HIFU Ultra facelift treatment. Professional and the attention to detail was out of this world.

I’ve been to other clinics for consultations and treatments but I knew from day 1 I was in safe hands and the knowledge and honest is truly a blessing. The treatment was booked 2 weeks after my face-to-face consultation appointment and I was given all the advice I needed before the treatment.

The treatment was too painful and took around 3 hours from start to finish. If you want a professional company that’s down to earth and going to be very honest with what you need and not tell you to buy the most expansive treatment then speak to these guys. Excellent customer experience and they know what their talking about!

My results have been great and the aftercare has been fantastic. The before and after photos that were taken during the face to face consultation have really given me the confidence I needed.

As for a male having this treatment I was very nervous and did not want anyone knowing. However, I am so happy with the results and care I am happy to have my face shown. If I could finalise with 2 words it would be – excellent work.

My experience with RT Aesthetics Newcastle has been very informative, educational and overall a very fun experience.

I first booked a face-to-face appointment to meet with someone and talk about the treatments I wanted in detail as I was not sure which was best. Booking the appointment over the phone was quick and easy and I received my confirmation email with my booking in a matter of minutes. I did need to change my appointment and it was great to see you could easily do this through the email they sent me.

I first met with Ryan at my face-to-face appointment and he was very informative and explained the science behind the treatments I was looking to have, these were the Laser Hair Removal and jawline sculpting on my jawline (I was not sure if this was going to be HIFU or Radio Frequency).

I booked in for the Laser Hair Removal treatment first and it was pain free and in just 4 treatments I wasn’t growing anymore hair in my legs, under arms and chin. The MED: HIFU Ultra treatment I had on my jawline/chin area also worked very well and really boosted my confidence. I highly recommend Ryan and RT Aesthetics for everything they have done for me and the way they looked after me at each appointment. Thank you

The best clinic I have ever been too! I’ve been to many different clinics in the past, however, the care, advice and results from this place has to be one of the best.

I was looking todo some body confidence treatments as I felt I needed my jowls and face lifting and after attending different clinics in London I was not sure I would get the same sort of treatment and care in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I went online and book a consultation to meet with someone first.

After attending the consultation appointment and having a really good chat I later booked in for the treatment at home. The prices are very reasonable (if I’m honest they need increasing) as you really do get what you pay for. The MED: HIFU Ultra Facelift treatment was not too painful and took around 3 hours.

All I can say is, fantastic results following my 360 Fat Freezing Treatment and my MED: HIFU Ultra Facelift Treatment as there has been a huge difference in my skin and stomach area. This is something I put of at first and I must say now, I really had nothing to worry about.

Another point that I loved was the way I was handle when I first called to ask some questions about the clinic. It’s great how they have the online chat – which I used twice when wanting some advice on another treatment and getting some tips on weight-loss. Very good company and very caring from start to finish.

From 360 fat freezing to the MED: HIFU Ultra facelift treatment, I really have had many treatments at RT Aesthetics. Each treatment has helped my self-confidence and made me feel great.

I first started of with the face-to-face consultation appointment to have my areas looked at to make sure I was suitable for the treatment. At the appointment I had my medical history analysed, photos taken, areas measured up and they went through the full fat freezing treatment in detail. I had loads of questions and they were all answered in detail while been very friendly and patient.

I have had the 360 fat freezing treatment at RT Aesthetics in November 2019 after my initial face to face consultation and 3 weeks after the treatment I started to notice results, such as, reduction in fat and noticed the fat had broken down and didn’t feel as hard as it used to feel in the area I had treated. As the weeks went by I go to around 8 weeks where I could see such an amazing results around my stomach and love handles.

It is great that you get aftercare follow up appointments half way through to see how your progress is and see if you need any help with your diet or exercise routine. They do provide a diet plan to follow even if you don’t go ahead with treatment which I found really nice of them and the dirt was very informative. Thank you for everything and I cannot thank you enough for my results and the profession aftercare I experienced throughout my treatment and look forward to meeting you again.

As many girls my age I wanted to get Laser Hair Removal on my legs, arms and well to be honest everywhere! I already had a body wrap at RT Aesthetics and when I seen the laser hair removal I had to give it ago

I first booked my patch test and skin consultation appointment to see if I would have any reaction to the treatment. It took less than 30 seconds to complete the patch test on my leg and I was on my way. 48 hours later I attended the clinic and booked in for my course of 6 sessions on my legs. I took full advantage of the discounted block booking of 6 as it was much cheaper than paying per treatment.

Amazing hair removal treatment as I can’t believe the results so far. I have only had 3 sessions on my legs and the reduction is very noticeable! Life changing! Ryan is so professional and made me feel at ease throughout the treatment.

I do also get a EMS Sculpt now and again to help shrink my fat cells and build muscle. I had a course of 6 sessions just before my holiday and it really helped me feel good before going away. I can’t wait for my future treatments with RT Aesthetics


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