Laser Hair Removal Newcastle

Your local practitioner in Newcastle will ensure your laser hair removal needs are taken care of with out latest 3 wavelength technology.

Your local practitioner in Newcastle will ensure your laser hair removal needs are taken care of with out latest 3 wavelength technology.

Laser Hair Removal Newcastle

Looking for laser hair removal in Newcastle Upon Tyne?

We have you covered with the latest 3 wavelength Laser Hair Removal newcastle clinic. Using the worlds only three wave technology laser for permanent hair reduction, we effectively treat all skin types. We have the “Platinum Standard” in laser hair removal technology, the three-wavelength laser hair removal. It is the worlds first ‘Mixed Technology’ laser which can simultaneously deliver three laser wavelengths: Alexandrite Laser (755nm) Diode Laser (808nm) Long Pulsed ND:Yag (1064nm).

RT Aesthetics are an award winning Newcastle clinic, specialising in non-surgical aesthetics and have over 500 reviews at 5 Stars and over 10 years experience. Laser hair removal in Newcastle is safe for all skin types, but your practitioner will adjust the treatment for your specific hair and skin type.

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I had the laser hair removal treatment on my legs, arms and bikini. I would say that my treatment each month was fun and loved going to catch up and get rid of my hair. I finished my laser course as I only needed 5 treatments and the hair hasn’t grown back.

The Benefits

Effective Results - Laser is an effective treatment for ingrown hairs; no more irritated skin caused by those ingrown hairs

Pain-Free - The treatment is ‘virtually pain-free’ and is suitable for a wide variety of hair and skin types, including suntanned and dark skins

Permanent – Laser hair removal is a ‘virtually’ permanent hair removal solution. Statistics show that 60 – 95% of targeted hair is permanently gone after the recommended course

Long-lasting Results – Laser hair removal is clinically proven for the removal of unwanted facial and body hair gently, quickly and effectively with long-lasting results

Procedure Need To Knows

Procedure Time

15 - 30 Minutes

Full Recovery


Potential Risks

Mild Redness

Results Duration

4 - 6 Weeks

Number of Treatments

6 - 8


Mild Lasting 3 - 5 Days


Prior to your Laser Hair Removal treatment it is recommended that you follow the instructions below:

  • If you have a tan you should wait at least 4 weeks after your last UV exposure until there is no activity in the pigment producing cells
  • If you are waxing, plucking and/or threading, you should stop 4 weeks prior to your laser hair removal treatment
  • Shave the area the day before your appointment
  • You should avoid perfumes, deodorants or any other potential irritants in the treatment area 48 hours before and 7 days after the treatment
  • You should avoid alcohol, aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as Brufen for 48 hours before treatment; This will reduce the risk of a skin reaction
  • Please wear your normal make-up to the clinic on the day of procedure unless undergoing treatment on the face
  • Please note that we do not permit any family or friends in the treatment room with you
  • If you have a history of cold sores (herpes simplex), then we advise you to apply a topical treatment such as Zovirax, which can be purchased from any Chemist, please apply for 7 days before and 7 days after treatment, as this can help minimise an outbreak
  • Laser Hair Removal procedures do not cause cold sores, however, if you carry the virus in your body, which lies dormant in your body, this can be stimulated by the procedure

For 2 to 5 days after treatment, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Redness
  • Blistering

If you have ever had herpes simplex or cold sores previously, then it is important that you use Zovirax for 7 days before and after lip treatments.  This will help prevent an outbreak, which will cause discomfort and can result in scarring.

  • DO NOT go out in UV light, use sunbeds or tanning products between treatments
  • Under no circumstances should you undergo any further IPL work undertaken during this 4-6 week period
  • Avoid the sun for 7 days after the procedure
  • Avoid topical sunless tanning products for 7 days
  • If the skin is sensitive or irritated you may use over the counter (OTC) medicine
  • If a blister appears contact your provider for direction, but in most cases you may apply an antibiotic ointment to the area until healed
  • Avoid any other type of skin treatment for 2 weeks after the procedure
  • Slather on the sunscreen daily, at least 30+ SPF
  • Gently exfoliate the area in the shower
  • Do not wax, pluck or otherwise remove the hair by force, shaving is allowed
  • Due to skin sensitivity avoid excess heat for 24-48 hours such as hot showers, saunas, hot tubs, or heat packs
  • Avoid make-up, deodorant, or other topical creams or medications for 24 hours

For the majority of clients, laser hair removal has long been accepted as a safe and effective treatment in achieving long-term results. However, like all laser treatments, certain contraindications need to be considered for your own safety.

  • Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
  • Medical Conditions – Our practitioner will go through your medical history during your face to face consultation before your patch test to assess your suitability.
  • Psoriasis
  • Bleeding Disorders
  • Severe reactions to histamines
  • Previous surgery
  • Recent Chemical Peels
  • Recent Laser Resurfacing
  • Vitiligo
  • Medication – Many medications come with side-effects, including those that will make your skin more photosensitive. This will be assessed during your consultation
  • Under 18 Years Old
  • Cancer
  • Sun Tan
  • Keloid Scarring
  • Tattoos
  • Lesions
  • Open Wounds
  • Moles
  • Recent Waxing/Plucking
  • Epilepsy
  • Hirsutism

Laser Hair Removal For Women

Laser hair removal for women has always been popular as its fast, effective and saves time shaving in the future. For some women it can be helpful for excessive hair growth (hirsutism). Many women who suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome can also benefit from a reduction of hair growth from laser hair removal. We treat many problem areas on the body, such as:

  • Face & Body
  • Upper Lip & Sides of Face
  • Neck, Shoulders & Back
  • Underarms
  • Arms & Legs
  • Hands, Feet & Toes
  • Buttocks, legs & Knees
  • Bikini, Hollywood & more!
Laser Hair Removal For Men

Laser hair removal treatments for men have become increasingly popular in recent years. This can be for aesthetic purposes, comfort or sport performance. Many men are looking for long-term solutions for unwanted body hair. Unlike traditional hair removal methods laser hair removal is practically painless, quick and time efficient. We treat many problem areas on the body including:

  • Face & Body
  • Cheekbones & Beard
  • Neck & Shoulders
  • Underarms
  • Chest & Back
  • Arms & Hands
  • Buttocks & legs
  • All potential clients will undergo a full consultation prior to any laser hair removal treatment
  • This allows the practitioner to determine the following important factors: Contraindications (to ascertain if the procedure may be harmful to you); skin type; and hair type
  • A patch test is carried out after conducting a consultation with the laser practitioner
  • There are a couple of reasons for carrying out a patch test, the first is for the practitioner to determine what the most effective settings for the laser parameters are in relation to your hair and skin type
  • A professional laser practitioner will effectively carry out a patch test for each and every area of treatment
  • This is because your hair and skin are not the same everywhere on your body
  • The practitioner will contact you 48 hours after the patch test to get some feedback and ascertain if there were any adverse reactions to the patch test
  • If you are satisfied the practitioner will book you in for your first session towards your goal of permanent hair reduction

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Laser Hair Removal In Newcastle

Get Laser Hair Removal in Newcastle to rid that unwanted hair. Laser is safe, effective and fast way of removing unwanted hair on the body without the need to use traditional methods. Traditional methods of removing unwanted hair include: shaving, plucking, waxing, depilatory creams and electrolysis. All of these traditional hair removal treatments can be painful, messy and time consuming. RT Aesthetics use the latest 3 Wavelength laser that uses the latest Alexandrite, Diode and Long Pulsed ND:Yag laser and features a controlled adapted cooling head to maximise patient safety, comfort and speed.

Laser hair removal is an effective and popular solution to unwanted body hair because it can be used on any skin type or tone. So you can say goodbye to messy waxing and daily shaving. RT Aesthetics have the most effective permanent hair reduction systems so you can rest assured that you will receive the most suitable treatment for you and your hair type. At our newcastle laser clinic we will ensure we rid that unwanted hair for once and for all.

Laser Hair Removal Newcastle Upon Tyne

Laser hair removal works by heating the hair follicles to stop new hairs from growing. This puts the hair follicles in a state of dormancy for a long period of time. When the hairs do grow back, they’ll be lighter, finer, and fewer in number. Laser hair removal destroys actively growing hair follicles, so for some clients we can say that the end result is permanent hair removal.

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Laser Hair Removal offers a convenient alternative to the hassle of regular shaving, waxing or plucking, with a single course of treatment providing clients with a permanent reduction in unwanted hair growth. Statistics show as much as 95% of the hair targeted by a course of Laser Hair treatments is permanently removed.

Laser hair removal will only affect actively growing follicles and has no effect on dormant or ‘resting’ hair follicles. After your laser hair removal treatment it is possible that new hair growth may take place from hair follicles that weren’t growing at the time of treatment.

During laser hair removal, a laser emits a light that is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair. The light energy is converted into heat, which damages the tube-shaped sacs within the hair follicles. This damage inhibits or delays future hair growth. Hair caught in the growth stage will not tend to grow again after the laser hair removal procedure. Other follicles that are not actively growing at the time of treatment may then produce new hair, therefore these follicles will need to be targeted in the growth stage during your next treatment. Therefore it is recommended on average to have a course of 6 – 8 treatments.


  • How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Are Required?

    Every treatment and client at RT Aesthetics are unique and designed around our client. It is just not possible to be 100% accurate, however, normally between 6 – 8 treatments are usually required. The exact number will vary depending on the area treated, the response of the individual, what has been done to the hair in the past. Hormonal conditions, such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS for short, will also have a significant bearing on how the treatment progresses.

  • Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal?

    The most common effect following laser hair removal treatment is redness of the skin that can last for a day or so. Slight blistering can occur but this is rare and would clear up within a few days post treatment. With certain skin types changes in skin colour can occur and this will almost settle with time, although complete return to normal pigmentation cannot be guaranteed. Because each individual’s skin responds differently we always carry out a careful face to face consultation and patch test to ensure that the right system is chosen and that no unexpected reactions take place during a full treatment.

  • Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

    Yes. Lasers have been used in medicine for over 50 years and there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that the treatment can lead to skin disorders or an increased risk of skin cancer. RT Aesthetics Newcastle have been doing Non Surgical Aesthetics treatments since 2014.

  • Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

    Laser hair removal destroys actively growing hair follicles, so for some clients we can say that the end result is permanent hair removal. However, as with all depilation methods, RT Aesthetics cannot give any guarantee as the laser will only affect actively growing follicles and has no effect on dormant or ‘resting’ hair follicles. After your laser hair removal treatment it is possible that new hair growth may take place from hair follicles that weren’t growing at the time of treatment.

  • Can All Hair Colours Be Treated?

    Laser treatment works best on dark hair because dark hair contains more pigment to absorb light from the laser. Fair, auburn hair may respond but white hair, very blond hair and some red hair will only respond to electrolysis treatment. RT Aesthetics carry out a patch test on every client before a full treatment. This ensure the practitioner will know how your hair and skin will respond before you commit to a full treatment.

  • What’s The Difference Between IPL & Laser Treatments?

    In short, lasers produce a very specific type of light consisting of one or 3 wavelength or colour of light all going in one direction to the area of treatment. This creates a single beam like a laser pointer and focus the energy into the hair follicle. IPL devices produce a wide range of wavelengths of light to produce a single white flash, although the light is scattered and not specific.

  • Who Should Avoid Laser Hair Removal?

    The hair removal treatment should be avoided by anyone who is: – Suffering from vitiligo (skin pigment loss) – Suffering from live cold sores in the treatment area – Hypersensitve to light – Pregnant or breastfeeding – People with very dark skin are at greater risk of pigment change. However the laser we use at RT Aesthetics will treat all skin types safely and effectively. To see the full list please look above under ‘OUR CARE’.

  • Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

    ​​One of the benefits of laser hair removal is that the treatment is virtually painless, especially compared to waxing. Each pulse lasts less than second, producing a slight tingling feeling. In particularly sensitive areas, such as the upper lip, it may feel like a rubber band snap on the skin. Our advanced cooling machines used in all laser treatments cools your skin before, during and post treatment to minimise any discomfort.


As many girls my age I wanted to get Laser Hair Removal on my legs, arms and well to be honest everywhere! I already had a body wrap at RT Aesthetics and when I seen the laser hair removal I had to give it ago I first booked my patch test and skin consultation appointment...

Sally Fell


Anthony McGill

I had the 360 fat freezing treatment in September and since had 1 more treatment on my love handles. The treatment has worked well and I’ve been more then happy with my results (better than I imagined). The clinic is extremely caring and attentive and I’ve really enjoyed my experience

Carleigh Knox

I’ve had 2 treatments and both have been amazing. I had the 360 Fat Freezing treatment on my legs followed by the shockwave treatment. The fat freeze helped get rid of all the stubborn fat and the shockwave was great at breaking down my cellulite. Very knowledgeable, honest and caring clinic.

Elizabeth Major

On the day I received treatment Ryan was so attentive and made sure I was comfortable from the outset. I had the cryolypolosis (fat freezing) treatment on my stomach and love handles and have seen such amazing results after only two weeks, even though as standard it is supposed to take up to six weeks for results to show.

Harriet Brown

After learning lots about fat freezing during the consultation and reading lots online I booked in for treatment. I have seen such a big difference around my love handles and stomach area. The aftercare was great, you get a diet plan, email, follow up appointments and if I needed anything they were there for me.

Jill Evans

Amazing clinic and great staff. I really cannot fault the care and support I had throughout my MED: HIFU Ultra treatment. They are honest from the beginning and don’t force you into anything. The pricing is very good and in my opinion they don’t charge enough for the treatments. I have since signed up as a member to benefit from monthly treatments.

Rachel Moriarty

I could not be happier with RT Aesthetics. Ryan made me feel at ease from the minute we met. I suffer really badly with anxiety and body dysmorphia so this was a very big deal for me. The attention he pays to detail and his knowledge of procedures is out of this world, he’s a very intelligent and talented individual. There is literally nothing to worry about!

Maria Sutton

A huge thanks to Ryan for today at RT Aesthetics for my fat freezing procedure. I was a bit nervous but more because I needed to get down to my underwear in front of you. You made me feel really comfortable and at ease. Everything was fully explained to me and I’am excited for the results.

Robyn Hayes

I’ve been to a few clinics this year and I had the HIFU somewhere else and it didn’t work so I was worried to try again with RT Aesthetics. I shouldn’t of been! The results I’ve had from the full face and neck MED: HIFU Ultra has made such a big difference. My jowls have tightened, my skin looks better and the care throughout was great.

Sharna Jackson

Very professional service throughout my consultation and first 360 fat freezing treatment. I just sat and watched Netflix with a cup of tea and a glass of water. They even have iPads and music depending on what you’d like todo but I enjoyed watching Netflix. Results so far have been great and can only get better. All together it’s been a lovely experience

Harry Lloyd

The EMS Sculpt has really tightened my stomach and brought out my abs underneath. I used this on my arms too to help grow my muscles and what a huge difference it has made.

Margaret Tisbury

Pelvic Floor Strengthening has impacted my life so much for the better. I can run around with my kids, coughing and sneezing is not an issue anymore and I do not have anxiety about where the nearest toilet is. I am no longer making mental notes of where the nearest toilets are when I am out and about, it is such a relief not suffering from that anxiety anymore. I do not need to wear pads daily, I feel like me again, my confidence and my sex life are back. This treatment has saved my relationship.

Sasha McDonald

The EMS Sculpt has lifted and made my bum look so good! It has sculpted the cheeks, made it bigger, firmer and more sculpted overall. My friends keep asking and I keep telling them to go to RT Aesthetics.