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This ex-nurse is ‘changing women’s lives’ in Newcastle – by freezing off their flab

A former nurse is trying to trim overweight Tynesiders – by freezing off their flab. Fat Freezing!

Ryan Towart quit his NHS dream job after getting sick and tired of paperwork.

Now, the 22-year-old has opened Newcastle’s first dedicated ‘fat freezing’ centre.

“The results are changing women’s lives, Fat Freezing” Ryan says.

During the process, fat cells in problem areas are numbed and cooled to -5C before the skin is sucked.

Patients then sleep or watch Netflix while waiting, although treatments can sometimes last just one hour.

“One woman came in on her lunch break, had the treatment, then went straight back to work,” claimed Ryan.

Fat freezing is popular with celebrities including Khloe Kardashian and TOWIE’s Gemma Collins.

Ashington-born Ryan opened his Coutts Road centre last month after being shocked at the price when trying the treatment himself.

He said: “I had Fat Freezing in Manchester, where they charge up to £1,800 which I couldn’t believe.

“I wanted to offer it locally but at a fair price.”

Treatments at Walkergate’s North East Fat start from £125.

And business is already booming, says Ryan, especially with women preparing for their summer holidays.

“It is really useful at targeting bikini fat, which I didn’t realise was such an issue for women until recently,” admits Ryan.

“But it is making them more self-confident and changing their lives for the better.

“They are getting the same results as liposuction but it is cheaper and quicker.”

The results aren’t instant, taking six to 12 weeks before any improvement is noticed.

But critics claim fat reduction is “mild” – at best.

However, Ryan insists fat in treated areas can shrink by a whopping 40%.

And it’s pain free – almost.

“It just feels like pins and needles and then it goes numb,” said the ex-Teesside University student.

“The only time you feel pain is the massage at the end when the skin warms up and the knuckles sink in.

“But no pain, no gain.”


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How Long Does Fibroblast Last?

Fibroblast Plasma Lift treatment is a non-surgical treatment to improve the appearance of wrinkles, loose skin, pigmentation, scarring and much more.

The Fibroblast Plasma Lift treatment is done through a number of small dots being applied to the skin with a device, which stimulates the skin with a plasma flash which induces tightening of the skin and regeneration.

This revolutionary procedure forces the skin to contract immediately which stimulates new collagen. It creates much more because of the way it has been artificially manipulated to contract much quicker than it normally would, and this is what gives such beneficial results.

It is suitable for a number of people, from those who want to tighten the skin to get rid of sagging and create a more youthful look, to those looking to minimise how their skin conditions or scarring looks.

Fibroblast Plasma Lift is able to treat wrinkles, skin tags, moles, uneven pigmentation, age spots, sun spots, stretch marks – and much more besides.

The results from Fibroblast Plasma Lift are immediate, but what about long-term?

For those who have already had the Fibroblast Plasma Lift treatment, the results are astounding and they are thrilled with their new smoother, unblemished or more youthful appearance. However, the main question on their lips is therefore: ‘how long will the effects last?’

Fibroblast is a genuine treatment that lasts in the same way as a surgical procedure. Essentially, you will see long lasting results that won’t simply fade away the very next day. However, as with a surgical procedure, it cannot stop the natural ageing process from continuing.

You will actually notice that the results you see straight after the treatment will actually keep improving for up to six to eight weeks. Then you can rest assured it will then be maintained for a lengthy period of time.

What happens to the skin over time?

The skin that has been treated will not re-stretch if it has been tightened, but some years later you may notice that the skin has loosened. This is not because the treatment has not worked properly, but due to the ageing process, which no treatment can prevent.

You may want to have additional treatments further down the line to rectify this – as many patients have top-ups for surgical work. However, in the years to come immediately after your treatment, this will not be necessary as the results will be able to be enjoyed for a significant period of time.

There is, nonetheless, a caveat to this, which is that you will want to properly look after your general health in order to maintain this lasting effect.

What can impact the results of Fibroblast Plasma Lift treatment?

Too much alcohol, smoking and sunbathing can all have a negative impact and diminish the improvements made through Fibroblast Plasma Lift.

There are always extra factors such as the quality of your lifestyle which can come into play when determining the longevity of any treatment.

Aside from this, there is also the fact that our genetics play a large role in our ageing process, so, unfortunately, some will simply age quicker than others. This is unavoidable, but as stated, with healthier living, the results should last longer.

However, if Fibroblast Plasma Lift treatment has been given for skin conditions, such as acne scarring, skin tags or moles, these will be permanently removed following the procedure, and are unlikely to require follow-ups.

What is Fibroblast Treatment?

Fibroblast is a new innovative treatment that rejuvenates and tightens your skin, without needing any scalpels, suturing, general anaesthesia, or invasive procedures. It produces all the amazing results you would expect from surgery, without any of the pain and in a significantly reduced time too!

How does Fibroblast treatment work?

Unlike conventional skin tightening treatment which involves removing excess skin or the injection of gels, Fibroblast is performed through tiny spots made with the device which causes the instant contraction of skin fibres, causing it to tighten. Fibroblast uses sublimation, which is the chemical process of turning a solid straight into a gas without it being liquid at any point, which allows for instant results, prevents any damage occurring to the surrounding skin and eliminates the risk of tissue damage. Equally, the device uses plasma instead of electrical currents, allowing for Fibroblast treatment to be significantly more long-lasting than its competitors.

What areas can Fibroblast treatment help me with? 

  • The tightening of saggy upper and lower eyelids
  • Skin lesions, including skin tags, moles, warts, xanthelasma, and seborrheic keratosis
  • Unwanted facial wrinkles, including frown lines, neck lines, and crow’s feet
  • Skin pigmentation, freckles, sun spots and age spots
  • Obvious scarring, including post-surgical scars, acne scars, and stretch marks

Does the procedure hurt, and is it safe?

This is a very common question, and something patients worry about before any procedure. Considering the horror stories many people have heard about invasive cosmetic surgery going wrong, people are also concerned about the safety of undertaking treatment. However, as Fibroblast doesn’t involve any invasive procedures, scalpels or needles, the treatment is far safer than other cosmetic surgery.

The procedure doesn’t hurt, either. A local anaesthetic is applied approximately half an hour before starting, which will minimise any discomfort. During treatment, the targeted area may feel a bit hot in places and may tingle a little, but these are the only sensations that will be felt by the vast majority of people.

What are the possible side effects?

As with any skin treatment, there may be some minor side effects, but due to the non-invasive nature of Fibroblast, these will only last for a couple of days. People may experience swelling in the targeted area, and this area may be tender for several days, but this is common and nothing to worry about. Ensure that you minimise the targeted area’s exposure to UV light and direct sunlight in the days following the treatment, as UV light may cause uneven pigmentation during recovery.

Is Fibroblast right for you?

For many people, Fibroblast offers the opportunity to improve their skin in a number of different ways without having to undergo any surgical procedures. The reduced side effects and increased safety of Fibroblast have encouraged growing numbers of people to opt for it year after year. For more information about Fibroblast, and to find out how it can help you achieve the look you desire, click here.

Is Fibroblast Treatment Safe?

antiageing treatments

The non-surgical facelift is here, finally, patients can get all the results of a surgical facelift without the stresses and strains of surgery. While fibroblast treatment is non-invasive it is still far removed from traditional non-invasive methods such as creams and lotions which do little to improve the signs of ageing. This leads many patients to ask if the procedure is safe and if there will be any discomfort during treatment and in the days and weeks following?

The short answer to this question is yes, it is perfectly safe. Fibroblast technology has been in use for a number of years and has been certified for use by a number of medical councils around the world. But it helps to understand how the treatment works and what patients will experience both during and after treatment.

How does fibroblast treatment work?

Fibroblast treatment works by using plasma gas to penetrate the skin. This stream of gas leaves tiny holes in the skin’s tissue which causes the individual skin fibres to contract and tighten. As the holes are made by plasma, they are much smaller than if they had been made by a hypodermic needle. This causes less damage to the tissue surrounding the treatment area and eliminates the risk of bleeding. During treatment, only the plasma touches the surface of the skin. No electric current is passed from the applicator into the body making the treatment suitable for patients who have a pacemaker fitted.


Fibroblast Plasma Lift

Is Fibroblast treatment painful?

Before the procedure, a local anaesthetic cream is applied to the treatment area. This is not strictly necessary but it minimises the risk of discomfort. While treatment is being carried out, the patient may feel some heat from the plasma as it passes into the skin.

Following treatment, once the anaesthetic has worn off the patient may experience a slight tingling or burning sensation around the treatment area. This is not painful and will pass after a few hours leaving the patient free to return home. However, it is important that the patient follows their after-care instructions carefully.

Are there any side effects?

Immediately following treatment, there will be a small amount of swelling and redness around the treatment area. Depending on the area treated, some patients will also develop tiny dark brown crusts. These are a natural part of the healing process and should disappear after a few days.

The patient will be given after-care instructions which are designed to maximise the results and minimise the risk of scaring. It is important these are followed carefully. The treated area should be kept clean and excess moisture should be avoided. Concealing makeup can be applied three days after the procedure.

How much downtime is required?

One of the biggest advantages of Fibroblast treatment over traditional invasive methods is the amount of time it takes to recover from the procedure. The amount of downtime required will depend on the area treated. The most sensitive area is around the eyes and mouth. Most patients will experience swelling and crust spots in this area which will disappear over a 5-7 day period. These are only cosmetic issues, however. In most cases, they can be covered up with makeup leaving the patient free to go about their daily work without any pain or discomfort.

The Areas of the Body that Are Best Treated with Fat Freezing


If you’re thinking of using non-invasive Cryolipolysis, also known as, Coolscultping, Cryolipo and Fat Freezing to eliminate body fat, you should know that it can’t effectively target all spots on your body. It was engineered to target certain types of fat and is most effective freezing away body fat in specific body areas. This is because the Cryolipolysis applicators work best on surface fats. The fat must be close to the surface in order to safely freeze and kill targeted fat cells. When looking to have Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) treatment on your body to get trimmed and toned, you should consider these following points for the best results.


The abdominal area is the most common area treated with Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing). Stubborn fat can accumulate in both men and women of all ages, even with regular exercise and diet the stubborn fat may stay in this area and this can be very disheartening. For men, its the beer belly, surgery, medication; for woman, its after pregnancy, medication, hormone change and more. It can be very difficult to get rid of this stubborn body fat in your stomach area by yourself, but thankfully it is one of the best body areas for Cryolipolysis treatment. It helps clients achieve flatter stomachs, flatter abs that they can really sculpt through further exercise, and boost body confidence in all genders and ages. After 6 to 12 weeks most clients who receive Cryolipolysis treatment see around a 30% reduction in stomach fat. Click here for more information.


Due to genetics, many individuals have a problem with excess chin fat that can develop into a ‘double chin’. It is one of the hardest parts of the body to trim down using exercise, but thankfully Cryolipolysis can help! The Cryolipolysis treatment is great at eliminating stubborn fat on the chin, thus getting rid of that double chin with no surgery. At RT Aesthetics we use special 360 mini applicators, designed to fit and specifically target chin fat safely and effectively.

Upper Arms

The underside of your upper arms, where your triceps are, is one of the most common areas for stubborn fat, it is also commonly referred to as ‘bingo wings’. The ‘bingo wings’ are perfect for Cryolipolysis treatment and can be followed up with Cavitation and Radio Frequency. This treatment has become very popular across the world, as they get older and ageing causes the tissue to build up with stubborn fat it can be very hard to get rid of. Cryolipolysis can eliminate this stubborn fat so your arms look slimmer, tighter and toned. RT Aesthetics use the latest technology, with the use of 360 applicators, ensuring that all the stubborn fat under your arms are targeted and the fat cells are destroyed,

Waist & Hips – Love Handles

The waist and hips are similar to the stomach, in that they are a common place for your body to deposit built up stubborn fat, creating what are called “love handles”. Even with diet and exercise, it can be difficult to get rid of fat cells in this area. Cryolipolysis is a great treatment if you want a slimmer waist and reduction in fat within the love handles. It is arguably the best part of your body for Cryolipolysis treatments to eliminate stubborn body fat.

Back Fat

Back fat is an issue for clients as they age due to the multiple layers of different muscles in the back that begin to sag and loosen over time. As this happens, fat fills the new space and causes bulges to appear. It tends to be more prominent in your lower back, this is due to the proximity to your stomach and hips, which also accumulate fat more than most body areas. Unlike the stomach and love handles, it is more difficult to lose the stubborn fat through exercise and diet. Cryolipolysis is a great treatment and proves very effective in back fat.

Outer & Inner Thighs

The inner and outer thighs are slowly becoming a very popular treatment requested by our clients. The thigh tends to have more muscle than other areas, such as your stomach and love handles. However, the inside and in some cases the outside of your thighs are areas that can be effectively treated with Cryolipolysis. It can help give you that thigh gap you haven’t had for years, and trim down your thighs so that they look more toned defined. If your unsure then please contact us for more information by clicking here.

Lower Bottom

The butt or lower bottom is another area that is commonly requested for Cryolipolysis treatment, however, it is not the best area for treatment due to the amount of other tissue and muscle it holds. Cavitation and Radio Frequency is a great treatment for this area and is also known as the ‘Non-Surgical Brazilian Bum lift’. It is great for lifting the bum and gives the appearance of it been toned and lifted. However, the underside of your bum is usually one of the areas that Cryolipolysis treatment is most effective. This is a popular treatment for women after giving birth when they want to get rid of the stubborn fat. Cryolipolysis will help reduce the saggy, lose stubborn fat so your bum looks more rounded and toned. For more information or to book an appointment for this treatment click here.

An In Store Visit with Geordie Shore

RT Aesthetics, Fat Freezing Newcastle

When it comes to cutting-edge aesthetics, the US knows what it’s doing. Whenever the States launch anything, the world inevitably follows, and the same goes for cryolipolysis or fat freezing. Once scientists realised that fat cells could actually freeze before the skin does, they went ahead and developed a treatment that safely freezes and eliminates fat cells. This technique works without causing any damage to surrounding tissue and skin. It has now amassed some popularity among celebrities, including Khloe Kardashian and Gemma Collins.

Cryolipolysis is the only FDA-approved, non-surgical fat freezing treatment that removes fat cells, with no downtime, so most people can return to normal activities straight away. Cryolipolysis is also known under the trade name Coolsculpting.

Nathan Henry – Geordie Shore cast member & Liam Newnham who featured on ‘Just Tattoo Of Us’ visited our Newcastle Clinic. They were excited check out our newly opened clinic in Newcastle and were keen to find out more about cryolipolysis treatment. During their visit in clinic, Nathan went live and explained to fans how the treatment works. After they left Liam posted the following message on Instagram:

“Thanks so much to Ryan at @northeastfatfreezing for my first session of cryolipolysis cannot wait to see the results! I’d totally recommend, Results start around 6-8 weeks after but check out the before and afters on the @northeastfatfreezing page they are sooo good its basically lipo but non invasive xxx”

What about the cost?

Liposuction costs in the region of £3000 – £4000 on average per treatment. Fat Freezing treatments at RT Aesthetics start of at only £125 for 1 area. It is very affordable, effective and has less risk associated, for more information or to book an appointment click here.

Does Fat Freezing Work On The Stomach?

Fat Freezing North East - Fat Freezing Newcastle - RT Aesthetics - Fat Freeze - Fat Freezing

When it comes to cutting-edge aesthetics, the US knows what it’s doing. Whenever the States launch anything, the world inevitably follows, and the same goes for Cryolipolysis or fat freezing. Once scientists realised that fat cells could actually freeze before the skin does, they went ahead and developed a treatment that safely freezes and eliminates fat cells. This technique works without causing any damage to surrounding tissue and skin. It has now amassed some popularity among celebrities, including Khloe Kardashian and Gemma Collins.

What is fat freezing?

Fat Freezing is also known as Cryogenic Lipolysis, Cryo-Lipo, Cryolipolysis and Coolsculpting. It is an FDA approved non-invasive fat reduction procedure that uses a handheld device to freeze fat cells. The principle used in the procedure is that fat cells diet at low temperatures and the body then begins to remove them over 6-12 weeks.

The most popular fat freezing brand is CoolScupting®. This has been used in the U.S. since 2010, after its approval by the FDA following results from a study comprising 60 patients []. Nowadays, it is also offered by dermatologists, medical spas and aesthetic practitioners.

Can it work on my stomach?

A client is at liberty to choose their problematic areas for the procedure, which can target anywhere from the thighs, tummy, lower abdomen, back, under the chin, bra fat, love handles, arms, or areas that accumulate fat over time and are the hardest to budge with exercise. These are also known as stubborn areas of fat, and are great for treatment with Cryolipolysis. It can also work if you have excessive fat on your stomach that is stubborn and does not go away with regular exercise and diet. Cryolipolysis is very popular on the stomach and results in an average reduction of 30% per treatment. At RT Aesthetics, we use 360 applicators, thus freezing more fat then standard handles.

How it works on the stomach

A gel pad is first placed on your skin to protect it during your Cryolipolysis treatment. The fat-freezing applicator is then applied on your stomach or any other chosen area. The device pulls portions of excess fat by suction and then the cooling technology is applied. It lowers the temperatures to -7 degrees, thus crystallising the fat cells after a set amount of time. The fat cells cannot live at these temperatures and therefore start to die by a process called apoptosis (natural cell death). Clients with a vascular condition – making them sensitive to low temperatures – are advised not to undertake this procedure. Fat-freezing is pain-free and some clients even take a nap through the procedure. You can resume normal activity almost immediately, as it has minimal to no downtime.

What to expect afterwards

The client does not require anaesthesia for this particular treatment. Therefore you can expect to be out of the clinic within one hour. You can later plan on two to four other sessions depending on the chosen area and treatment.

After undergoing the initial treatment, you’ll be encouraged to drink lots of water. You’ll experience a 20% to 40% fat reduction on the targeted area after six to 12 weeks. Remember that this is not a weight loss treatment but only promises a mild change in appearance, including the elimination of visible bulges on your stomach.

The procedure depends significantly on the patient and therefore in-depth consultation can inform you what to expect. It’s also important to bear in mind that, while the fat freezing is permanent, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes improving your exercising and eating habits for optimum results.

Fat Freezing VS Weight Loss

Lose Skin Treatment Newcastle , Stubborn fat newcastle uk

This year, I’m going to lose weight.” Every year, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions. The hopes and dreams of a new start inspire a majority of the population to promise themselves they will achieve better health. More specific, people want to lose pounds and inches. Then come to the many diets and exercise plans that are thrown at people when they search the internet for “weight loss.” There are hundreds of options when it comes to trimming the waistline, what is a person to do? What is the best path to choose for ultimate success?

Traditional Weight Loss

Traditional weight loss usually focuses on a specific diet, exercise routine, or other natural remedies. They all aim to achieve the same goal: Weigh less. How does weight loss work? The body has a set number of cells that store fat from the food that it absorbs. These cells hold the fat that is left after the body burns the fat it needs for energy. When someone eats more than their body needs, the extra fat enters the fat cells. These cells grow and that creates weight gain and a larger body size.

It should be known that fat cells never go away. They grow and shrink, depending on your calorie intake and physical activity. No matter what size they are, they are a permanent part of the human body. When a person burns more calories than they eat, the cells become smaller. When someone eats more than they should, the cells become larger. The number of cells never changes. That is why it is necessary to continually monitor eating habits and maintain proper physical activity.

Fat Freezing

A person might ask, “What if I found a way to remove those fat cells? Would it help me lose weight?” Scientists at Harvard University asked themselves that same question. They studied ways to eliminate fat cells, called Cryolipolysis. Inspired by an observation of children who ate popsicles and their loss of fatty tissue in the facial area, scientists went on a hunt to find a remedy for too many fat cells. This study focused on destroying the fat cells, without damaging the surrounding tissue. They then discovered a new procedure called fat freezing.

According to scientists, fat freezing, also known as the brand CoolSculpting can, in fact, destroy fat cells with cold temperatures. When these cells die, they are absorbed by the body and eliminated. CoolSculpting is a procedure that is less invasive than liposuction and often can be done while a client relaxes, watches a movie, or uses a personal electronic device. This procedure involves the use of “cool paddles” that use cold temperatures and suction to intensify the freezing of fat cells under the skin. Skin is resistant to the cold, so it is not damaged. After each treatment, clients have minimal pain and no open wounds.

Even though CoolSculpting was approved by the FDA in 2010, it just recently became a popular alternative to the more dramatic and invasive liposuction. It is not for everyone. Technicians evaluate every client and decide if they are a candidate by looking at skin type and the firmness of the skin and tissue. If the tissue is too firm, the result will not be as noticeable. CoolSculpting technicians recommend three or more treatments to see a physical difference in the body. When successful, CoolSculpting can reduce up to 25% of existing fat cells, only in treated areas. CoolSculpting can be expensive, with one treatment ranging from $700-$1500.


What Is Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing

Fat Freezing Newcastle - RT Aesthetics

In layman’s terms, Cryolipolysis is a method through which the body’s fat is frozen to stimulate the deterioration of fat cells and therefore helping any extra pounds disappear. Targeting the body’s most stubborn areas of the body where fatty build up is common, fat freezing can help to remove stubborn pockets of fat that people struggle to lose, particularly around the arms, back, abdomen and thighs by specifically targeting these areas. It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular alternatives to surgery or liposuction, which can often be very painful and leave permanent scarring on the body.

Cryolipolysis is the scientific name for the controlled application of cooling within the body to disturb stubborn fat cells. By cooling the specific body area to a low temperature, the fat tissue dies, without damage to the skin above it. When the tissue dies, it cannot regrow as easily as before, therefore its nature to continue absorbing fat into the body is diminished. This gives the body the appearance of greater tone and contour without the need for invasive surgeries. Though this procedure can not get rid of the fat completely, it can reduce the build-up by about 20-40%, depending on the desired area.

The procedure has become so popular among men and women alike because there are very few side effects and a significantly lower rate of complications compared to other surgeries. Moreover, cryolipolysis is considered a relatively quick procedure that can take place in less than an hour, with no recovery time following it. It also does not affect other areas of tissue around the body, as the temperature does not go lower than -7 degrees and will therefore not freeze the blood or any surrounding nerves. Generally classed by aesthetic practitioners as a one-off treatment, results as it can take a few months to show (6-12 weeks).

How does the process of fat freezing work?

A small vacuum-like device is used to isolate the chosen area of fat build up. The area is then frozen within the small applicator head, which may produce a slight stinging, tingling or numbness due to the sudden change of temperature. The area will then go numb and you can then relax, catch up with your favourite Netflix series, or have a nap. When the treatment is completed, the aesthetic practitioner will massage the area to restore it to the ordinary body temperature. Many clients find this process quick to get used to and are able to talk and relax during the treatment. There is no downtime and has also been know as the ‘lunchtime fat fix’.

Fat-freezing is not a permanent solution to losing weight without the combination of a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Whilst it can help with your weight-loss goals, it is not a substitute for a healthy life. The body gains fat all over, and though the treatment can target problem areas, you can still gain weight following the treatment in other areas. Aesthetic Practitioners can also help with other areas of your body, including cellulite, loose skin, stretch marks, and stubborn fat. Following the fat-freezing treatment RT Aesthetics will ask that you attend follow-up appointments at week 6 and 12 to track your fat reduction by taking before and after photos and body measurements.

Cryolipolysis is one of the safest methods of fat reduction and has proven to offer great results with little to no downtime. During the consultation the aesthetic practitioner will assess your goals and design a treatment plan based around your own individual needs. If you need a helping hand to sculpt that perfect body you’re working towards, Cryolipolysis might just be the thing for you.