Everything you need to know about hydrafacials

Hydrafacial Newcastle

Everything you need to know about Hydrafacials

When it comes to popular facial treatments like HydraFacial Newcastle leads the way with fantastic salons offering the latest and best treatments. But what exactly is this cutting-edge type of beauty facial? Read on to find out everything that you need to know about HydraFacial.

What is a Hydrafacial?

This effective skin treatment is patented and available in authorised medical spas, beauticians and via dermatologists. Sometimes it’s marketed as hydra-dermabrasion because of the use of exfoliators, which are akin to microdermabrasion because of their fine particles and effectiveness. However, this type of facial differs because the exfoliation effect is combined with deeply hydrating serums which plump, freshen and revive the skin.

The three-step process

The patented HydraFacial follows a three-step process that starts by deep cleansing your skin to remove deep-seated impurities, progresses to exfoliate dead skin cells and to reveal fresh young skin cells, and then finishes by applying deeply moisturising serums that help to tackle wrinkles and fine lines.

HydraFacial benefits

Each client will look for different benefits, but the main ones associated with this type of treatment are:

– Acne prevention and treatment
– Deep moisturisation and hydration to tackle dryness
– A reduction in wrinkles.

How Does A Hydrafacial Work?

This is a non-invasive procedure, which means that no needles are used. In many ways, it is similar to a standard facial you might usually have, but it is believed to have more noticeable results.

The key to this is the wand that is used on your skin to provide a deep clean and exfoliation, before delivering rich serums that are designed to meet your skin type and needs. The mechanised wand allows a deeper degree of exfoliation to take place, which then prepares the skin for the hydrating serums.

Conditions that may see an improvement from a hydrafacial

This facial is designed to improve the skin’s overall appearance, texture and tone. The deep exfoliation removes debris from your pores and dead skin, refreshing your appearance and helping the tailored serums to penetrate the epidermis more completely. This facial is said to be helpful for the following skin conditions:

For blackheads and acne

When dead skin cells build up in the epidermis, they can lead to blackheads which are a non-inflammatory variety of acne and often difficult to manually remove. But the hydrafacial uses exfoliation and mechanical extraction to provide benefits and to remove unsightly blackheads. For acne, the mechanical action has the same benefit; removing debris which clogs the pores and which can lead to blemishes. The targeted serums are also soothing for the skin.

For dry skin

Even when skin is dry, it still needs to be exfoliated to remove dead skin cells which contribute to dullness and the appearance of fine wrinkles. Once the exfoliation procedure and deep clean has been done, the customised serums can be absorbed more deeply into the skin than traditional moisturiser, and deeply hydrating formulations can be chosen.

For rosacea

Rosacea is a sensitive skin condition that can be very difficult to treat. But many sufferers find that the hydrafacial is suitable and soothing for rosacea, mainly as the serums can be customised to help support this delicate skin condition whilst helping the skin’s natural cleansing and exfoliating functions to optimise.

For general anti ageing

Studies have found that Hydrafacials can help to reduce the signs of ageing, particularly when compared to a regular regime of serums. The benefits found in the small study of 20 women in 2008 found that the facial helped to reduce pigmentation, lessen the appearance of pores and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

How does the hydrafacial work?

When you book a hydrafacial in Newcastle, your beauty therapist will first take your medical history and check that you are suitable for the treatment. Your therapist will be a licensed aesthetician as this is a patented treatment that can only be given by dermatologists or qualified aestheticians.

Your therapist will use a mechanised wand which uses a vortex-like motion to manually remove oil and dirt from deep within your pores. A peel will then be used to resurface the skin and enhance the exfoliation process.

Debris will be extracted with an attachment that is like a small and targeted vacuum. Once this process is finished your skin will be clear and free from dirt, oil and blackheads. From this point, your therapist will use an attachment that looks like a small pen, and is loaded with a serum packed with beneficial ingredients such as antioxidants. This serum will have been chosen to match your specific skincare needs. For example, if you have dry skin it might contain hyaluronic acid, and if you have acne it might contain niacinamide or B6.

There may be a secondary treatment that complements the Hydrafacial, such as light therapy or a dermal filler. These are add-on treatments that can support the benefits of the facial, but they are not part of it.

Are there any people who shouldn’t have this treatment?

Generally speaking, hydrafacials are suitable for everyone, unless you have a dermatological condition. Your therapist will advise when he or she takes your medical and clinical history. Pregnant women should be able to have the facial without any contraindications. There is no downtime and no particular aftercare is needed, although a good broad-spectrum SPF is always recommended as part of your protective skincare regime.

How often should I have a hydrafacial?

Most aestheticians recommend having this type of facial on a monthly or even a fortnightly basis, although more infrequent treatments will still yield results. Your salon will be able to advise on price plans and booking appointments, as the facial itself usually takes around an hour, and you may need to do a patch test first.

Where can I find Hydrafacial near me?

To book an appointment for HydraFacial Newcastle-wide, simply make your booking online via our salon and prepare for a wonderful skincare experience that leaves you revived, energised and feeling great!

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